Learning to speak a new language is not quite as straightforward as learning your alphabet.

There are so many different ways that a learner can tackle learning a new language, and this normally depends on their level (usually they are beginners or intermediate level) and which learning tools they respond to best.

For instance, some may be perfectly happy to be proactive and scour the Internet to find useful resources, whereas others may feel completely lost without the guidance of a tutor or structured online lessons.

Well, we think we have solved this for one and all... using the Internet, namely structured apps or lessons, is a great balance between signing up to an expensive language course / hiring a Hindi and English speaking tutor and getting by all on your own.

While the Internet is so vast in content, the way we use this data has changed so much in recent years and we are able to find what we need much quicker thanks to smarter search engines, cookies, and more specific, professional websites which in turn helps to teach us more.

You can find what you need much easier now thanks to our advanced Internet.
The Internet bots are always hard at work sussing out which content is best suited to us and our needs. Photo credit: eleZeta on Visual hunt

Keep reading to find out how your second language journey could be made much easier with online Hindi lessons with a tutor!

Why Learn Hindi?

First of all, if you have ever wondered why you should make the effort to learn to read and speak Hindi, then here are just a few reasons.

1. You can speak to half a billion native speakers, and 200 million more!

As the official language of India, Hindi is spoken by over half a billion people around the world (in fact, it's the second most commonly spoken language on the globe). Add to that the 200 million people who speak Hindi as a second language, learning this language has some very attractive benefits for those wishing for more opportunities to communicate with more people. Learning a language can be incredible sociable!

2. It can improve your career prospects

Any second language on your CV is going to impress prospective employers, whether it be because they too speak the language fluently or because they are fascinated that you can speak an Indian language with proficiency as well as your mother-tongue. A language like Hindi, which is so commonly spoken, is a great asset in any English speaking company as it means you could be incredibly valuable to a team and able to liaise with other departments in Indian territories, overseas businesses, foreign universities, and other governments.

3. You can deepen your spirituality

Meditation is a key part of Indian culture, so if you are interested in yoga and meditation practices then learning Hindi could be a huge benefit. Also, it will introduce you to spiritual texts written in Hindi in ancient times.

Find a course in Hindi here.

Most meditation chants are Hindi.
If you are interested in meditation and yoga practices then you may like to understand the culture of India and Hindi chants. Photo on Visual hunt

4. It will help you to learn more languages in the future

It is amazing how the human brain can switch from one language to another and then back to our native language, all without getting mixed up. You should never be put off learning languages as if you are scared it will confuse you. On the contrary, learning more and more languages makes you far more open to acquiring new dialects and comprehending more new words and phrases. Experts also say that being multilingual makes you more intelligent - but we will let you be the judge of that!

Learn Hindi Online Free Of Charge

As we've discussed in other posts, it is not hard to find free online tools which can be used to advance your learning in the Hindi language. See below some tools that can help improve your comprehension and take you one step closer to mastering Hindi.

Here are some of our favourite apps to learn Hindi:

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a website that offers free lessons in Hindi, including how to learn Hindi common phrases, salutations, and pronunciation tools. For instance, you might, with the help of this site, learn how to say 'my name is ...', 'do you speak English' and other helpful expressions including those relating to the time of day and days of the week.

As well as the many resources on offer, there's a forum for Hindi learners so you can speak to others in your position and exchange the easiest ideas and tips for learning this Indian language. Feel free to chat about vowels, phonetics, the present tense, all the other tenses, Hindi vocabulary or even Bollywood if you wish!

The Hindi version of this 'Rocket Languages' series is called 'Rocket Hindi'. The basic version is free of charge and includes some really useful interactive lessons, but you can also upgrade to the top level subscription which includes 24/7 lifetime access, free upgrades for life, personalized progress tracking, flashcards for each lesson, benchmarking and Hindi Certification tests, 24/7 forum and email support, as well as a 20CD pack and online access.


DuoLingo is a very popular award-winning language learning app that boasts the ability to help you learn Hindi online by spending just five minutes a day going over its mini-tutorials.

The addictive free app enables students to earn points for each correct answer, race against the clock to quizzes and move up levels. All of these aspects combined make of DuoLingo an exciting way to learn a new language like Hindi.

Its slogan is: ‘Learn a language for free. Forever.’ This serves as a great reminder of just what is on offer here – the ability to acquire a new skill for life for absolutely no money at all.

The owners of DuoLingo seem to have targeted this app at young professionals with limited time on their hands, who turn to their mobile phones during breaks from work, as well as those commuting to work with little else to do with their journey time. This is, of course, an optimum time to make use of a tool like this as you would otherwise just be sitting doing nothing!

This language learning tool is absolutely free and will get you learning a new language in no time at all. Plus, with a structured app like this that has its own type of curriculum, the levels and reminders will keep you on track. It's one of the best survival tricks in the business of learning a new language, as it can also be used like a dictionary while you're abroad!

As well as Hindi, you can learn German, learn Japanese, learn Arabic, learn Italian and many more languages.

Why not test your listening skills with some Hindi podcasts?

Where To Find Hindi Lessons Online

While most structured courses that follow a curriculum will come with a fee, you can still learn Hindi online for much less than if you were to attend a class in one of the big cities, especially when you take into consideration the cost of travel and the inconvenience of taking 2-3 hours out of your busy schedule each week.

Here are some of our favourite websites to learn Hindi.

Internet learning is a great of saving the pennies, and time!
Think of all the time you could save by using the Internet to learn rather than going to and from classes. Photo credit: Benson Kua on Visualhunt

Verbal Planet

Verbal Planet is a website and flexible learning tool which helps new starters to grasp the Hindi language.

Like many online resources, this website allows you to learn around your own schedule, offering you a variety of lessons to pick and choose from to fit your lifestyle. You don't have to commit to a whole programme of study all at once either, you can choose to pay for a single class or book an entire course depending on your preference, financial situation, and your goals.

The success of this website is most of all down to its native, experienced Hindi teachers who can offer lively, fun and interesting conversations in their mother tongue language.

Motivated by their fluency, you can build on your own proficiency and develop confidence, knowing that you are reading aloud and speaking the Hindi words correctly. The interactive lessons make it so that you are never left wondering if a pronunciation or meaning is right!

Finally, the language learning tool allows you to customise your learning experience by creating tailor-made lessons to match your goals and individual priorities.

Live Lingua

Finally, we have discovered an online learning resource that is free for all, thanks to the people at Live Lingua (a language school), who believe that everybody should be able to learn another language.

As such, they have made the Free US Peace Corps Hindi resources available for you to use and to take away some great language lessons from.

With this amazing resource, you can read Hindi ebooks online, listen to Hindi audiobooks and practice your Hindi pronunciation with its online recorder. What's more, you don't need to have an Internet connection to take advantage of all this has to offer. You can download the files to your PC or device to use whenever you want.

So, instead of taking your Kindle away with you next time you travel, why not take away your free Hindi language package!

Hindi Language Lessons

As part of the free package offered by this charitable language school, is a course called Hindi Language Lessons.

The featured guide is "designed for Hindi language training of Peace Corps workers in agriculture in India and reflects daily communication needs in that context.

It consists of notes on Hindi phonology and pronunciation and a series of lessons, common phrases, and grammatical constructions.

The 41 lessons are presented in four sections, each containing a group of lessons, a list of sentences and phrases, dialogues and dialogue - related exercises, and grammar notes. The last section also includes a series of seven conversational situations for role-playing, notes on working with a tutor, a verb chart, and 10 lessons on writing Hindi script."

As you can see, there are so many ways you can use the world wide web to your advantage and learn a new skill!


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