Portuguese ranks as the top seven most spoken languages worldwide with around two hundred million native speakers overall, and it is the language of the state of seven countries such as São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, and Portugal.

Do you want to learn Portuguese? Are you planning on spending your holiday in Portugal, or you want to pursue a career as a translator? Or you want to avail of various opportunities offered by the economy of Brazil? You need to take a grip first on the interesting Portuguese language and culture.

Talking about learning the language, you have it all in Canada.

It is enough reason why you should learn the Portuguese language right this instant. Foreign Service Institutes claim that an English native speaker in Canada only needs about six hundred hours or let's just say twenty-four weeks of studying to gain Portuguese language fluency. So what's the deal now? There’s no time to wait.

Let’s figure out the most suitable way of learning the Portuguese language in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Toronto and start learning right away.

Is Portuguese Hard To Learn?

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How easy or hard it is to learn the Portuguese language in some Canadian cities such as Calgary? Well, it depends on some factors. What language are you initially speaking or to put it simply, what is your first language spoken? Have you ever tried learning another language?

All of your answers to these questions are the basis of how hard and easy it is for you to learn the Portuguese language in Canada and some of its cities such as Edmonton.

When it comes to the Portuguese language, it's easier to choose these languages to study if you already have some knowledge in speaking Spanish, since there are lots of similarities in the written form of these two languages. Though their pronunciation might be different.

If you desire to live in Portugal, you must learn their language while you are there. Since you're gonna do stuff like ordering food, and shopping. You must have knowledge of the language so that you won't need to depend on any translation services.

If you are an English speaker, learning the Portuguese language in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa is not too tricky. Once you've started from the basics of Portuguese up until the language pronunciation, since both Portuguese and English have developed from Latin, many words might be familiar to those people who are English speakers.

The sentence structure of Portuguese is a lot easier than the sentence structure of English. As you already know with English grammar, it is a bonus point for you.

Why Learn Portuguese

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It is wiser to learn simple Portuguese since if you are travelling to a Portuguese-speaking country, it shows respect if you at least will try to speak some Portuguese to manage with your hospitality requirements and transportation.

While for those who are taking chances to work as a translator, you have more than enough reasons to pick Portuguese over those other languages.

A Career in Portuguese Translation 

Many Portuguese translation jobs are in demand nowadays. Many countries especially Canada and some of its cities such as Vancouver are providing Portuguese translation services, they have been working with skilled translators worldwide.

If you want a translation career, then Portuguese is an excellent language option. There are many good choices and in-demand jobs that are available for you.

Some More Benefits of Learning Portuguese

The translation is just one of the other jobs you can achieve by being fluent in Portuguese. There are several roles wherein you can take advantage of your Portuguese language skills all over the world. There are various career opportunities in Brazil alone available for Portuguese speakers.

Cultural Benefits

You can also gain cultural benefits from learning Portuguese. Such as you can be able to read remarkable literature from the style of Jorge Armando, Clarice Lispector, José Saramago, and Fernando Pessoa.

If you can speak the Portuguese language you can both pursue leisure and business opportunities in a country that speaks the language without even being anxious using a translation, and it's likely to open up more chances of progress for you.

Language Schools In Canada

Your desire to learn a new language might have some barriers to arise. Well, if you have enough time to improve your skills, and study the language, as well as money to pay for a Portuguese tutor, the amount of time you can give if you have considered all of this? The good news is, you can make learning progress.

You can commit at least an hour to learn the language daily. However, if you could spend a long hour in your language learning, that's even finer.

As for the language tutor rates, there are many different factors to consider. Such as your chosen Portuguese language course and your budget for learning.

But if you're not into tutors, Canada has several language schools that are best with regards to language studies. Canada is one of the most popular regarding teaching another language, and it's excellent academic standards.

Language Opportunities and School Options 

International and Canadian students have several options in regards to language learning in Canada.

You can study your preferred language while working, might as well you can take some language course which can help you in preparation for a college program or entering Canadian universities. You can achieve competitive edges in your homeland, Canada.

What To Expect 

When studying language courses in Canada, you can expect high-quality teaching with guaranteed results as well as a focused approach.

High-quality Education

Canadian schools that offer language courses provide students with a consistent standard of learning, and high-quality training and instruction.

Regardless if you choose to learn on Canada's West Coast, Atlantic Coast, or any place in between. Your language learning experience will be a positive outcome since the school ensures to give you high-quality assurance.

However, If you want to study without having transportation, you could try hiring a Private Portuguese tutor in Canada. The quality of learning is the same but you can pick your schedule.

Experience Tutor In Canada 

Experience Tutor In Canada. Source: Unsplash

Eventually, there are many ways to find a tutor who teaches the Portuguese language. But finding the best tutor sometimes takes time and sometimes easy.

You must know what you want to achieve in taking Portuguese classes and think ahead of things like :

  • Are you comfortable taking classes with a recent graduate student tutor?
  • Do you think you can develop skills even better with an experienced language tutor?
  • What kind of tutor do you prefer to hire?
  • Do you want to do it individually? or within a small group?
  • Do you prefer to have online classes?
  • How much is your budget?
  • What is your current Portuguese language level?

Finding a Portuguese tutor might be stressful, but when you find the right tutor, it can help you learn the language. Tutors will help you in developing your skills so that your travel experience or career in Portugal or Brazil in the future will be a fulfilling one.

A tutor can help you improve in your Portuguese language proficiency in so many ways, such as helping you to boost your confidence in speaking Portuguese, develop grammar, vocabulary, and improving your knowledge and other skills of the language.

Regardless if you prefer to have a one on one class, or go through a customized curriculum via Zoom, or Skype.

Another thing to consider in finding a tutor is the cost or the tutor's rate, and the price of a tutor depends upon their language teaching experience.

Some Portuguese tutors with high rates depend on these factors, such as the tutor has years of experience, a postgraduate or a graduate of the Portuguese related courses, offers a specialized or intensive lesson of the Portuguese language.

In general, many factors are to consider when it comes to the tutor's hourly rate.

Canada has a broad network of Portuguese language tutors, So you will be able to find a Portuguese tutor who offers in-person or online Portuguese lessons at a fair rate that will suit your budget and your needs.

Learning The Language In a Better Way 

The most suitable way to Portuguese is to engage yourself in the language. If you have a good chance of spending your time travelling in a Portuguese language speaking country, take that chance and make it happen.

Portuguese language lessons can be learned even outside a classroom, the longer the time you spend in learning the faster you can achieve fluency. Concentration leads to fast mastery of the language, so make it a priority if possible.

Portuguese is an interesting language to study, and it can be mastered quickly. You don't have to gain a professional career in translation to make your language learning worth learning. From a joyful holiday to business benefits, fluency of the Portuguese language can bring you various opportunities.


Many businesses are rising and are choosing Brazil as their location, a lot of businessmen establish business ties in the Brazilian country. All thanks to its demographic and economic vitality. So learning to speak the Portuguese language is investing in your career in the future.

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