Arabic is a vital language in the world. It is one of the six languages recognised by the United Nations as a working language. It is spoken by over 350 million people around the world.

Arabic is the native language of the Middle East, such as Iran, Jordan, and Iraq. These countries are an essential trading destination. Hence, the Middle East represents the fifth largest trading partner of the European Union. Hence, learning the Arabic language provides you with options for many business opportunities with the Arabs. Furthermore, it will help you bridge the cultural divide that exists between you and the natives. Read about the many places to enroll for Arabic courses in Canada.

Should You Opt for Online Arabic Lessons?

The need to study Arabic has seen a consistent rise in the past few years. However, there is a general shortage in the availability of qualified instructors, teachers. Additionally, reliable Arabic courses are scarce too.

Hence, many don’t know how to follow their passion for studying the language. And that is why you should consider online Arabic lessons. On various social media platforms, improved internet access and online lessons have proven to provide an excellent option for learning across the world.

Many Arabic teachers offer their first lesson free online. Source: Unsplash

Many students choose to take online Arabic lessons due to its many advantages which include:

  • Convenience

Online lessons provide flexibility for learning. You can decide how your classes go. You can make adjustments to suit your working hours, personal time, or family lifestyle. Hence, you are in charge of how your lessons will be taught. Additionally, you also determine when and where your classes will hold.

  • You can learn the Arabic language from anywhere

Online classes need only two things – a mobile device or computer and stable internet access. Therefore, your location won't affect your lessons. Even on your vacation, you can learn the Arabic language online as long as there is an internet connection where you are and a mobile device.

  • Access to qualified teachers

With online lessons, you can hire the kind of Arabic tutor you envision for your study. You can receive these lessons even from the comfort of your bed. On Superprof, there are more than enough tutors for online Arabic lessons anywhere in Canada.

  • It is affordable

Online lessons are relatively cheaper than traditional lessons. This is because you are paying one person – your teacher. The payment you make is to reward one person for his service and not be used to cater to other people like a traditional school where there is more than one teacher in a school. Learn more about the significance of Arabic lessons.

Factors to Consider Before You Enroll in Online Classes

An online lesson is a fantastic alternative to a conventional lesson. At the moment, there are over 800 online lessons for various subjects on Superprof and other online platforms. Online lessons are expected to increase across various platforms in the coming years. Although it is at the experimental stage in some parts of the world, many believe it has come to stay. If you are wondering whether to enroll for online lessons or not, these factors could help. Discover more options for learning Arabic in Montreal.

  • Cost

One important factor that determines whether or not a student should enroll in an online lesson is cost. Statistically, 12 hours of online lessons are equal to a full day of the conventional lesson. Online lessons cater for many things needed for a conventional lesson.

For example, the cost of purchasing books for writing is eliminated. Also, the amount paid to teachers is lower because they don't have to pay for travel. Furthermore, online lesson saves the cost of commuting to the lessons venue regularly.

  • Better learning experience

Online lessons allow you to learn at the speed you can assimilate. The advantage here is that there is no rush, and lessons can be related as many times as possible until you understand what is being taught. Hence, a better learning experience is guaranteed with such lessons.

  • Easy update of content

Information is constantly evolving. With online lesson, you can have access to updated information. Traditional lessons are often taught with prints. Updating print information is not so easy, and it takes more time than online software.

How Much Do Arabic Tutors Charge in Ottawa?

Ottawa is a beautiful city. It is also one of the most popular cities in Canada, and home to cover 6 million people. There are lots of online schools you can learn the Arabic language from in the city of Ottawa. Hence, understanding the Arabic language online in Ottawa is not a difficult task.

Teacher and students
Many Arabic teachers charge according to the level of students. Source: Unsplash

The amount an Arabic teacher could charge for a lesson may depend on the following factors:

  1. The background of the teacher

Native speakers of the Arabic language charge less than those who studied the language. Therefore, if your teacher is from any of the countries that make up the Arab world, he may charge far less. Some native speakers charge as little as $10 for each lesson.

  1. Qualification of the teacher

The level of qualification of your teacher determines how much you will pay for a lesson. For example, a teacher who has a Bachelor's degree won't charge as high as the one with an MBA. The same applies to those with Ph.D. teaching the language.

Therefore, a student that wants to learn the Arabic language in Ottawa should expect to pay as much as $25 as the average cost of paying for each lesson they receive online.

What to Expect From Arabic Lessons in Ottawa

Before you invest in any language lesson, it’s normal to know what to expect from each of them. On Superprof you should expect the following if you hire an Arabic tutor right away.

  1. Professionalism

Many online tutors in Ottawa are professional in their conduct. Students should expect tutors to be punctual to online lesson times. Students should expect teachers to commit to their job.

  1. Updated content

Online lessons are taught with modern content structure to ensure that students receive the best education possible. Hence, Arabic lessons are taught in a modern way to ensure students are immersed in the language.

  1. Ease of verification

On Superprof, each teacher is verified to ensure that their identity is real. Students can also take steps to check their qualification of a tutor before hiring them to ensure that they are not fake and also verify each lesson using the review system to ensure that they meet the best standards.

  • Secured payment

Payment to teachers is secured to ensure that teachers receive their payments after each lesson. The identity of the student is protected as well. Hence, there, their privacy is protected.

  1. Free Lessons

Many students have access to first free lesson. This would enable them ascertain whether the tutor is right for them without spending a dime. This is very good for those who don’t have much money to spend on lessons. However, free lessons are not received all the time. Over 90% of Superprof teachers in Ottawa offer free online Arabic lessons to students.

On Superprof, you should expect to enjoy your first Arabic lessons for free. Source: Unsplash

How to Make the Most from Each Lesson

To make the Arabic language learning process easy, you have to prepare yourself to learn the language successfully. If you can follow the tips outlined below, you will be able to prepare for each lesson ahead and find adequate time to study as you learn.

  • Have a good sleep

Whether you are taking Arabic language course at a college, university or online, adequate sleep and rest is essential to help you make the most from each lesson. Sleep will help you to have proper concentration. Ensure to balance it so it doesn’t interfere with other important activities.

  • Eat well

Proper diet is essential for any activity especially studying a subject as complex as the Arabic language. A balanced diet will help you to develop a more retentive memory which is needed for studying the Arabic language.

  • Get rid of all distractions

Staying focus will enable you to learn the Arabic language faster. Therefore, you will master the Arabic language with fewer lessons. To boost your guide, you need to eliminate distractions from your study routine. Mindfulness is needed to grasp the Arabic language quickly. Hence, it would be best to try meditation techniques to get rid of external distractions and stay positive.

Is Ottawa the Best Place to Learn Arabic?

Ottawa is a beautiful city with over 800,000 Arabs. We know how important language is to communication. It builds trust and promotes peaceful cohabitation.

Therefore to communicate with Arabic speakers, you should make an effort to learn Arabic. Furthermore, Ottawa has great online schools for Arabic lessons. These schools offer some of the best online education in Canada.

Read about other schools in Vancouver.

Ottawa is one of the most popular cities in Canada. It is one of the most populated cities too. There are about 6 million people in Ottawa, and 70% of them come from different nationalities.

Therefore the reason you need to learn a second language in the city. Arabs make up 25% of the city’s population. The Arabic language is required to communicate with such a large number of people and earn their trust. It would help if you also learned Arabic to gain insight into the Islamic religion. Read more about Arabic courses in Calgary.

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