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Since personal training deals with helping people become healthy and fit through workouts and fitness programs, the profession is a highly regulated one. 

It requires certain qualifications before one can actually call themselves a personal trainer. First of all, you need to study under a personal training certification course or program so you can officially become a trainer.

It’s either you’ll be getting a college diploma or a certificate after you graduate from the program. The next step will be choosing what type of personal trainer you’ll be in the future.

In Vancouver, there are tons of opportunities for a personal trainer. There are so many fitness studios and gyms to choose from - meaning there are countless workplaces that you can apply to after you get certified. 

The city is also quite inviting for people to get fit considering that there is a variety of outdoor activities. With these outdoor activities, one definitely has to be fit. The city itself gives you a glimpse of how much a personal trainer receives, without tax. Just simply visit the city’s official website and check out the rates for different kinds of sessions. 

All these bits of information will be discussed in this article. So, read on to know more about the course and where to study personal training in Vancouver. 

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What Type of Personal Trainer

After passing all the personal trainer qualifications and studying a course on it, there is still one last aspect before you can kickstart your career as a personal trainer. 

That is choosing what type of personal trainer you will be in the future.

Just like most jobs in the world, a personal trainer will choose his or her own working environment. In another perspective, this can also be seen as the type of specialization he or she will pursue. 

There are two types of personal trainers in the world. This section will discuss each type briefly. 

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Personal Trainer in a Gym

Surely every major city has a gym or a fitness club that they can enrol in. And of course, you can expect to find personal trainers or fitness instructors in these places. Without them, it might be difficult for members to create their own fitness program. 

Choosing to be a personal trainer in a gym means that you will take on clients that will probably want to use all the relevant machines in the gym. You should be able to teach them how to use treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, etc. 

And since you’ll be working in the gym, expect that you’ll have tons of clients each month - from all walks of life and ages. 

As for working hours, expect that you’ll be working according to their operating hours. You’ll be working like a regular employee but only in the field of fitness.

Private Personal Trainer

For people who want to pursue a private practice, the client size will always depend on how many clients you’re willing to take on. But compared to a personal trainer at the gym, you can control who you want to accept.

Private Personal Trainer. Source: Stockvault

Since you’re a private personal trainer, you can opt to teach personal training in the comfort of your clients’ home or whatever gym they’re enrolled in. And, depending on your clients’ locations, you might probably hop from one location to another. 

More often than not, private personal trainers specialize in one type of fitness program. This makes it easier for you to find your target market. 

Where to Study Personal Training in Vancouver

Now that we’ve discussed the two types of personal trainers in the world, let’s move into discussing where you can study personal training in Vancouver. Since this is still a rising profession, there aren’t many institutions that offer personal training in the city. 

Here are the institutions that do offer the certification course:

Douglas College

Since 1970, Douglas College has been the largest institution in British Columbia, Canada. The college has over 25,000 students each year and has two major campuses in Vancouver - New Westminster and Coquitlam. 

Both of the college’s campuses are accessible by SkyTrain lines which makes it one of the most accessible schools in the city. The college is known to have both the academic foundation of a university and the career-ready skills of a college - making it a top option in the region. 

Their Personal Training Program is taught by instructors who will be there from start to end. The tuition fee will include textbooks, manuals exams, and evaluation fees. 

However, the course won’t include the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) Fitness Theory Exam, First Aid course, and Fitness registration with the BCRPA. 

The course will approximately take about 5 months to finish. There are various intakes all over the year so be sure to check their page from time to time for their updated schedules. 

You can also check out Toronto’s Yorkdale Adult Learning Center for a similar course.

British Columbia Personal Training Institute

The British Columbia Personal Training Institute has been around for over 25 years and has continuously given its students the tools and knowledge they need to know about personal training. 

The institute has three priorities when it comes to teaching personal training: service, science, and sales. Their certification program is designed to service their clients towards achieving success in their respective careers. 

Their programs are designed to 7-week layouts that can accommodate smaller class sizes for better comprehension and more focus on each students’ individual progress. 

Their certification program follows the National Coaching Communication Association (NCCA) Accredited CPT curriculum. It has a 3-section fitness education syllabus that will let the students earn about 15 hours of practical experience and mentorship and get a fitness CPR & AED certification. 

They will also be guaranteed personal trainer jobs with the institute’s fitness club partners. So if you’re looking to get a guaranteed job after you graduate, this is a great institute to study personal training in. 

You can also check out a similar Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for a similar course on personal training. This institute is located in Edmonton

Hilltop Academy

Hilltop Academy is the first accredited college in British Columbia to offer personal training. Graduates from this academy will get a recognized and legitimate diploma after they graduate.

The academy brags that their certification program is able to provide students with more than what is required by the BCRPA. With 3 to 5 times the classroom hours and practical hours being given, graduates are expected to be more equipped by the time they start working. 

The program has about 9 parts - 8 parts for academic input and 1 part for the examination. The entire program will take about 17 weeks or 340 hours in total. 

The program includes the exercise science course, fitness first aid and CPR Level 1, Employment, Business and Financial Responsibilities Course, Weight Training Course, Personal Training Course, Small Group Personal Training Course, Older Adult Instructor Course, and the Continuation Personal Training Course.

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Personal Training Certification Exam. Source: Pixabay

There is also an option for students to take up the American Council on Exercise Exam after they graduate. 

Given the courses included in the program, you will be registered in weight training, personal training, and older adult courses once you graduate. There will also be an opportunity for you to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  

Graduates can also rest assured that they are provided with a lifetime job placement assistance by the time they graduate.

You can also check out Free Form Academy in Ottawa, where they offer a similar course to this one. 

Private Personal Training Instructor in Vancouver

Since there are only a few institutions and schools offering personal training certification programs in Vancouver, aspirants can also opt to find their own private instructor. These private instructors are certified personal trainers that offer their free time to teaching personal training.

There are tons of private instructors in Vancouver and you can easily find a suitable one for you at Superprof. The website will give you a list of profiles complete with their descriptions, rates, and reviews made by former clients. 

The perks of getting your own private instructor is that you don’t have to sit in class with other students and that the instructor’s attention is solely focused on your progress. You can also freely ask questions without worrying about disrupting the class because there’s simply no class.

Moreover, you can also set up a schedule with your instructor for your most convenient times - compared to courses and programs offered in institutions where you have minimal choice when it comes to deciding on your schedule. 

So, what are you waiting for? Look for your private personal training instructor today!


Vancouver is definitely a city that invites people to be in their best shape. With tons of outdoor activities surrounding the area, a person has to be fit in order to enjoy them. Hence, gyms and fitness studios are quite abundant in the area.

Choosing to pursue a personal training career in this city should be a fruitful choice. You’re not only presented with credible institutions, you’re also provided with a long list of potential workplaces. 

Should you also opt to pursue private practice, the rates are in your favor and you’ll eventually see a great return on investment. 

You can also check out other personal training courses in the cities of Montréal and Calgary.

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