Private tutoring is one of the most effective ways to help struggling students succeed in school. 

With an ever increasing demand on Canada's Provincial Education systems, declining budgets and overcrowded classrooms, not to mention the increasingly demanding sets of curriculums, our students are at risk for falling further behind without the necessary remedial help and support they need.

Private tutors are more and more like  superheroes to these struggling students, arriving on the scene to help their pupils one on one with individualised attention in order to help them to achieve academic success. The Private tutoring market is an ever increasing industry due to the increased demands placed on our students with decreasing educational support and guidance available at schools.

Private tutoring professionals prioritise the student's concerns, listening and paying close attention to the students learning styles, difficulties and weaknesses. They are equipped to focus in and identify  the difficulties that the student may be facing and can in turn devise an individualised strategic lesson plan in support of the school curriculum, thereby helping the student regain confidence to succeed academically.

With an ever increasing academic support market, parents with struggling students have available to them private academic support with many convenient options to choose from.

Therefore, parents, need not play the role of teacher  as qualified academic tutors can provide the extra school support your child needs.

During the first few years of primary school especially, children are in need of loving parental guidance.  However, children should learn to become autonomous and empowered individuals as they get older.

Many parents, teachers and psychologists alike all believe that after a certain age students must complete their homework by themselves.

As Dr Kate Ellis Davies a developmental psychologist and researcher, clarifies what may be helpful to both students and parents:

"Helping can be simply being aware of the amount of homework set and helping children to plan ahead and time manage the different tasks they need to do. This kind of help is commonly encouraged by schools, with parents or caregivers initialling homework diaries, for example. Children tend to respond positively."

However, children past the ages of 10-12, can grow resentful of helicopter parenting. At this age, children  should be able to do their homework independently.  Parents who  constantly hover and watch, or constantly criticise their children's homework could harm their confidence and hamper academic success, and it may not be appreciated by primary and secondary school teacher's.

Private tutors available near you
Superprof has a wide variety of qualified private tutors at competitive prices! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Parents can however, assist their children in making homework fun and guide their child to becoming independent learners.  Parents should consider a home private tutor who can replace them with more formal less judgemental support professional who can create tailored lesson plans in support of the school curriculum.

Personal tutors can not only create individualised lesson plans tailored for the student needs, but also impart critical study skills that will guarantee their students overall academic excellence. 

Rita Eichenstein PhD is a paediatric neuropsychologist  in a 2017 article written by, stated that the most strenuous part of the primary school-parent relationship is homework:

"By the time it's homework time, most parents are pooped. Whether they work full time or are busy shuffling their kids around, making dinner and supervising bath and bed time routines, parents are not the ideal homework monitor..." 

Private academic tutors as they get to know the student's strengths and weaknesses, can help them to improve their study and learning skills and help them improve objectives and  succeed in all subjects!

Academic Support to Overcome Weaknesses in Education System

If you are losing confidence in the Provincial Education Systems, their are Private Tutoring Support options and academic advising to help provide individualised care and attention for those students being left behind. 

Home tutoring is on the rise, due to increasing budget constraints on the provincial education systems in Canada,  an estimated one in four parents opt for private tutors to help their children. 

University students, secondary school students, primary school students and even kindergarten students use private tutors at every level of their education.

But, why such an interest in private tutoring?

It's true that some parents across Canada are losing faith in the flawed  Provincial Education Systems!

According to a 2017 study done by the World Top 20 project, the Canada ranked 13th worldwide for the best education systems. Dropping one place from the 2016  ranking.  Due to Provincial Budget cuts and constraints that limited funding to Provincial Education programs, increasing class sizes and an ever challenging curriculum. 

Private tutoring can help remedy some of these issues and help prevent your child from suffering from classroom anxiety and this dysfunction.

A private tutor can help in any area your child needs extra help in, including all important core subjects:

  • English (reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation),
  • Mathematics (subtraction, addition, division and other basic teachings),
  • Sciences (biology, physics, chemistry)
  • Ancient and Modern Foreign Languages (Latin or French, Spanish and German)
  • History,
  • Design Technology, Computing, etc.

A private tutor can  teach personal sessions at a regular pace to help overcome the educational challenges now facing the Canadian Curriculum, greater class sizes, and fewer teaching support. 

In a relaxed calm environment, the struggling student can get tailored individualised extra school support with a tutor  in the evening, online or weekends at times convenient for the student.  The students even choose to review or get ahead with private tutoring during holidays or during the summer to ensure they are prepared for the next term.

Private tutors know how to work with the students learning processes, their strengths and  weaknesses, helping the student tackle the school curriculum and succeed academically in all areas. 

With an individualised methodology, a personal academic advisor/tutor can help establish a love for learning in your child and more importantly help them feel empowered with a greater sense of confidence in reaching their academic and personal goals.  

Extra Support Tutoring to Avoid School Dropouts

After school tutoring is a great way to prevent students from dropping out of the school system.

Bully Free Zone
Bullying affects many students in secondary school and it must stop! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Secondary school dropouts have become an important issue in Canada, with 1-5% of students dropping out of school and higher in certain economically depressed regions.  Up to 9% of children live below the poverty line in Canada, and these students are particularly vulnerable.

The majority of  high school dropouts are from poor, underprivileged and immigrant families. The numbers have surged in recent years and in Canada alone, 5-15% drop out of school and in some economically depressed areas the drop out rate is as high as 50% .  

School dropout is not necessarily synonymous with academic failure: some students can feel out of place, bullied, rejected and judged so choose to leave the school environment. And more and more students may lose their confidence academically with all the pressures and an increasingly demanding and challenging curriculum that by  the time they reach secondary school, given the pace and scope of the curriculum it is truly demanding and overpowering for more and more of these struggling students.  

The personal academic coach is there to successfully empower and provide the educational support that these vulnerable students may be in need of.  

Private tutoring courses are particularly effective as the tutor can adapts to the level of the student's learning process and can thereby help them progress at a more intensive and effective pace for the student.

Learning a second language, or extra help with science or technology, parents can opt for the less-expensive online tutoring option that are available on reliable websites such as Superprof. The tutors are highly qualified  and have a wealth of academic resources available to them with all the convenience of online tutoring.

Without any commitment, greater convenience and flexibility,  these online educational support organisations can be THE solution to a students choice to stay in school,  with just that extra bit of private tutor support!!!

Private Tutors Can Help Avoid Failing Important Examinations

Choosing personal tutoring services to avoid failing critical exams can be a brilliant option, a great investment in your success and future.

With the world's ever challenging social and economic climate, our children can ill afford to fail their exams or worse not graduate and continue on to further academic studies and gain entrance to the most sought after institutions of learning.

So at whatever level your child is preparing to study , whether at a prestigious university,  vocational school or at a community college, a minimum of training is needed to graduate and to guarantee their successful future.

Getting that diploma feels so good
A personal tutor can adapt their teaching to best fit your learning style and help you succeed. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Practising oral presentations or responding to reading, nothing will be left to chance with a private tutor who can cover all aspects of exams and interviews that may be required. Regardless of the exam, you are about to take, you can find private tutors suited to your needs:

  • HighSchool Graduation Diploma,
  • International Baccalaureate,
  • Advanced Placement Diploma
  • GDE Diploma
  • Bachelor's Degree,
  • Master's Degree,
  • Doctorate.

A private teacher will help you train before the big day: using online exercises, worksheets, examination reviews... interview simulations, and other tools  that are endless!

Many students are often worried about oral examinations which can be more stressful than written tests.

Make sure to consult the profiles of Superprof's extraordinary selection of private tutors: some of them are qualified and specialised in exam preparation.

There is nothing better than home tutoring as an investment to ensure  success in your child's education!

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