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Ottawa is a province of Canada with a lot of history. Back in 1857, this province was chosen to be the capital of Canada by Queen Victoria of Britain. The name Ottawa actually comes from the Algonquin word, adawe which means trade.

Even before, this province has always been an important part of the country - considering that it’s also a business center hence the name Ottawa. Over the years, education has also become quite an important aspect just like every other province in the country.

Pursuing higher education in Ottawa is mostly grounded on the potential of having better jobs and higher earnings, according to Ottawa Insights. An interesting fact about this city is that it has more students per capita than all the other cities in the country.

The city has a lot of universities and colleges to choose from. Most of the students here study STEM courses, most especially the sciences. Physics, being one of the fundamental sciences, is a great course to be learned in any of this city’s universities and colleges.

In this article, we’ll be talking about why you should consider studying physics, the various physics courses offered in Ottawa, and how to get private tutoring in this city.

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Why You Should Study Physics

For many people, studying the different branches of science can somehow be intimidating. These subjects or courses are considered to be quite challenging, given that they explain how different aspects of the world actually works.

But if nobody actually dared to study these courses, then how are we supposed to understand the world that we live in today? No matter how challenging the concepts and theories can get, there’s always something fascinating about how it helps make sense out of the world.

One of the subjects that people usually consider challenging and fascinating at the same time is physics. What makes this branch so compelling is that it puts much emphasis on principles - which everything stems from.

It’s not so much about how to study physics, it’s more about understanding the principles behind the lessons and applying them to future ones because that’s what physics is all about.

In short, it’s the most fundamental science there is.

In this portion, we’ll run down a few reasons why you should study physics and how it’s going to help you in day-to-day living. Here’s a list of them:

It Makes Things Possible

Believe it or not, without physics, you wouldn’t be able to read this article on your phone, laptop, or tablet. You also wouldn’t be able to get from Point A to Point B using cars or other forms of transportation.

Without it, you probably won’t have light bulbs in your own home or school. Physics makes things possible through electricity and other forms of technological advancements.

It Explains A Lot of Things

As was previously mentioned, it’s the most fundamental science there is. It helps explain a lot of things in the world and even beyond that.

If you want to know why the world goes round, physics can answer your question. If you want to know about greenhouse effects and how global warming affects the world, turn to physics for answers. Basically, these questions can all be answered by this subject.

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It Teaches Critical Thinking

At some point, people also hate physics because it has lots of problem-solving - some of these problems even use math. But what people don’t always appreciate is that physics helps the normal person think more critically.

Those who chose to pursue physics have developed critical-thinking skills that are both useful in life and in the academe. So if you want to think critically, better pursue this course.

These are just some of the major reasons why you should study physics. It’s not because it’s an interesting course or subject but because you also get to develop skills that prove to be useful in day-to-day living. What better to learn about the world while becoming even more skilled, right?

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Where to Study and Pursue Physics in Ottawa

Being the capital of Canada, it’s expected that this area is filled with people and jobs. For those who want to land jobs in the capital, it’s been implied that they must pursue higher education in order to land better-paying jobs.

As mentioned, most of the residents in Ottawa opt to study STEM courses because of the opportunities available to the graduates of said courses. Much importance is given to STEM, especially sciences which resulted in it being a top option for higher education.

One of the courses being frequently chosen is Physics.

In this area, there are several institutions that offer physics courses to students. Whether its sole focus is physics alone or another intersecting science, pursuing this course in the area guarantees quality learning.

Here’s a list of universities and colleges that offer physics undergraduate programs in the capital of Canada:

Algonquin College

Named after the First Nations people who lived in the area, this publicly-funded college was established in 1967. The college is usually dedicated to media, information technology, and trades.

Currently, the college offers an Ontario College Diploma in Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety which is the only program of its kind available in Canada. This two-year program will help you learn how to monitor radiation levels and apply preventive measures for public safety.

The total estimated costs for this course would be about CAD 28,000.

Carleton University

Known for its low student-teacher ratio, Carleton University attracts students from all over the globe. This institution is particularly focused on research and quality teaching in order to achieve high standards for learning.

Currently, the institution offers 65 undergraduate programs in more than 50 academic disciplines.

Given that, it offers seven undergraduate programs for those who want to pursue physics. These are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Science - Physics (Hons.) -(Theory Stream)
  • Honors Bachelor of Science - Physics (Astrophysics)
  • Bachelor of Science - Mathematics and Physics (Double Honors)
  • Bachelor of Science - Physics (Hons.) - Experimental Stream
  • Bachelor of Science - Biology and Physics (Combined Honors)
  • Bachelor of Science - Applied Physics (Hons.)
  • Bachelor of Science - Physics (Major)

Each of these programs is estimated to cost around CAD 110,000.

University of Ottawa

Considered to be the largest bilingual university in the world (English-French), this university is also considered to be one of the best in the country and in the world. A lot of students head to Ottawa to study at the university because of its quality education and facilities.

The institution has over 450 programs across various disciplines including arts, education, engineering, and sciences. Consequently, it’s also home to the largest law school in Canada.

This institution offers six difference undergraduate programs for physics. These are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics Honors/Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors) - with Option in Biological Physics
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors) - with Option in Photonics
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors) - Mathematics

Each of these programs is estimated to cost around CAD 217,000.

Regardless of what university or college you’re going to choose, it’s guaranteed that you get to study physics in a great institution in this city. Being a STEM-dominated area, learning physics in Ottawa opens opportunities and presents a vast majority for job options.

Private Physics Tutoring in Ottawa

Most of the physics courses being offered in Ottawa are labeled as honor programs. While that doesn’t necessarily make it seem like it’s a hard program to get into, there’s no denying that things might get rough along the way.

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Lucky for you, there are tons of qualified physics tutors in the area. It all boils down to how you’re going to find them and who’s going to be a good match for you. After all, you’re going to be looking for that much-needed physics homework help.

Superprof offers a comprehensive list of qualified physics tutors around the Toronto area. Whether you’re opting for flexible sessions or intensified physics remedial classes, these tutors might just be able to give what you need.

Another advantage of using Superprof is that you can see a list of reviews by previous students and their rates - which gives you a good opportunity to see who best fits your style in learning and budget.


There’s so much to expect from this capital city. Not only is it a busy business center but it’s also filled with great institutions that attract students from all over the globe. When it comes to education, there’s no doubt that STEM courses dominate this area which makes it a great place to study physics.

While it’s a given that those who pursue a degree in physics are willing to go through hours and hours of solving and theories, it’s also helpful to note that there are tons of physics tutors available in the area. Just find the right one according to your pacing and budget and you’re good to go.

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