Used to be, only megastars – or superstar hopefuls would seek the services of a personal fitness trainer.

These days, with the cost per hour of training so low, a personal fitness programme is in reach for just about every budget.

Over time, personal trainers have diversified their market to include anyone passionate about sports, anyone who wants to train for a specific discipline and all who wish to focus on their health and wellness.

The fitness industry is booming in the UK!

There is no telling how far the current fitness wave will reach, considering that more people discover the benefits of working out every day.

Testimony from those who have already achieved their fitness goals, working one on one with a physical training expert far outweigh those from athletes who work out alone or in small groups, in the gym.

Said revelations show that health and fitness workouts done at home with a certified trainer are more effective than sweating it out, hour after hour, in a health club.

It is time for you to get on with strength training and conditioning!

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Your personal trainer should be in tune with you
How to find your ideal personal trainer? Source: Pixabay Credit: Tomas Delgado

How to Find the Certified Personal Trainer that Would Work Best with You?

Even more challenging: how to find such an expert close enough to where you live that s/he could come to your home for workout sessions?

Let us give you a few good reasons to enlist the Superprof fitness professional who will take you to a higher standard of physical training.

Bespoke Exercise Programs, Adapted to Your Schedule

Our country's Working Time Directive specifies the maximum number of hours a person may work per week.

Closer to reality: the average worker spends a little more than forty-two hours on the clock each week. That means the median work schedule for workers in the UK is a bit more than eight hours per day.

We should add commuting time: around forty-five minutes, one way.

Our modern society puts a lot of demands on our time:

  • family commitments
  • time with friends
  • entertainment – other than sports pursuits
  • going out – dancing, movies, concerts, etc.
  • sleep

That last just might be the most important on that list!

With the busy lives we lead, it is understandably hard to find motivation or time for regular workout sessions.

Sometimes we even skip that weekly run or our Pilates class at the gym.

How about this idea?

Declare yourself done with procrastination: log on to Superprof!

Establishing a fitness program with a personal trainer london forces you to adhere to the fitness commitment you made to yourself, while respecting your otherwise crowded schedule.

Even if you are exceedingly busy, you can still consult with a fitness professional for advice on how best to manage your health and fitness goals, squeezing in a few exercises amidst your your other pressing obligations.

During the initial meeting with your certified fitness instructor, you would outline your expectations and objectives, and learn exactly what benefits you will derive from the arrangement.

Take Robbie, for example. He offers his initial session for free, as do most other physical trainers on our site.

Not only does he coach via webcam, but offers his personal phone number for support and counsel, to keep you motivated. He will even give instruction via text message on the best way to tone up or gain muscle mass.

With Robbie – or most any other Superprof fitness professional, you could:

  • request short-term workouts prior to going on holiday, so you don't exceed your bathing suit
  • plot intensive sessions to prepare for competition
  • discuss an ongoing mentor relationship to gain muscle mass and improve your overall fitness
  • select an exciting aerobic programme for enduring weight loss

Our Hayley is a Level 3 certified personal trainer. She will work with you, not only in the gym but also if you are taking courses for your personal trainer certification.

She is just as proficient in the gym, designing bespoke regimens for:

  • weight loss and toning (discover why losing weight is best done with a personal trainer)
  • bodybuilding
  • targeted workouts – cardio, strength training, titanium abs and the like
  • exercise programmes for special populations
    • senior fitness, youth fitness, people with reduced mobility, postpartum fitness

Engaging a personal fitness guru means you are getting fit while following the constraints of your budget: the average hourly cost of personal training is only about £20.

Now that you have a proposed training regimen in mind, you can figure its associated cost into your monthly spending.

Ask your personal trainer if she instructs groups
Working out with mates is motivating and cost-effective! Source: Pixabay Credit: Uptown Fitness

Participate in Group Sessions for a Lower Price

In spite of your admirable motivation to get fit, we acknowledge: working out alone can be boring.

Besides, for some, all it takes are a few rain drops or a breath of cold air to demoralise and demotivate.

By contrast, were there several of you to workout out together, even a passing fatigue could be overcome by the joy of fellowship, keeping your motivation motor in high gear.

Even without a coach to guide your efforts.

If that is the case, imagine how well you would stay on track with a group sports leader!

Rather than hog all of the good your workouts bring, why not share the bounty with your friends?

Invite them over to participate in your Superprof-coached sessions for these benefits:

  • build greater camaraderie
  • launch harmless bets – dare each other to work harder, attain goals faster
  • enjoy lower rates per session

Group fitness instruction or individual sessions: any fitness trainer will tell you that they take approximately the same amount of time.

For you and your workout partners, however, there is a significant difference between the two.

Thomas commands:

  • £30 per individual session
  • £50 for two trainees (£25 per person)
  • £70 for a group of three (just over £23 per person)

See? You can dispense with the 'a personal trainer costs too much' argument.

You only need a few of your besties who are like-minded on losing weight and sculpting their body; gaining flexibility or simply lowering stress levels brought on by everyday life.

We are willing to bet that few in your circle would refuse such an opportunity.

Find out why you should work your abs with a fitness master!

It is always more fun to work out with mates than alone! So, if you are willing to split the cost to benefit individually, you will have someone to commiserate with as well as revel in the glories of sport.

If you don't live in London – where many a great sports instructor has opened a personal training business, you can still find the personal trainer you need to meet your fitness objectives.

Meet David, a graduate of Loughborough's University in Sport Science. He teaches strength training for improved sports performance. He is based in Brinklow but gives lessons by webcam at a reduced price.

Work Out at Home with Your Personal Trainer

You don't need any statistics to realise that a personal trainer is a much better listener than any elliptical or rowing machine could ever be.

A strength training fitness specialist should be preferred over kettle bells or free weights, or any self-devised fitness training that, in the end, may do you more harm than good.

Stationary bikes and stair steppers may well be able to indicate how many calories you've burned and your peak heart rate, but they are not yet smart enough to interpret and report on your overall physical condition.

A personal trainer can take one look at your musculature and prescribe an effective training program.

Your exercise physiologist is with you, every step of the way, no matter how small the slice of time you have for your physical improvement. For that, no special gym equipment is needed.

Superprof trainers are masters of using what is handy to enhance your resistance training.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working out at home with your personal fitness expert is that you are safe from the multitude of prying eyes and harsh judgment of others at the gym.

Especially if you are only just starting your trek toward health and fitness.

Superprof coaches are conscientious of your fitness level at all times.

Kenny has a Master's degree in Physical Education and is a Level 3 certified personal trainer whose fitness career spans thirty years.

His credentials permit him to train you no matter if you are at beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional level.

His education credits include a diploma in sports psychology: he would be the coach to best understand the agony of physical development!

If the testimony is to be believed, one hour with a personal trainer is equal to four hours in the gym, working out by yourself.

Go ahead: we challenge you to put that theory to the test!

Ask if your trainer would work with you outdoors
Training outdoors gives a wholesome, holistic feel to your workout Source:Pixabay Credit: YogawithAmin

Embracing the Great Outdoors

Perhaps an in-home workout is not the best solution for you. Your flat may be too small, or too crowded.

Moving your fitness regimen out of doors can be a real motivator, especially if the sun is shining and you have a group of mates to join you.

Would you prefer outdoor training?

No worries! Superprof has just the trainer for you!

Thomas is a champion rower who holds the world record in the 5000m Concept II rowing machine.

His profile indicates he will come to your home, meet you in the gym or fitness center of your choice, and will even go out on the water with you, to demonstrate his endurance and skill.

And then, there is Carmen, who is all about the Martial Arts. Her profile indicates her willingness to travel to your home. Surely she could be persuaded to train with you outside!

Nothing Like a Bespoke Fitness Regimen Coupled with Sound Nutrition

Of course, every Superprof fitness master will dispense nutritional advice to his trainee.

Michal teaches at every level, from beginner to the competition arena. His goal is to help you reach your ultimate stage of fitness.

Every dietitian will tell you: we have to learn how to eat well.

No need for fad diets or any dramatic regimen. Eating the right foods to complement your body type and the work you put in toward becoming fit is all that is required.

That is why a fitness trainer who has the knowledge of proper nutrition is necessary for your weight loss and muscle toning programme.

You have good reason to choose Superprof for your fitness education.

Saving money while cultivating your best self is not a luxury. Not with Superprof personal training sessions, anyway.

Whether you prefer working out at home, in small groups, in a gym or outdoors, a few mouse clicks will lead you to the trainer who will conform to your schedule, budget and, most important: your level of athleticism.

Our expansive profile selection permits you to find your ideal fitness program design. Because our fitness professionals offer their first session for free, you can discuss your objectives with him.

After that, you only need to let him guide you to the sculpted body you've always dreamed of.

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