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When someone thinks of learning an instrument, the piano is probably the most common instrument that comes to mind. There’s no denying that it’s indeed an attractive and compelling instrument that effortlessly pulls people to learn and study it. 

For one, the piano is capable of producing great music in a variety of styles that include classical, jazz, pop, or electronic. You’ll often hear it being used in the background of mainstream songs or classic music. 

Its versatility is one of the main reasons why it’s such a popular choice among those who want to pursue a career in music. And for that reason, there are tons of piano lessons all over the country, especially in this city. 

And now, you’re probably convinced to start learning it. But the question is, where in Canada - specifically in Surrey? 

In this article, you’ll find a number of piano lessons in Surrey. And if you don’t want to learn from these piano lessons, you can also opt to look for your own private tutor at Superprof. 

School of Music and Dance

At the School of Music and Dance, you’re not just going to learn about your chosen dance style or instrument, but you’re also going to learn a wide variety of techniques and fundamentals. 

Like what its name suggests, they offer both dance and music lessons. What makes this Surrey school popular is that customers can easily call them to answer their questions and inquiries. 

Their music teachers took up training for the instruments that they. 

For music lessons, you can either take up private and group music lessons. In the initial stages of learning, students are encouraged to take up group lessons where class motivation helps in their learning.

Once a student advances to higher levels, they’re referred to private lessons so that they can learn more easily the techniques with a more focused attention. Individual lessons are also great for catering to a student’s specific learning style. 

They have beginner group piano lessons for ages 5 to 7 and for ages 8 to 12. 

If you’re looking for a similar school in Montréal, the Montréal Guitar Academy is also a good school you might want to recommend to people you know. 

Heritage Music School 

The Heritage Music School believes that any person of any age can enjoy learning music. No matter what your age is, you can learn musical knowledge and learn new skills to play an instrument. In fact, playing an instrument is one of the most rewarding activities in life. 

There are tons of reasons why you should choose this school. First, their teachers have degrees from universities which make them qualified teachers. Second, their school is located at a convenient and safe location, and third, they accept registrations all year-round!

You can also opt to take the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations. If you have siblings, you can also learn the instrument together. And at each year-end, they hold recitals at the Blue Frog Studios. 

Their piano lessons are available for all skill-levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Since their aim is to help all students, no matter what age, develop well-rounded musicianship, they make sure that their students develop a solid foundation on physical development. 

This includes learning and mastering the scales and chords. Lessons at this music school also encourage critical listening skills so students can assess their own music. 

There’s another great school in Edmonton you should also check out. The Resonate Music School and Studio is pretty similar to this one. 

Inspire Arts Academy

If you’re looking for a star-studded faculty, this might be the school for you. The teachers at Inspire Arts Academy are highly-trained and experienced professionals who are willing to help students expand their knowledge and fine tune their musical aspirations. 

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They recently put up their brand new facility at different parts of the city to better accommodate students. 

Their ultimate goal is to help students find their reasons for learning music and nurture it so that they can bring out their talents from within and pour it onto the centre stage. 

Lessons and workshops are open to kids of all ages. But don’t worry, adults can also join different classes. There’s a wide variety of music lessons being offered here and one of them is piano lessons. 

To give a summary, their piano program is taught by university-trained faculty who have masters and doctorate degrees in music. The program also offers students the opportunity to take up beginner to upper level examinations for the RCM. 

You can also enrol in their program to prepare for upcoming music festivals and auditions. 

A school in Toronto also has a similar teaching style. Check out the Bravo Academy if you want to put your piano skills to test. 

Music For Life School of Music

At this music school, all ages and skill levels can get in-home music lessons. Music For Life seeks to create a supportive atmosphere where students can reach their musical goals easily. 

Teachers at this school are, as usual, university trained and are highly qualified to give quality music lessons to students. Rest assured that if you take up music lessons here, you’ll get great education and even enjoy learning during the entire process. 

They have various locations in British Columbia - White Rock, Surrey, Langley, and Vancouver. 

Their piano lessons accommodate all styles and ages. You can learn classical, jazz, contemporary, or for accompaniment purposes only. Depending on your needs and schedule, the school will look for the best teacher for you. 

The resources and methods used come from a wide variety of sources and are utilized in order to keep piano lessons fresh and interesting. We all know that, sometimes, things can get a little boring, right? 

Although, they’re a bit strict on requirements. You must have a keyboard with 61 keys or a recently tuned piano to learn better. If you plan on purchasing a keyboard, they recommend buying touch sensitive and weighted keys. 

You can also get in-home lessons from the Resound School of Music in Vancouver. Check them out!

Semiahmoo Academy of Music

The Semiahmoo Academy of Music aims to provide high-quality musical education to their students. 

The school closely aligns their curriculum to that of the RCM to better prepare students for the series of exams - should they opt to take them. Most of their students actually opt to study classicas to help them progress through these examinations. 

However, students are also given the option to pursue non-classical music styles such as jazz, boogie, ragtime, and pop. If they feel like it, they can even mix classical and non-classical styles. 

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Recitals are held each year for the benefit of the students. They’re encouraged to practice and improve their skills for them to showcase their talents to a huge crowd. Sometimes, they’re also given opportunities to perform in small studios or public places. 

A few of the students also participate in various competitions all over the globe. 

They have two types of piano lessons - private lessons and piano for beginners. The length of their private lessons depend on the age and skill level of the students. As specialists, the teacher will assess the student’s abilities and decide on that. 

Mock piano exams are also given to motivate the students to prepare and build up their confidence for the RCM examinations. 

On the other hand, they also have semi-private piano lessons for beginners. To further know the details of these classes, visit their website

If you’re in Ottawa and you want to learn piano in different styles, you can check out the Lauzon Music Centre.

Find a Private Piano Tutor in Surrey

Although there are tons of piano lessons available in Surrey, you still have another option if you haven’t chosen one yet. Don’t just get satisfied with the results you get from “piano lessons near me” on Google. 

You can opt to look for an independent, private piano tutor in Superprof. Piano tutors at this website put up their brief introduction, rates, and reviews made by their former students. You can easily check out who they are and contact them, should you wish to hire them. 

Moreover, this setup seems to be more flexible compared to classes given by music schools. Contact a tutor and start your journey today!


There are tons of piano lessons in Canada, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, you name it. A lot of Canadians are surely interested in learning music and it shows through the number of lessons available all over the country. 

In Surrey alone, you can choose from a long list of piano lessons and even find yourself a private tutor, if that’s what you prefer. Whatever your reason is, don’t hesitate to start learning today!

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