If you are keen on learning English as your second language, there are several ways that you can go about it. There is the conventional classroom method where you register for any available courses from an institution that offers English as a second language. Another way to go about it is through language homestay to become fluent. To do this, you may have to find a host family that is willing to accept you and one that can help you improve your English proficiency.

Not everyone that wants to go abroad will get their application for a study visa approved. If you are one of those whose application didn’t make it through but is still interested in becoming fluent in English, then you can consider living with a host family. This will help you save the high cost of accommodation and other expenses that may arise.

Living with a host family is not uncommon in Canada even though it is relatively new in many other countries. Source: Unsplash

Homestay is great, but there are some factors that you must consider if you want your stay to be a memorable one and if you want your English proficiency improved in the end.

In this article, we shall be discussing everything you need to know about homestay with a host family, the benefits that come with it, and some tips to consider when choosing the host family that you want to stay with.

Why Learn English from a Host Family?

Superprof is a learning platform that gives you the opportunity to enroll for private language lessons from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to live in a country that has English as its official language to get a grasp of it. However, there is no better form of learning any language than living with English natives and learning the language from everyday conversations. What about English immersion programs?

Learning English from a host family is faster because you can share meals with them and participate in general activities that will help you to improve on your English vocabulary. You also save on accommodation cost, especially when it is a country with a high standard of living. With this, you are not only learning the language of your choice, but you are doing so in a very relaxed atmosphere. This is a better alternative to reading several written texts when you enroll for English lessons from language institutions.

When you learn English by staying with a host family, you can learn the language deeply and in more practical terms. Here, you don’t just learn the language, but you can witness first-hand how it is used in everyday living and activities. You can memorize together with the host family, seek clarity where you are mistaken, and watch them correct you without it appearing like you are being forced to learn.

When you stay with a host family, the training and lessons you will receive will be more concentrated and intensive. With this, you can learn the language and create a network of friends who may be related to the host family. One beautiful aspect of it is that you have the free will to choose the family you want to learn from, what you want to learn from them, and the pace you want to learn.

If you are studying English as a life-long career goal, your host family can help you or give you useful tips on how to secure employment in schools and other places where it is mandatory to be fluent in English.

This will help you make some money to help you sustain your stay in that country and improve your language proficiency. If you are looking to advance your study, requiring that you take some professional exams like TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL, you can get the necessary level of proficiency to do well in such an exam just by living and learning with a host family.

Who Can Stay With a Host Family?

This is one question that is common among individuals considering the option of staying with a host family to improve their English language proficiency and live a better life in Canada. To put this straight, anyone who desires to explore new cultures, new opportunities and is willing to take up the challenge of going somewhere new can stay with a host family. You also have to be prepared for the many possibilities that come with it in the long run.

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Do you want to explore other ways of learning a new language? Then, live with a host family. Source: Unsplash

Living with a host family in a country like Canada isn't a challenge for anyone because most Canadian families are loving, caring, and always accommodating especially to foreigners. Therefore, it’s up to the person who has decided to stay with the family to explore the possible options and make a choice.

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You have to understand that it might not start to be as impressive as you may want it to be. This is because you are yet to have a grasp of the language. However, staying with a host family is a work in progress, and if you can stay through the process to get to the worthy end, you may want to live with a host family forever.

Tips To Consider When Choosing a Country for Your Linguistic Stay

When you decide to learn English in another country and live with a host family there, you are likely going to choose a country. Selecting a country for linguistic stay is where the challenge lies for many people because there are some factors that you have to consider for a good stay experience to be guaranteed.

No one wants to leave their host country to somewhere where they might not be comfortable just because they want to learn a language. That doesn't seem to be a worthy decision for anyone to make. See why you should learn English from natives.

So, during the process of choosing a country for your linguistic stay and, by extension, a host family, you must have primary considerations. These considerations will ensure that you can put up with the challenges you may experience learning the language in a foreign land.

That said, what are essential tips or considerations when choosing a country for your linguistic homestay if you want to have a worthwhile experience?

  • The culture of the country

Language is just one of the many expressions of a culture, and as such, in choosing a country, you have to consider the other expressions that exist before settling for one. Considering that a people's culture talks about their overall way of life, you want to be sure that you can fit into it if you go there. Ignoring this tip is one of the reasons why many people travel abroad only to have a frustrating experience. Are you okay with how they live their lives, their type of dressing, the food and drinks they take? Make sure to find out all of these and whether they align with your interests before travelling to live with your host family.

  • The weather condition of the country

Another primary consideration to make when choosing a country for your linguistic homestay is the weather condition. While this is not so talked about, it is essential because it can affect your stay and make you lose concentration on why you went there in the first place.

Can you cope with the changing weather conditions? If yes, you should select the country and find a host family on homestay and teach them the language they want to learn while making them to feel as though they were part of the family. Research for the countries with better availability of host families and try reading through these families' portfolios to be sure that you can stay with them and have a memorable time.

What to Expect From Living with a Host Family

The first and most important expectation you should have when living with a host family for homestay is that it will not be the same as yours. You are going to a country with a different cultural orientation as yours, and as such, you should expect a different response to life and living generally.

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You should be prepared to adapt to the lifestyle of the host family. Source: Unsplash

Also, when staying with a host family, you should be prepared to conform to their way of life. While this might take a little while, it is something that you should prepare for and design a system that will help you manage it. Instead of building a resistance to the new life you are most likely going to experience, you should find ways to adapt to it and make everything a learning process for you.

While you can learn any language as a second language from the comfort of your home, the decision to visit the country for homestay to learn the language is still a great one to make. However, it would help if you considered the tips discussed above when choosing a country for your linguistic stay. Also, try to run a background check on the host family before settling in with them, as this will help you make the most of your stay and enhance your language in skills.

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