There comes a time at least once in our life where we want to lose some extra pounds. Maybe we put on the pounds during the holidays or want to get into our somebodies. Whatever the reason is for wanting to lose weight your not alone. 1000s of people make losing weight their fitness goal, but out of those 1000s of people, only a fraction of them will reach their goal weight.

Losing weight can be hard, especially if you don't know what to do. There is a lot of information online that can be great but there also a lot of bad information. Then you have your friends and family telling you how to lose weight and for the most part, this is the wrong idea. In this article, we’ve written about giving you a few great tips to keep in mind next time you want to lose weight. If you want to lose weight but don't know where to start you can always hire a trainer.

The number on the scale isn't everything when you're losing weight.
The number on the scale isn't everything when you're losing weight. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Hiring Personal Training for Weight Loss

Personal trainers make losing weight a little easier. They’ll be there to guide you every step of the way to help you succeed. Personal trainers aren't portrayed like are in movies. They're not trying to kill you with each workout and forcing you to eat the same meal day in and day out. Personal trainers are kind and compassionate people. They want to see you lose weight. Personal trainers have so many benefits we’ll list our top 3 below.

Information Guide - With all the bad information online it can be hard to navigate which is wrong or right. Your trainer will have the experience and knowledge to teach you the best way to lose weight. Personal trainers are your personal guide book.

Accountability - This is one of the best reasons for hiring a personal trainer. Most people need accountability. You're going to have dedicated time each week with your trainer so you’ll continue to progress. they're going to help you work out hard and stay on track. On the days you don't feel like working out your trainer will be encouraging you to keep going.

Personalized Training Guide - Following a weight loss program you found online doesn't always work the best. Everyone's bodies are different. two people following the same program and diet their bodies could look different. you need a plan that meets your strengths and weakness, so you’ll continue to make progress.

Personal trainers are a great way to lose weight. Superprof has 100s of personal trainers all over Canada that are ready to help you lose weight. They have the knowledge and experience to teach you the best way possible. Superprof’s personal trainers also offer sessions online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to train when you want to train.

A personal trainer can help you lose weight.
A personal trainer can help you lose weight. Source: Anthony Shkraba, Pexels

Tips for Losing Weight

Wanting to lose weight is the first step you need to take and it's an easy step to start with. The hard part is putting in the work. No matter which program you look at whether it's for eating, training or both you're going to have to put in the effort. Losing weight is a physical battle and a mental battle. You're going to need to stay consistent and stay motivated. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight? This question is important because on the days you don't feel motivated to want to continue you can look back to your why. Your answer to the why will keep you on track. Hiring a trainer is a good start to wanting to lose weight. They can teach you everything you need to know about losing weight. It’s not impossible to lose weight on your own but you need to be ready to put in the effort and stay consistent.

Here are tips for weight loss:

Stay Consistent - This is one of the most important things to remember when trying to lose weight. oftentimes, when people fall into their training plan they don't get back on track. For instance, you might miss a workout, or have a cheat meal. Then your next thought is well I’ve already ruined my plan. This shouldn't be what your thinking. Losing weight is a long term plan. If you of your plan stay focused and keep at it. It’s not over that you’ve had one bad meal or missed a workout. Staying consistent you will reach your weight loss goals.

Don’t Listen to False Titles - Online we all see advertisements for losing 10 pounds a week or 6 pack abs in 6 days. The truth of the matter is this is not the case. Now, it's not impossible to lose 10 pounds in a week, but it's not always the case. The average person with the right plan could expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. this doesn't seem like a lot, but when adding it up it is. In 1 month that's 8 pounds and in 3 months that's 24 pounds. If your further away from your ideal weight you can expect to lose more pounds right away, but a real number is 1-2 pounds a week.

Build Habits - One thing to keep in mind is reaching your weight loss goal doesn't mean you can go back to your old habits. You’ll simply, put the weight back on. As your going through your training plan you need to be able to continually stick with it. It should be something you can live with daily. If it’s too unrealistic your going to put the weight back on.

Another we want to add that looks at weight loss as a whole is using the weight scale. Using a scale can be a great way to see your progress, but the scale can have a negative effect. Losing weight isn't a straight line. You're not going to consistently lose weight each week. Some weeks you could lose 2 pounds other weeks your weight might stay the same. You can't always base your progress on the scale. You should always go by how you feel. If you're consistently gaining weight then it's time to re-evaluate your fitness plan, but if you are gaining a few pounds here and there each week it's normal.

Stay consistent and you will reach your weight loss goal.
Stay consistent and you will reach your weight loss goal. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Start Losing Weight Today!

Now is the time to take action. Losing weight doesn't have to seem impossible or complex. We hope this article has given you some helpful tips for losing weight. Remember losing weight is all about consistency. There are no quick fixes you need to put in the work and stay consistent. You need to also remember it's okay to mess up. One bad meal or missed workout isn't going to be a problem. At the end of the day, we're only human and we do make mistakes. If you are unsure about where to start you can always work with a personal trainer. Your personal trainer can be your guide to help you lose weight.

The hard part can be taking that first step forward and deciding to lose weight. You don't have to start off drastic either. You can start by having one healthy meal or complete a quick workout. Over time you can continually add more healthy meals and more workouts. Everyone needs to start small. Losing weight isn't a sprint it's a marathon.

Start to lose weight today!

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