Portuguese is in the top eight of the most commonly used languages in the globe and ranks fifth in Toronto, Canada.

Just in Brazil, it already consists of two hundred million Portuguese speaking individuals. Thinking of the Carnival rhythms, Rio de Janeiro's beaches, and Amazon jungle adventure, imagine yourself visiting one of the most amazing islands worldwide, Portugal offshore.

Furthermore, learning Portuguese in Canada will help you when travelling. Read more to discover what else you need to know before taking a Portuguese language class.

Why Canada?

Online Portuguese Tutors in Canada. Source: Unsplash

Canada and some of its cities such as Montreal, will help you to learn Portuguese so that you can enjoy your stay in one of the most wonderful European countries.

Canada's language school and some of the Canadian cities such as Toronto provides learners with the best Portuguese teachers to make sure that they will have the best language learning experience.

Canada has a lot more to offer in terms of learning a certain language, consisting of the best high school, colleges, universities as well as online tutors, learning the language in some Canadian cities such as Vancouver, is your first step in your Portuguese language learning.

Canada and some of its cities such as Calgary offer various programs to students for them to improve their language skills to make an advancement to higher education.

Teachers in Canada and some of its cities such as Edmonton, help students to choose the best tutors and schools and assist them in completing the process of application throughout.

They offer students admission to their various Portuguese language programs even without language examinations.

If you are not that sociable with regards to learning, you still have your option which is to take your Portuguese classes with a tutor online. It is usually the least stressful way to learn the language. You can find a Portuguese tutors in Canada online just by browsing the internet.

Portuguese Tutors In Canada 

If you are looking for a private Portuguese language tutor or small group setting of learning Portuguese, Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa is the ideal environment for your language learning.

Canada also consists of language tutors that provide Portuguese language programs based on the student's principles, and are customized according to the student's linguistic goals and needs.

The city offers flexible learning systems, students will have the freedom to select classes and time where they are comfortable enough to take the language classes.

Students can benefit from the guidance of accredited and experienced language tutors, plus various Portuguese classes options.

Learning Portuguese Online 

Learning Portuguese Online. Source: Pexels

Learning Portuguese online In Canada with an online tutor is the new trend nowadays.

Tutors are qualified and excellent in teaching Portuguese providing flexible programs and learning systems. As a result, students outscore consistently with their language examinations and tests.

Online classes also provide awesome activities and daily tasks in a friendly and fun way that can make you feel excited every time you have your sessions with your Portuguese language tutor.

Advantages Of Online Classes

Both non-traditional learners and recent high school graduates can gain from taking online Portuguese classes.

Online classes in the Portuguese language offer a wide range of academic opportunities, affordable tuition, and flexibility. It is more suitable for distance learners who wish to learn the language.

These are some of the benefits of taking online classes in achieving fluency in the Portuguese language.

  • Learn and improve technical skills
  • Easy to focus
  • Easy to transfer credits
  • Easy access to tutors
  • Tutors can check attendance easily
  • Less Intensity
  • More option of classes
  • Enhance Responsibilities and Self-discipline
  • Hobbies and career advancement
  • Geographic Flexibility
  • Pacing Options
  • Comfortable Learning Environment
  • Low total cost
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Time Management
  • Eliminates distractions
  • Active participation

Learning Portuguese Language Online With Portuguese Tutors

  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Total support from your tutors
  • Avoid hassles of Commuting
  • Permanent access to learning Resources and Materials
  • Flexible learning schedules
  • Save money and time
  • Accreditation/Certificate of Completion at the end of the course
  • Interactive Learning Materials
  • Well-structured and Enjoyable classes
  • Tutors with years of experience in teaching the Portuguese language
  • Supportive and accommodating Staffs

Online Class Options 

Online Class Options. Source: Unsplash

Online Individual Classes 

Online classes and lessons to be conducted by a private Portuguese language tutor in Canada. Tutors will arrange a schedule for every student, a minimum of sixty minutes per lesson, and at least 4 hours of language lessons each week, where students can experience the progress of the Portuguese language.

During sessions, tutors will provide learning materials such as exercises and handouts according to the student's language learning needs.

Portuguese language lessons are designed so that students can improve in all the language skills, such as grammar and writing, pronunciation, reading, listening, and speaking.

A one-on-one lesson is an advantage to students since tutors can provide special attention and focus on a particular topic or to a student's question regarding the Portuguese language. The secret to successful language learning practises.

If you have decided already to learn Brazilian Portuguese, you can take advantage of Canada's online Portuguese language lessons with highly qualified tutors.

The structure and teaching method of online tutors allows students to speak with Portuguese speakers worldwide.

Online Group Classes 

If you want to join in a group setting, Canada also offers online group classes for you. Canada has established a group course of the Portuguese language for students to develop language fluency step by step.

Each student in the group can benefit from the active group and practise their Portuguese language skills with individuals all around the world. Lessons will be conducted via Zoom online platform.

Intensive Classes 

Canada offers Intensive classes if you want to learn the Portuguese language quickly.

It is a basic Portuguese language course consisting of one class with two hours of sessions. It will start every two weeks for Portuguese language beginners, advanced or intermediate students.

Portuguese lessons that focus on all of the language learning skills that every student needs to develop. Such as writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

The group will consist of nine individuals who have some knowledge of the language, they need to take assessment tests to place them to their suitable level and group.

All learning materials are provided such as grammar books, textbooks and other related materials that are necessary.

Extensive/Evening Classes

It is a Portuguese language class for people who are studying while working since it will balance your time between study and work. It has a maximum of nine students in each class, consisting of two hours of class two times every week.

It is less intensive and it extends for a long period, but still effective. Tutors make sure that students will feel motivation, encouragement, and focus.

This class will let students have the guarantee to experience a logical and coherent process of learning.

For those hesitant learners, it's possible to study Portuguese now without sacrificing your source of income. Don't miss the chance to learn and enjoy the language.

Online Private Group Classes

It is suitable for someone who wants to learn Portugues together with their circle of friends.

It is a private group class that is customized to meet the private group's learning needs. Tutors will work with you to arrange a designed lesson plan for you to achieve your language goals with fast results.

Together with certified native speaker tutors, students will be able to complete their language training plan. It is the best choice to take if you want to learn the language with your friends. You can share the class fee and can set your group class schedule.

And upon completion of all these courses mentioned above, all learners will receive a certificate diploma.

Taking an online course with a Portuguese tutor in Canada is much easier. You can make and decide for a tailor-made lesson, maybe you want to focus on a particular language course or lessons or maybe you prefer to take an entire language course. It's all up to you.

You can also take an assessment test of the basic Portuguese course just to identify your knowledge gap or track your results, and based on the results you can always set a customized course for better language learning results.

To make your online class successful, you need to concentrate on your schoolwork and make your study schedule while imagining that you are on campus. Dedicate some space or are where you can study without being disturbed so that you can focus and study your Portuguese language lessons.

Make sure to attend your live online lectures with your language tutor, or you can use your time at home to watch recordings of the lessons.


Learning Portuguese probably gives you many advantages when taking it with Internet-based classes or courses. If you think about the idea, you will realize that we are living in an inconstant world which is surrounded by new possibilities. The ability to learn new skills and new language wherever you want, whenever you desire provides a great opportunity for education better than before. The scope and reach of learning a new language broaden far greater than you’ve ever imagined.

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