Nowadays there are loads of online solutions to getting fit when you might not usually have the means or time to do so. But now there is a variety of ways to get back into shape using just your internet connection!

The market for personal training just doesn’t stop growing, and we are seeing more and more websites with their own fitness programs and courses; never mind the proliferation of apps to help get you fit.

With such an impressive range of choices, you might start asking yourself: which kind of online personal training should I try to lose weight and get fit? Which sites are the most effective for cardio training and muscle-building? What’s the difference between a real personal trainer and an online training course?

What are the Advantages of Using an Online Personal Trainer?

It’s probably never been so simple to exercise as it is today! The solutions available to us online are so diverse that anyone can find something that works for them, whether it’s cardio, weight training, dance, yoga, pilates, etc.

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Use websites and apps to get fit for free
Having an online trainer on your phone can encourage you when you're out and about. Photo on VisualHunt

Online fitness training is a great way of economising on a small budget, as you can avoid the expense of a gym membership or real-life personal trainer, whilst maintaining all the choice and quality of activity. An online coach is ready for you 24/7!

Whatever your preferred course or goal might be (for example, ab toning, chest and arm strengthening, weight-loss, general fitness, weight-training), your online fitness coach is always available for you.

This is a huge advantage, considering that a regular personal trainer is available by appointment only, and this might not suit your schedule or your budget!

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With online fitness, it’s all down to you to put together a workout schedule and fit some sessions into your week. You can choose which videos you like – and it’s easy to save videos and make a playlist on YouTube – so that your personal training is always ready when you are.

But can proper online fitness training really be completely free?

It really can! Don’t underestimate the quality of the workout videos that are available on sites such as YouTube, which are completely free to watch.

But do be careful – if you’re doing any exercises that are intense or could be considered high-risk, such as weightlifting, it’s a good idea to consult a real, qualified fitness trainer for advice and guidance.

If your personal trainer is competent and officially qualified, they will be able to safely manage the following aspects of your fitness training:

  • Your physical preparation and warm-up
  • Your short- and long-term goals
  • Your diet and appropriate meal plans
  • Your weight-loss and calorie control
  • Your physical fitness and helping you get into shape
  • Provision of a personalised coaching program
  • Advice on external programs and apps to maintain your progress outside of the training sessions

But not everybody can afford to spend money on a personal trainer – many gyms, however, can provide similar guidance and have trainers available for advice and guidance for exercise and nutrition.

In the gym you’ll also find loads of great classes (such as LBT, spinning, Zumba, Boxercise, Aquafit, yoga, pilates), but these can get quite costly. If you have a membership, however, this should normally include entrance to classes – you can check this with your gym before joining to make sure you get the most out of your money.

So it would seem that in order to really progress and pay less, the internet is the best solution! Some sites charge for their exercise programs and online classes, but you can find loads of great sites that are completely free to use too.

Enjoy a Choice of Fitness Trends from All Over the World

Open to the entire world, the internet has the advantage of letting you cross international borders and try all sorts of exercise methods, without having to leave your house!

Having a look around online and trying different things allows you to test out different methods and trends and find what really works for you. Before long you’ll find something that’s perfectly adapted to your ability, interests and goals.

Online videos also allow you to take things step by step, and you can pause, rewind, replay and skip videos if you want to – the power is all yours!

Follow the Latest Fitness Trends

The market for health and fitness programs is huge, and growing bigger every year as new fitness courses appear.  By following social media, particularly Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, you’ll be able to find all the latest trends in the world of nutrition and exercise, and watch how it all evolves too.

For those of you who are already adept in the world of online fitness training, you’ll have already noticed how trends come and go, and you’ll learn which ones stick around. Every month, for no cost at all, you can try all the new trends for yourself and see what works for you. 

The Benefits of Free Online Fitness Training

So we’ve looked at the advantages – but once you’ve found a great online training program that suits your needs and interests, what exactly are the benefits of training this way as opposed to with a real person?

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Find a program that suits you on the internet
Fitness training online can be simple and stress-free! Photo on Visual Hunt

A training method to get you into shape and fight against obesity

At certain points in the year, we tend to find ourselves not in the best of shape. This is usually just from not taking the best care of ourselves, not being active enough, not giving ourselves the right nutrition, and smoking or drinking too much.

And there’s no secret for getting back into shape - you’ve simply got to follow an effective exercise and nutrition plan. There’s so much advice available online from qualified and experience fitness trainers.

But to achieve great results, you’ve got to have the right motivation!

If you think that you’re not exactly the most driven person, opt for an online fitness program: your online coaches will provide the encouragement and objectives that you need to motivate yourself and reach your goals.

A safe and easy way to exercise

Following online videos is simple, and doesn’t require all the heavy-duty equipment that you use in the gym, so the risks are already lower. You can pick and choose which methods you enjoy, and when practiced properly and carefully, you’re less likely to hurt yourself than in the gym.

If you use professional fitness programs put together by qualified and legitimate trainers, then you’ll be well looked after with superior teaching and guidance. This is why you can feel safe and at ease when working out at home.

Be sure to do your research though – have a look at the market and the reviews of particular trainers or courses if you can. This will give you an idea of a trainer’s quality and if the exercise will suit you. Once you’ve got a better perspective, get started!

Losing weight with your personal trainer

Adapting your nutrition is crucial as well, so opting for a low-fat, high-protein diet is key to seeing great results. But to lose weight, you’ve got to sweat! Starting up a new exercise regime is the best way to start burning calories and toning up.

So we’ll say it again: online fitness training is absolutely essential for safe and comfortable exercise. But don’t just throw yourself into any old fitness program – get to know the benefits of the options available to you, and find something to help you organise great work out sessions.

Improve your general health with fitness training

Everyone knows that practicing regular physical activity will help you get into shape and lead a healthier lifestyle. There are loads of ways that exercise will affect your lifestyle:

  • Activities such as running will improve lung capacity, which can encourage you to quit smoking
  • You’ll build up stamina
  • More physical activity will burn fat and help you lose weight
  • You’ll tone up and lose cellulite
  • You will sleep better and feel energised in the day

So it’s clear that fitness training plays a huge role in all aspects of our lives, and it’s the best way to start living a healthier lifestyle, alongside a nutritious diet. And as soon as you start seeing the initial results, your new healthy lifestyle will become almost addictive!

The Best Sites for Free Fitness Training

To properly follow the best advice and methods that online fitness coaches have to offer, you should head to their YouTube channel and check out their videos. Whether you want to work on your arms, abs, stretches, endurance, martial arts technique – pretty much anything! – you’ll find a video for exactly that on YouTube.

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Get online and start working out today!
There are loads of great fitness websites and apps available and the touch of a button. Photo on Visualhunt

You can also search for fitness videos that are specialised in exercises that you can do at home, sometimes using your own furniture to help! We love Popsugar Fitness’s YouTube channel for great home workouts, using objects like chairs to save on the expense of costly gym equipment.

You’ll find both free and paid online courses to choose from. If you’re prepared to spend a bit of money, That Girl London is a great workout program, costing £29 for three months. Fitness trainer Christina Howells offers workouts that you can download and do whenever you like, and there’s an eight-week beginner program too to ease you in.

But if you don’t want to spend the money, there are so many amazing free programs to help you shape up. lets you create an account for free, and then you gain access to all their videos and guidance.

With Fizzup you can practice all sorts of exercises, choosing between videos that require gym materials such as weights, or the videos that require nothing at all! is another great online fitness club. With Domyos Live you can choose between 50 different fitness classes, which are completely free. There are also over 400 warm-up and stretching exercises available to prep you for your workout.

And, lastly, we’d like to introduce you to Lucile Woodward. At you’ll find the blogger’s exercises, weight-loss and fitness coaching, and her program ‘365 Body by Lucile’ to transform your body in a year! She also has loads of helpful advice on nutrition and lifestyle for an all-round transformation.

The Best Phone Apps for Fitness Training

Nowadays with smartphones and tablets, it’s so easy to get fit quickly and easily. From running, yoga, cycling, cardo or weight training, the world of online fitness really is your oyster!

For starters, your iPhone is already installed with the Health app, so you can keep an eye on your activity throughout the day. You can also use apps such as FitBit which come with a connected tracker bracelet, so you’re never out of touch with your progress.

Health and fitness apps offer so many benefits, and most of the options available today are pretty high-tech, with all sorts of features:

  • Calorie counter
  • Distance tracker
  • Nutrition guide
  • Sleep quality monitor
  • Personalised programs

This means you can follow your progress and watch how far you’ve come with the app’s data collection feature, which can also be used alongside a medical profession if you have a condition such as diabetes or obesity, for example.

  1. Endomondo: fitness and distance training, calorie-burning

Here’s a health and cardio training app which cleverly uses real-time data collection so it's perfectly in sync with you. Endomondo, which is perfectly compatible with Apple Health, will count the calories you burn and distance you travel daily, acting as your own personal trainer to deliver personalised coaching.

The Endomondo sports coach app, which is also a pedometer, will let you know your heart rate and blood pressure, and even monitor your sleep too.

  1. FitBit: Improved physical data collection
Never lose sight of your goals with fitbit
FitBit is a really great way to track progress and stay connected. Photo by Sole Treadmill on VisualHunt

You may already know about FitBit as it’s one of the best iPhone and iPad apps for health, cardio training and general fitness. The app pairs up with a connected tracker bracelet for more precision when collecting your physical data.

Similar to Endomondo, FitBit offers its users much of the same options:

  • Collection of personal data in real time
  • Calorie counter
  • Distance tracker
  • Pedometer
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor

The big difference in the fitness coaching provided by FitBit is the variety of exercises that it offers. It’s about much more than just walking or running: you can use this app for cycling, body building, dancing - and even mowing the lawn! You just need to add on your activities manually.

  1. Runtastic Pedometer: free pocket fitness coaching!

Runtastic is a great way to really connect with your exercise, and a favourite app among budding runners and athletes. This Android app allows you to track your activity and progress every day, from small to big efforts.

With the right motivation, Runtastic will get you back into shape, help you stop smoking, encourage you really push yourself, provide you with personal training, monitor your sleep and help you lose weight.

The World Health Organization recommends that you do 10,000 steps a day, so the incredible accuracy of Runtastic Pedometer allows you to start counting yours and helps you reach this goal.

What’s even more impressive is that this app also offers analysis and other statistics to show you in detail how well you’re progressing and how you can improve.

  1. Bing Health & Fitness: the perfect app for running

Bing Health & Fitness is among the best iPhone apps for fitness, cardio training and well-being. This app offers you features which are also quite similar to the two previous apps we’ve seen: calorie counting, sleep and heart rate monitoring, blood pressure checker, speed calculation, GPS, distance tracker and a pedometer.

But where this app is unique is in its nutrition tracker – you can log everything that you eat and check how many calories and grams of fat are present in what you’re eating, helping you to stay healthy and disciplined.

  1. Seven: your daily physical activity in 7 minutes!

You’ll probably know this feeling as well as the next person: waking up at the crack of dawn, the chaotic journey to work, an exhausting day at the office, and then doing it all over again.

Sometimes it feels nearly impossible to find a moment to fit in a workout – and this is where Seven comes in. Seven will offer you:

  • Videos showing how to perform each fitness exercise to avoid mistakes
  • Varied fitness, strengthening and stretching exercises to choose from
  • Challenges to motivate you every day: you win or lose hearts and unlock new exercises according to your attendance – you can even win trophies for your effort!
  • Calorie counter and statistic charts showing your results and progress

That’s why Seven could be just the solution for you – an app specifically designed for busy people who are always on the go, who only have a few minutes to squeeze in an effective workout.

Use YouTube to Find the Right Fitness Training for You

As well as official coaching websites and fitness apps for your smartphone or tablet, there is also a world of options waiting for you on YouTube!

You might only ever use YouTube to watch music videos or catch up with your favourite YouTubers, but there is an enormous array of health and fitness content to be discovered as well.

Getting into shape, body sculpting and clean eating are all really popular trends these days, and personal trainers have started creating public content to share their expertise online! Now you can access exercise videos, from cardo to yoga, all at the touch of a button.

Home workouts have never been so easy!
YouTube is home to a plethora of videos from real personal trainers! Photo by jaredpolin on Visualhunt

And these videos aren’t dull and repetitive as exercise can sometimes feel – you’ll find loads of funny, encouraging and well-made videos by professional teams of fitness enthusiasts, so that you can have fun as you slim down or tone up.

Here are some great videos you can follow for both fitness and weight-loss:

Make sure you have a look at what YouTube has to offer, because there really is something for everyone. Whether you want a gentle, relaxing stretching session to a more intense cardio or dance workout, you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

The Differences Between a Personal Trainer Online and in Real Life

As you can probably imagine, personal training with a real life trainer is quite different to using an online program or an app.

Of course, the methods and exercises used are often very similar and there’s a lot of overlap in activity content. However, fitness training done in front of a computer screen can actually be quite passive work, and you might not push yourself as hard as you would with a trainer in person.

With a personal trainer you will work face-to-face, and you can benefit from human interaction and communication. You are able to ask questions and receive real guidance to make sure you’re doing things right.

There are therefore many advantages to working with a personal trainer – it can be the most encouraging and effective way to reach personal goals such as weight-loss or body-building. You are forced to be active, and this brings about quick and noticeable results.

It is also true, however, that personal trainers come at a serious cost. If you have a gym membership, that might include some personal training as part of the price, but generally personal training is a luxury that not many people can afford.

And this is exactly why an online personal trainer is so great! It’s easy to find free, motivational and intense workouts that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or when you’re out and about with an app on your phone.

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