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“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” 

-Bob Ross


Truth be told, taking on a hobby, even as an adult, is a good investment in your health and wellness. A hobby is a good means to release stress and take your mind off of problems. It is also a great creative outlet for when you are feeling burnt out and uninspired. Spending time to develop your skills is the time that you dedicate for yourself. A hobby is a form of self-love. 

With that said, one of the best hobbies you can venture into is painting. Painting provides a lot of benefits that can affect your day-to-day life. This hobby enables you to use your imagination and explore possibilities - something that you might not be able to do in your day job. Moreover, learning how to paint is a practice in patience. Putting in the time and being dedicated to your hobby is something that can transcend everything else about your life. 

In Canada, there are many avenues for you to take on painting as a hobby. Aside from schools and art tutors, the country is beaming with natural beauty. It is almost difficult not to translate the magnificence with paint on canvas. 

Interested in painting? Before buying an easel, below are a few things that you must remember when taking on this hobby:

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As with every hobby or skill, it is important to have the right mindset before starting your painting journey. This way you would be able to fully enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

Immerse Yourself in Art

One of the first things that you must do at the onset of your painting journey is to immerse yourself with art. Familiarizing yourself with the techniques that you like, the color stories that speak to you, and the artists that impress you would give you the inspiration that you need in order to start painting. There is something about being surrounded by beautiful pieces that make you want to create your own. 

If you live in Canada, you definitely are one of the lucky ones. In various cities in the country, it is fairly easy to find museums and art galleries. You can spend a whole weekend just hopping from exhibits to exhibits. If you are short on time, you can actually head over to a museum on your lunch break. Most of these locations are free of charge. Make the most out of what your city has to offer. Schedule your trip to the museum as soon as possible. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Practice and Copy

Much about creating art and painting is about figuring out your unique style and aesthetic. For the most part, what makes an artist isn’t just his or her technique but his or her vision. Nevertheless, if you are new to the hobby, there isn’t anything wrong with taking inspiration from the works of the masters. 

Taking your time to examine their pieces and working towards copying them ensures that you have a solid foundation. When you have the basics down, it is easy to explore and find your true style. 

Stop Yourself from Spending too Much

People are often deterred from taking on a new hobby because of the price tag that comes with it. A new hobby means a trip to the store for new supplies. These are funds that can be relegated to something more useful. 

However, this is nothing more than a misconception especially when it comes to painting. While you do need a basic set of paint and brushes, taking on this hobby can be as expensive or affordable as you want it to be. If you want to be economical, borrowing materials before committing to buying your own set is a good place to start. It is all about developing skill. And while your materials do play a hand on your work, it is all about technique and making the most of what you have. 

Set a Time and a Place

Endeavoring on a hobby means taking time to develop your skills and take on a personal interest. As discussed earlier, painting can be a form of self-care. It is your time away from external demands. It is a few hours wherein you can spend dedicating on a skill you are interested in. 

With that said, you must schedule your painting practice time like any other appointment. You should have a workspace that you can let your creative juices flow in. It is important to treat self-care as a priority just like any other priority. Your painting session should be found in your to-do list. 

Take Your Time and Remember to Relax

Painting is a great stress reliever. However, if you start putting pressure on yourself to do well, you are negating all of the benefits that you can get from the hobby. There is no race to be the best painter that has ever lived. You are not being tested and you don’t necessarily have to abide by any rules. 

Take your time. Focus on the aspects of the painting you are interested in. Don’t compare your progress with others. This hobby is made in order for you to have a space free from responsibilities. Remember to have fun and not take it too seriously. 

Improve Your Skills with a Class 

If you intend to start painting as a hobby, it should be a leisurely experience. However, there is merit and fulfillment that can be found in leveling up your skills. If you think you have already exhausted everything there is to learn on your own, it is time to ask for help from the experts. 

Learning specific techniques through a class enables you to have working knowledge on that subject. If you learn from experts, you are assured that what you are learning is canon. 

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Where to Learn to Paint? 

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In Canada, there are plenty of means to learn how to paint. In as much as there are museums, there are various art class options that you can choose from. It all depends on your budget and schedule. 

Start Online

Learning how to paint online is a natural first step in venturing into the hobby. There are many free sources that you can choose from. Whether you absorb information better through article form or you learn better with a video, there is content that would cater to your learning style.

Online painting classes are perfect for people who do not have the time or energy to take a class in an actual classroom setting. A quick Google search would enable you to find a lesson that suits your fancy. 

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Take Workshops

While there are people who thrive learning on their own, there are a few who prefer being with people and feeling the energy of a community. Nevertheless, life can be busy and taking up art in a proper university might not be a practical choice for a lot of individuals. 

Short weekend workshops are the perfect solution for your painting classes near me craving. Joining workshops is a good way to unwind and learn a new skill without committing to a long course. In Canada, there are Eventbrite pages for every city. 

Short Courses at the Local Art School

Time and practice make perfect. If you want to level up your art skill, enrolling in a short course is a worthwhile investment. While it might be more of a commitment than learning online or joining a workshop, you would learn techniques in a more in-depth way. If you have the time and resources to dedicate to a class, then why not? Your sanity and stress relief is worth the expense. 

Around metropolitan cities in Canada, art schools, more often than not, offer short courses for those who are interested in painting. These short courses would provide you more information than you can get from self-study.  

Private Tutoring

Classes aren’t for everyone. For some, going to a class is anxiety-inducing. There are plenty of avenues to embarrass yourself in a class than otherwise. If painting is designed to relieve stress - going to class for painting surely won’t make the cut. 

Similar to those who prefer to learn online, there are individuals who thrive more from one to one instruction. Fewer distractions and more focused on the specific things that they want to learn. Thankfully, if you live in Canada, you don’t have to look for a painting tutor on your own. We at Superprof can help you find the right person for your specific painting goals. 

The tutors at Superprof have already been vetted and qualified. If you use our service to find your tutor, you are guaranteed that the person you hire is well-equipped with the information you need. The process is so simple. Just hop onto the website, choose a tutor and book a class! It is that easy! 

So what are you waiting for? Fulfill your painting dreams with Superprof today! 

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