Calgary is a major urban centre located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s surrounded by an unspoiled natural environment rich in various resources. This easily makes Calgary an ideal location for settling down and business. 

But if there’s a downfall to this city, it’s the weather. The weather can be quite unpredictable, even if the city gets an average of 2,300 hours of sun every year. 

In personal training, something is also unpredictable. It’s getting injured during a workout or a fitness program. Let’s face it - personal training also has its own set of safety hazards. Clients will be using different types of machines with their bodies and sometimes, accidents really do happen.

This type of incident makes it necessary for personal trainers to have their practice insured just in case something bad happens. It’s not for their own sake but also for their clients. You won’t really predict when things happen so it’s best to be prepared. 

In Canada, specifically in Calgary, a personal trainer has a long list of insurance options. This article will be enumerating the different insurance options you have and the various personal training programs available in Calgary.

The Necessity of Being Insured

As mentioned earlier, there are also certain safety hazards that come with working as a personal trainer. No matter how careful you are when it comes to helping out your clients, you can’t really control everything that happens during a session. 

There are things beyond our control which necessitates the need to insure your practice. Getting insurance can save you from losses and lawsuits that your clients might file against you - in case something bad happens. We’re not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s best to be safe, right? 

So, what instances could possibly happen? It could be either the negligence of the personal trainer or the client - either way, the client has the power to file a lawsuit with claims against the trainer. 

To avoid incurring losses from these types of negligence, it’s best to prevent it in the first place. There are different types of insurance policies available for all types of personal trainers.

The most common ones being availed by personal trainers are as follows: 

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance insures personal trainers for claims on body injuries, property damage, and advertising injury. These are the most common claims filed by third parties against personal trainers. 

To give concrete examples, a body injury means that a client breaks a finger while lifting weights. An example of property damage is breaking a piece of equipment while having a workout session with your client. 

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Commercial Property Insurance

Another type of common insurance is Commercial Property Insurance. This insures the personal trainer against claims of damage to business-owned properties or assets like buildings, gym equipment, and gym inventory. 

Damages like vandalism or theft are usually covered by this type of insurance. 

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is based on negligence on the part of the personal trainer. Legal fees will usually be asked from the personal trainer whenever a client accuses the former of negligence. 

Personal trainers may commit human errors from time-to-time, such as asking the client to life more than they are able to which leads them to incurring an injury. Other errors also include prescribing a diet that’s not suitable with their prescriptions or allergies. 

Where to Study Personal Training in Calgary

There are tons of things to do in Calgary and most of these activities need you to be quite a bit active. That’s why there are tons of people looking to get fit, not just be healthy but also to enjoy whatever the city has to offer. 

Personal training is easily becoming a great career path in Calgary. So, here are the schools where you can enrol in a personal training certification course:

Elevated Learning Academy 

In Alberta, Elevated Learning Academy is the only education institution that offers courses solely devoted to teaching preventive health education. The academy offers two specific diploma programs - nutrition science and personal fitness training. 

Nutrition Fitness Course. Source: Pixabay

As they claim, enrolling in this academy will help you find personal fitness jobs immediately after you graduate. 

Their personal fitness trainer diploma has over 340 hours of in-person instruction, with 30% of that being delivered within a fitness room. The course also includes a certification on CPR/AED and a 36-hour practicum.

After you graduate, you will also be a recognized fitness trainer internationally - widening your job opportunities to other foreign countries. 

This academy also has a branch in Edmonton where you can study the same course. 

Mount Royal University

Situated in one of the most livable cities in the world, Mount Royal University has consistently been awarded as the best post-secondary institution in Calgary. In 2017, the university was also awarded Best Educational Institute in Calgary. 

The university boasts that you’ll be able to participate in various research as early as your undergraduate days. Here, you will also have a solid foundation in higher learning, should you pursue post-graduate degrees. 

The Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma in Mount Royal University has a comprehensive health science education that emphasizes special populations. The program will help students develop their practical skills, as well as give them knowledge on the theoretical and conceptual side of the training. 

You can either opt to study full-time or part-time, depending on your availability and schedule. You can also opt to take a combination of in-class, online, and practicum courses, depending on what you see fit and whatever’s more convenient for you. 

There are two intakes: January and September. The program can be completed in two years but can be extended to six years.

Carleton University in Ottawa also offers a similar program where students can develop their practical skills and also learn essential knowledge in personal training. 

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) - Calgary

YMCA Calgary has been operating since 1902 in Calgary. This organization is known for offering charitable activities to the needy and every year, the organization evolves even more vibrantly. 

What helps this organization remain young and vibrant is their wellness programs and community outreach programs. In Calgary, there are over 8 health and wellness facilities and 7 child development centres. 

The organization is also inviting young men who have a passion for fitness to become a YMCA Fitness Leader. The fitness leader is tasked to lead health and wellness programs with other people in the organization and the community partners. 

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The Fitness Leadership Course of YMCA teaches aspiring fitness leaders various practical and theoretical pieces of information in order to become a certified one. You can expect to learn anatomy, movement principles, exercise design, and physiology. 

The course includes the following:


  • Personal Training (40 hours) - develop knowledge and skills for one-on-one sessions with clients


  • Group Strength (35 hours) - develop skills and knowledge to handle group classes such as bootcamp
  • Cardio (35 hours) - develop choreography skills to instruct classes such as Hi-Lo or Step
  • Yoga (48 hours) - learn the principles of Hatha yoga and teaching it in class
  • Cycle (35 hours) - develop skills to lead group cycle classes and monitor participant intensity for cardiovascular endurance
  • Aquatic Fitness (35 hours) - learn principles on water and movement for aquatic fitness training

They also have a branch in Montréal where you can study a similar course. 

Private Personal Training Instructor in Calgary 

As you can see, there’s a limited number of personal training certification courses in Calgary. Although the options are great and the institutions are all credible and capable, these might not be the best options for some people.

Some people might have schedules that don’t really meet with the ones available at each educational institution. This proves to be a problem, especially for aspirants who want to pursue a career in personal training.

Personal Training Equipment. Source: Stocksnap

However, there’s an option that is presented by Superprof. You can find your own private personal training course instructor. This private instructor can meet your schedule and teach you at your own pace. 

No need to worry about enrolling in big classes or missing out classes due to your schedule. Find an instructor on the website where you can also see brief descriptions they have of themselves, their rates, and reviews made by their former clients or students. 

Start your journey today with a Superprof instructor. 


There are tons of personal trainers in Canada due to the rising awareness of fitness and health. In Calgary, this is easily becoming a popular career because it’s one that promotes fitness and still gives you a good return on investment. 

On a different note, personal trainers should also be responsible to have their practice insured. This way, they’re protected from unwanted and unpredictable accidents or incidents. There are tons of options in Canada, especially in Calgary. 

Calgary is also a great place to study personal training with exceptional institutions. If you don’t want to enrol yourself in a class, you can just find your own private instructor on Superprof.

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