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Situated right on the Pacific, surrounded by jaw-dropping beauty of nature, Vancouver is the best combination of life in the city and the great outdoors. The city offers shopping and entertainment, outdoor adventure, and rich culture, all against the stunning backdrop of the Coastal Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. Learning the English language in Vancouver will provide an impressive chance to improve your skills in language while exploring something new every day.

Whether you’re a tourist enjoying what the city can offer or an immigrant settling in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, you can learn the English skills you need to study, work, and to be comfortable during your stay in Canada.

ESOL Lessons in Vancouver

Nowadays, over half of the world’s population can articulate more than two languages, and more than 1.5 billion individuals are learning the English language. People live in a global community that brings everyone much closer together, that’s why we must learn to communicate effectively with each other.

English as a Second Language or ESOL is an old term used to describe non-native speakers studying the English language in an English-speaking community. That environment may be a country or city in which English is the mother tongue, such as the U.S, Australia, Toronto, etc. or a place in which English has established a role like in Nigeria, India, etc.

ESOL also talks about exclusive methods to language teaching created for those non-English speakers.

Why Study ESOL?

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The ability to speak your mother tongue and the second language is an excellent skill that can open many opportunities in your professional and personal life. But with numerous languages to choose from, you may not be sure yet which one you should learn first.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to learn the English language.

English is the World’s Second Language

There might be other languages that a lot of people have spoken, such as Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin, but the most extensively used the second language is English, with over 1.4 billion non-native and native speakers. It only means that 20% of the total world’s population can speak and communicate in English.

It’s not only the significant number of people that matters but also the idea that you can interact with other people who communicate in English in every part of the world, from the U.S to Europe, to Asia, and Africa. And an excellent deal of communication nowadays in English is grasped between individuals who are non-native speakers. The English language is the common link between a lot of cultures and origins.

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English is for Learning

Have you ever experienced searching for something in your native language and instead found something in English? The numbers of search results written in English are overwhelming, which also applies in literature since the number of books written in the English language surpasses any other languages.

Several schools and universities in a non-English speaking environment are now using the English language in teaching subjects instead of their local language, and students are taking exams and making projects in English as well. Why? It’s because future generations will surely need to use it in their future careers. This can be achieved by attending Spoken English classes.

English is for Everyone

English is one of the most convenient to learn among all other languages used around the world. It is very flexible, quite a basic alphabet, and has a fairly simple verb tense. You can easily learn some fundamental English and get as far as a survival stage without much problem, especially if you follow a certain study procedure that focuses on listening and speaking.

You can also decide to work towards a higher level of eloquence within a very short period, something which is usually impossible to obtain in other languages.

English is for Meeting People

If you will be able to converse in English, imagine all the new people that you can meet and speak with. English can entirely change your social engagements when foreigners visit your country or when you travel. Rather than relying on another person to translate or interpret for you, you can directly communicate with the locals or foreign business individuals.

English is for Travelling

As a worldwide community, travelling outside the country has become the norm for a lot of people. Spending holidays internationally often means using English or learning the local language, and for most individuals, English is the most uncomplicated and practical choice. If you can understand English, you can easily follow a guided tour in places like Calgary, book travel, hotels, and understand all the tourist information available across the globe.

English is for Business

Most jobs today require English and only a few don’t need the use of this language. If you think about gadgets and technology, a lot of terms that everyone uses daily are mostly in English and aren’t translated into your language.

As business communication, English is a very practical language and is almost usually the favoured option by international organizations as their official language. Many esol courses vancouver help you learn business language from the first stage of the course, since English is essential for business purposes, and if you learn through reading, listening, and speaking, you can easily use English at work and on your business transactions.

Vancouver ESOL Tutor

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It’s a normal story in the cities of Canada such as Edmonton or Vancouver, that an immigrant family moves in the Lower Mainland and sends their children off to study in the city’s schools and universities. These kids want to interact, get along with the other students, make new friends, and excel in their classes. However, they struggle because they are not yet fluent in the English language.

Usually, they take ESOL classes Vancouver before getting into regular classes at their particular level. English as a Second Language students is also called English Language Learners or ELL. These students end up in an ESOL classroom with other ELLs from their resident country. Most kids find it comfortable, but they spend more time speaking in their local languages whenever they're out of the classroom. When they’re at home, they are also talking in their native languages.

That’s why it’s necessary to get an esol tutor to visit their house. An English as a Second Language tutor coming into their residences can encourage the entire family to converse in English. Practicing is the main ingredient to enhance any skill, especially to communicate with the English language

Types of ESOL Instructors

  1. esol classes vancouver usually has native English speakers instructors who finished English 12 with more than 80%. These teachers are perfect for structured conversation. They discuss a wide range of topics and they also teach confidently and engaging, so they will get English Language Learner students talking.
  2. There are also ESOL Vancouver certified instructors. These tutors are perfect for anyone who wants to level up their English language skills. ELL students can do complete language learning that tackles all of the skills you needed to master the language. Students can also focus on their skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, slang terms, idioms, or accent reduction. These ESOL types of instructors must have a TESL certification or must be a graduate of a four-year degree from a University.
  3. Some spoken english classes in Montréal or Vancouver only requires a certified public school ESOL tutors and teachers who are currently part of the BC teachers Regulation Branch. These types of instructors have a huge edge when it comes to teaching school-aged ESOL students. These tutors also teach standard classes and they know what is needed to make the students improve and get to an English skills stage to remove them from ESOL classes and get them into regular classes.

Reasons for Hiring an ESOL tutor in Vancouver

An English as a Second Language tutor knows how to make other subjects accessible to those individuals who are having a hard time with English. For example, we want to teach an ESOL student the Math subject. An ESOL tutor with a certification in TESL knows how to discuss the subject in a way that non-native English speakers can understand.

  • spoken english classes online tutors will always review past lessons and ensure all the rules in grammar and English vocabulary are entirely understood before going on to the next level. The ESOL tutor will keep on reviewing the previous language over and over again.
  • Tutors can use mixed-ability grouping whenever they find it useful. It means, having ESOL students who have different English speaking skills to converse with each other. An active ESOL teacher can help with social engagement. It is a powerful strategy to assist someone learns a language.
  • ESOL tutors utilize skills to gain continuous feedback. One example is to ask the student to discuss the entire idea again (not memorize it) to make sure the students understand the lesson.
  • The tutors evaluate the ESOL student’s understanding of each topic.

ESOL tutoring is a much different method for teaching the language in a non-ESOL community. English as Second Language tutors use techniques designed to help new Canadians who lived in cities like Ottawa and Vancouver, which provides them with higher success rates with non-native English speakers.

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