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The average class size in Candian schools varies from provinces to provinces and territories to territories. Saskatchewan has the least number of students per class at 22.6. Meanwhile, the classes in metropolitan areas like Quebec and Alberta, have at least 28 to 30 students.

Canada, arguably, has one of the best educational systems in the world. In fact, while pop culture trends tend to reach the Great White North a little later than its cooler neighbor, the United States, schools in Canada rank better in maths, sciences, and reading than the students in the States. Canadian teachers are compensated well. For the most part, schools in districts all over the country hire teachers who graduated in the top 30% of the batch.

Nevertheless, having to take care of thirty students, especially young kids, can be challenging for any teacher - even the top of class. In a class that crowded, a teacher has to be a caretaker as well as an educator.

More often than not, lessons are created with the majority of students in mind. Unfortunately,  students do not learn at the same pace and from the same style. There are children that need a teacher’s laser focus. Moreover, some students learn visually, and others absorb knowledge better through practical exercises.

Certainly, Canadian teachers know the value of personalized learning. However, given the class size constraints that they have to operate under, they aren’t able to give what each and every student needs.

Personalized learning can be achieved through private tutoring. Read on to learn more about personalized learning and how a private teacher can help your child reach their full potential.

What is Personalized Learning?

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Most public schools imbibe a teaching style that would be perfectly described as “one size fits all.” As the names suggest, this educational approach emphasizes the importance of customizing lessons based on each student’s preferred learning style. This approach considers a child’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and interests. With that in mind, personalized learning provides each student with a learning plan that is based on the most conducive means he or she absorbs information.

What are the Benefits of Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning might not currently be the norm. However, there are real benefits to this type of educational approach.

Increased Interest in the Subject

Like adults, it is difficult for children to be enthusiastic about a subject if they are struggling to understand the lessons. In fact, it is discouraging to constantly fall behind. More often than not, these kids lag behind not because they are slow but because the lessons aren’t customized to them.

Personalized learning ensures that a child learns in the best and most conducive way possible. Giving children the means to excel would encourage them to cultivate this interest.

Motivation and Confidence

Children learn better if they are motivated and confident about the subject that they have to absorb. Unfortunately, it is difficult to be motivated if the teacher has to cater to the needs of the majority.

Allowing students to learn in an enjoyable way keeps them motivated. As a parent, it is important to consistently motivate your child. A motivated child has the initiative to study and learn more about the subject. This means that they probably would be performing better academically.

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Learning in Record Time

Well-adjusted adults are raised with many interests beyond academics. Extra-curricular activities like sports and handicrafts teach children life lessons that they could use later on in their lives. These lessons are invaluable.

However, if your child is lagging behind in school, extra-curriculars become a non-priority. This means that your kid misses out on learning important lessons just because he finds absorbing information difficult. Personalized learning would allow your child to learn in record time! This would give him or her time to pursue hobbies and other interests.

Better Academic Performance

At the end of the day, parents want their children to do well in school. We are sure you are no different. Having good grades, especially in secondary school, can get you into a good university thus securing a great future.

Personalized learning would allow your child to learn more and test better. If you opt for this educational approach, you wouldn’t have to worry about your child’s future.

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How can Tutoring Help Foster Personalized Learning?

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There are educational establishments that are offering personalized learning. However, if there isn’t one near you, private tutoring is the next best option.

Private Tutors Can Identify Your Child’s Specific Learning Obstacle

Children are naturally inquisitive. They are curious about the world and they are always eager to learn. Unfortunately, learning in a classroom setting can stifle this natural curiosity. After all, it is difficult to be enthusiastic about subjects if you simply can’t understand what the lesson is all about.

A good private tutor is able to determine your child’s preferred method of learning. He or she would be able to adapt and customize the lesson based on how your child learns the best. This would enable your kid to be confident in his or her classes. He or she would be able to participate more and enjoy being school.

Private Tutors Allow Your Child to have a Routine

Children thrive with routines. Routines provide children a means to learn self-discipline and self-control. It allows them to know the value of time management and it provides them an avenue to learn how to maximize it.

A set session with a private tutor means that a child would develop a rhythm that involves learning outside of school. Truth be told, it doesn’t have to be a long session. Even 30 minutes every other day is still almost two hours a week dedicated to learning.

Private Tutors Make Learning Fun

As an adult, you know that learning doesn’t end graduating from university. In fact, you have probably learned more valuable lessons after you are done with school. This, of course, is partly because of your zeal and enthusiasm towards learning new things.

Zeal and enthusiasm are hard to come-by if your child considers education and new knowledge as dreadful. A private tutor is able to make lessons fun and enjoyable.

Private Tutors Offer One-to-One Approach

When you were in school, you probably had a classmate that always lagged behind. The same classmate who always had questions after a lesson - even after everyone has already understood key points. There is truly nothing wrong with asking questions. But as you know, children can be vicious. It would be difficult for your kid to tell his or her teacher that he is having a difficult time in class especially in front of his peers.

A private tutor provides a safe space for your kid to ask questions and grow as a student. Something that he or she wouldn’t be able to enjoy in any classroom.

What are Common Tutoring Exercises?

Great private tutors have a slew of educational exercises in their arsenal. Below are just a few:

Learning Through Pop Culture

One of the best things about private tutoring is the fact that sessions are more enjoyable than being in the classroom. After all, tutors have the ability to incorporate activities that teachers might not be allowed to do especially with the state-imposed curriculum.

For some tutors, learning through pop culture-inspired activities is a good way to make sessions fun. For instance, reading a fun comic instead of assigning another boring literature can encourage your child to practice their reading. Likewise, organizing jeopardy like games can help your child retain more knowledge before an exam.

Keeping a Diary

Writing doesn’t come naturally for every child. In fact, for younger children, even holding a pencil and creating shapes can be challenging. There are private tutors that encourage their students to keep a diary and try to write every day.

Even just a short paragraph every day can greatly improve a student’s writing skills. For younger students, they would be able to practice and perfect the way they write letters and spell words. For older kids, writing every day does wonders for their grammar and comprehension.

The Classic: Sample Tests

Private tutors are able to provide their students with sample tests that would challenge them and help them retain information. Tutors, after all, are trained similarly as teachers. They would have an idea as to what questions would most likely turn up in the exam.

Accomplishing sample tests would not only prepare a student with knowledge but it can also ease their anxiety over the exam itself. A child that is less stressed would be able to perform better.

Personalized learning through a private tutor is an effective way to help your child perform better academically, remain motivated, and develop a love for learning and education. These are life lessons that he or she would be able take into adulthood.

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