We all want to save money; I mean who doesn't right? If we don't have to spend more money then why should we? This goes for our health as well. The fitness industry has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years and is continuing to grow. This means more people are looking to join a gym or hire a personal trainer. The question for you becomes do you pay for the cheap gym or the cheap session? Does a higher price mean better results? I'll touch on this more below. There are a lot of factors that determine the quality and even the price of a session or gym.

What Is Personal Training?

Personal training is helping an individual reach their fitness goal. Their goal could be to lose weight, build muscle, build strength, sport-specific, increase endurance or anything fitness related. A personal trainer can benefit everyone. They help you reach your goal by teaching you how to work out safely and design an exercise program. A personal trainer is a perfect way to keep you consistent and give you the best chance of reaching your goals.

Personal Training
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Is Personal Training Worth The Price?

Personal training can be seen as a luxury service, but with the service of personal training in high demand, the price is becoming more affordable than ever. Personal Training prices will depend on a few factors.

  1. Gym Model

Do they train from your house, a gym or online? Personal trainers that train out of a gym can have higher prices. Usually, these prices aren't set by the trainer. They're set by the gym. The gym has to pay its trainer, use of the facility, insurance and another cost before they can make a profit. Personal trainers that train online or train you from your home can have lower costs. They have less overhead costs.

  1. Qualification / Experience

Qualifications and experience go hand in hand when you're a trainer. You can read all the books you want in exercise science but you need experience with people as well. The more qualifications and experience someone has they're going to charge a higher rate. They've spent the years and money getting better to serve their clients.

  1. Session length

Personal training sessions use to be only an hour, but with our lifestyles getting busier 30-minute sessions have been increasingly popular. They can be half the price compared to a full hour. 30 minute sessions are quick and are not for everybody, but they are cheaper.

  1. Location

Are you located in a big city or a small town? This has a huge impact. I'm located in a small town in Ontario and personal training is around $ 50 an hour on average, but if we compare $ 50 to Vancouver the average price is $ 75. That's a big difference. The cost of living is more expensive in Vancouver compared to where I'm from. This means trainers have to charge a higher price.

These 4 factors make all the difference when looking at prices for personal training. Let's put these factors in the real world.

Good Life Fitness

Factor 1 - Goodlife is a big box gym they have high overhead costs.

Factor 2 - Goodlife has different types of trainers from new to experts in the field

Factor 3 - They offer 30 minute or an hour sessions

Factor 4- The are located all over Canada.

Average Price $ 80

 Fit Squad 

Factor 1 - Fit squad is a study style gym. Lower member count leads to higher costs.

Factor 2 - Experts in the field, very knowledgeable staff

Factor 3 - Only 1-hour sessions

Factor 4 - Located downtown Toronto

 Average Price: $ 100

 Fitness on the Go

Factor 1 - At home personal training service. Little overhead

Factor 2 - Qualified team of personal trainers

Factor 3 - Only 1-hour session

Factor 4 - Service all of Calgary

Average Price $ 60

Price is a factor but you need to pick a personal trainer that will benefit you the most. It can be hard for some people to work out at home, or they don't want the crowds and they need to work out in a smaller space like a studio. Pick the trainer that you feel will benefit you the most and then compare prices in that niche.

Working out at the Gym
Working out at the Gym. Source: Victor Freitas, Unsplash

Gym Prices

So, what if you just want to join a gym. Just like personal training gyms offer different prices based on a few factors. You should pick a gym you feel comfortable at and can benefit you the most.

Factor 1. Style of Gym - Is it a big box gym or studio? Big box gyms have a higher member count meaning they can charge a cheaper rate. Studio gyms limit the price of members to keep the gym less busy. This will mean a higher membership rate.

Factor 2. Amenities - Is it just a gym or does it have lots of extras? This can cause the price of your membership to skyrocket. Some gyms are just a gym, they don't offer tanning, sauna, steam room or towel service. This will cause the cost to be cheaper. On the other hand, some gyms have everything. They have towel service, saunas, steam room, showers, lockers and anything else you can think of. You are paying more to use these services.

Factor 3: Location - Is the gym located downtown or in a small city? Gyms that are located downtown are going to be more expensive. They most likely have a higher rent to pay and they can offer you the convenience.

These 3 factors have a huge effect on the cost of your gym membership. Let's look at some gyms below based on these factors.

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Crunch Fitness

Factor 1 - Crunch is a big box gym. This means their membership will be cheaper than most gyms.

Factor 2 - Crunch has lots of amenities but you have to pay extra. Their basic membership starts at $ 10 a month, but you just have access to the gym. There most expensive membership is $ 24 a month. This gives you access to massages, tanning, guest privileges, nutrition guidance, and much more.

Factor 3 - Location Crunch has lots of gyms all over Canada.

Average Price $ 17

 True Form Fitness

Factor 1 - True Form is a studio style gym. The price will be higher.

Factor 2 - Offers basic amenities.

Factor 3 - Located downtown Ottawa, ON.

 Average Price $ 44

 Anytime Fitness

Factor 1 - Anytime fitness is a medium-sized gym

Factor 2 - Offers basic amenities.

Factor 3 - Located all around Canada.

Average Price $ 49

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Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting. Source: Jelmer Assink, Unsplash

Does A Higher Price Mean Better Results?

Picking the cheaper gym or personal training doesn't necessarily mean you're getting bad service. The same goes for choosing a higher-priced gym or personal trainer. Some places are cheaper and provide exceptional service. Always try out a facility or trainer before you take the plunge in signing up. Most gyms and trainers will offer a free session to let you try it out. This is the time to ask questions and look around. You can even try all the gyms or trainers in your area. This will give you the confidence in picking the right gym.

Look at the factors above for trainers and gyms you can make your synopsis based on the factors to see if it's worth the price or not. Also, read reviews or ask to speak with members or past clients. There an impartial opinion rather than speaking with the gym owner or trainer.

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Pick the Right Gym Or Trainer

The final thoughts I want to leave with you is this: If you're paying a lot for a gym membership and you're not using the amenities or you don't care about working out around other people maybe you should consider looking at a cheaper option. This way you're only paying for what you need. Second thought: If you're paying a lot for trainer and you're not seeing results it's time to look elsewhere. The biggest reason we sign up for personal training is to help us reach our fitness goals. You may not be a good fit for that trainer.

Look at all the factors above when deciding on the price you want to pay for your gym membership or personal training.

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