Cardio training can be vastly overlooked by the general population. As a personal trainer, it’s your job to make sure your clients know the importance. Cardio training and weight training need to both be executed to have a well-rounded fitness regime. There can be a lot of mistakes people make when thinking about cardio for the there training program. Often people can forget cardio training as they don’t see the value it can bring. As a trainer, there are always going to be exceptions depending on your client, but for the most part cardio training needs to be implemented. 

Whether you are a personal trainer or someone that wants to improve their fitness training this article is for you. You'll learn about the importance of cardio, the mistakes of cardio training and how you can start implementing cardio into your training program. Let's get started.

Cardio is important for anyone's fitness plan.
Cardio is important for anyone's fitness plan. Source: Andrea Picquadio, Pexels

Why Do You Need to Do Cardio?

Cardio training is for the heart. Your body will continually get better at pumping blood. This means your heart will have to work less hard and it’s going to be more efficient. Cardio training can get overlooked for several reasons. One of the main reasons is people weight training typically want to build muscle and they think cardio training will lose that effect. This is far from the truth. 

Weight training and cardio training complement each other. For starters, having your heart work more efficiently is going to benefit your weight lifting session. You're going to be able to perform better in the gym. You'll be able to push harder and last longer during your sets. Cardio can also be a good way to aid in recovery. Depending on the intensity it will help circulate blood to those sore areas. 

Cardio training is also going to need some weight training. Weight training can help strengthen your joints and muscles which are going to keep you healthy during your cardio sessions. Having the two methods of training in your fitness program is going to all around be better for your fitness goals. 

What Is Cardio Training?

Cardio training can be defined as anything that gets your heart rate up. Most people will immediately think of running on a treadmill. Running is a great form of cardio, but it's not the only exercise you can perform. Personal trainers should find a method of cardio that works well with their clients. Running can often be boring for a lot of people and is not always right for the client. There are so many forms of cardio that are great you just need to find the one a client likes. 

Circuit training can be another great way to incorporate cardio into your weight training. Circuit training has been gaining in popularity all around the world and especially in Canada. Gyms like F45 have made circuit training widely used. It’s a good way of incorporating cardio without feeling like your doing cardio. Instead of performing 3 sets of 1 exercise and then performing the same reps and sets with a different exercise. Circuit training will have you perform anywhere between 3-5 exercises for 1 giant set. You’ll get a rest after you’ve completed all the exercises for one set. This eliminates your rest time and forces your heart to work harder. Circuit training can be perfect for anybody that doesn't like your typically cardio training

Of course, circuit training and running aren't the only ways to perform cardio. There is swimming, biking, elliptical, or fast walking just to name a few. Cardio doesn’t even have to be seen as an exercise. Playing a sport can be an effective way to cardio train while having a good time. A client may like to play basketball, or soccer a few times a week and this can supplement cardio training. 

As trainers, we can often look at this as technical. You learn about all these different ways to train cardio with clients. You even learn the science behind why certain things can be more beneficial, but all this knowledge isn't effective if your client doesn’t enjoy doing the exercises. They're going to lose focus and stop working out. You need to find something your client enjoys cardio training. 

Circuit training is a great way to incorporate cardio training through weights.
Circuit training is a great way to incorporate cardio training through weights. Justin L, Pexels

Mistakes Around Cardio Training. 

Whether your trainer or just someone that wants to start cardio training there a few things to keep in mind. You should always consult with a professional before attempting anything as this will keep you safe and healthy.

  1. Starting To Stong - Cardio is something you have to build on. Let's take running for instance. You can't start with a 5k right away. You won't be able to work to achieve this distance, you’ll be sore and you’ll be completely out of breath. You need to start small. This could mean running 1km until it gets easier and then adds a further distance. Everyone starts at the bottom with cardio training. Even ultramarathon runners that run 100km have started where you’ll be starting. 
  2. Undervaluing Cardio - Cardio is vital to any great fitness program whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Cardio is a great way to strengthen your heart and become more efficient for pumping blood. When your heart becomes more efficient you'll be able to train harder. Don't undervalue cardio.
  3. Tracking Progress - Keeping track of progress in the gym is always important. We always want to make sure you're constantly improving in the gym. Cardio is just weight lifting in this sense. You shouldn't be lifting the same weight time and time again and you shouldn't be doing the same cardio. Tracking your progress allows you to improve with your cardio training and get results.

Don't make these mistakes when training cardio. We promise you if you follow these guidelines and stay consistent you'll notice considerable amounts of progress with your fitness goals. You should always train with intensity, but you need to train smart as well. Having knowledge of cardio training or other forms of training is going to help you excel with your fitness training. If you are someone looking for a personal trainer Superprof has 100s of personal trainers all over Canada. They have the experience and knowledge to help you excel with your cardio training. You can train smart and safe when working with a personal trainer. Superprorf's trainers also offer lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to train when you want to train.

Soccer is a fun way to perform cardio.
Soccer is a fun way to perform cardio. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Start Cardio Training Today!

The next step to improve your cardio training is putting it into action. Now that you know what to avoid and the importance of cardio training you need to start implementing it. First, start looking for cardio exercises you enjoy. You can't just read about forms of cardio you might enjoy you need to try them. It's the only way you'll know you like it. Don't forget about playing sports either. They can be a great form of cardio and a lot of fun. After you've found the right cardio exercise start tracking your progress. You need to know your making improvements. You can also work with a personal trainer. They can help you find the form of cardio you enjoy doing as well as create balanced training programs with cardio and weight lifting. Remember they both complement each other. Your weight sessions will improve once you have a good cardiovascular system.

Start cardio training today!

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