Pilates is a popular exercise, known throughout the world. Each year it continues to rise in popularity as people gain awareness of how important it is to take care of their health. Young and old are frequenting Pilate’s studios worldwide to get better health, better posture, proper body awareness and access whole body conditioning that can be hard to achieve with other forms of exercise.

Let’s take a look at why Pilates is so successful and why we should all consider adding Pilate’s workouts to our lives.

Explaining Pilates

Pilates can be classed as a kind of resistance training, but it goes further than that as it also incorporates the mind and body. Pilates is practised by doing postures slowly which run in a series of movements and result in a full body workout. Pilates aims to get you balanced and coordinated, by using the postures and guiding principles to strengthen your connection with yourself. Resulting in excellent health, a sharp mind, a better posture and an all over balanced body.

Pilates aims to get you balanced and coordinated
Joseph Pilates invented the Pilates method to bring strength and awareness to the body and mind. Photo Source: Unsplash

The History Of Pilates

Before Pilates was known as pilates, it was called ‘Controlology’. Joseph Pilates invented the Pilates method to bring strength and awareness to the body and mind. Pilates was his life's work which he created in a war camp in the UK, during the First World War. Joseph Pilates was dedicated to the idea that we can use the link between our mind and body to get better health. When the first Pilates studio opened in New York City in 1923, Pilates became popular with ballet schools and dance schools. The Pilates method rose to fame however when one of Joseph Pilates students opened a school in Los Angeles, and Hollywood stars became interested in the workout.

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The Principles Of Pilates

The principles of Pilates are the foundations of the Pilates method. It is the very core of Pilates and key for all practitioners to gain the significant number of benefits available. With regular practice and a focus on integrating these principles into each and every class. All of us will be able to unlock the spectacular benefits that Pilates has to offer. Each of these principles is a building block toward good health, better posture, inner awareness, proper breathing, stronger abdominal muscles (core), and a fundamental connection between body and mind.

Alignment And Precision

Precise placement of your body when practising Pilates is crucial. The slow guiding movements have been created this way to allow you time to move your body to create the right posture. Alignment is essential because when you are not aligned, you will be unable to receive the benefits that Pilates has to offer. This adds to your concentration and focus, not just in the Pilates workout but in your life as well.


Your breath is a key to accessing the benefits of Pilates. Correct breathing allows so many benefits in fact that it is a central part of all Pilate’s classes. Deep inhalations and exhalations increase the oxygen in the blood and carry that oxygen to your muscles and limbs. This gives you so much more energy to complete your Pilates workout. Not only that but having extra oxygen in your body also clears stress, toxins and other unwanted residues from the body.


Having a strong focus is not just crucial for Pilates but also a great benefit which can help you in life. Being present and aware of what is going on is so important when you are interested in increasing your awareness of your body. Your mental strength will also naturally increase as you dedicate yourself to your Pilates practice. Being able to focus on each and every posture, while being present is at the heart of this principle.


Pilates is known for encouraging a focus on the core of your body. Often called the powerhouse, this area of the body is located between the stomach, the pelvis and the pubic bone. When focused on your practice you will be gaining power from your core which will prompt and drive the rest of your workout. This principle guarantees flat abs, a strong stomach and better ease of motion.


Having control over your body is also a fundamental principle in Pilates. When you move not only do you need to focus on what it is that you are doing. But you must also take care to be responsible for your body and its movements. When creating the posture, you should have enough control to be precise and have a strong mental focus to be able to place your body in the right places. Having correct form give you to access huge benefits that will follow you out of the Pilates class and into your life.

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Adding a gentle flowing into your Pilates moves are stress relieving and relaxing. It is very important to go with the flow while practising Pilates and leave negative aspects such as stress outside of the gym. This gentle and calming movement is enjoyable and fills your awareness about your body as it moves through the various postures. This principle is the rhythm of your Pilates practice.

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Pilates Can Benefit Your Life
We should all consider adding Pilate’s workouts to our lives.. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Health Benefits Of Pilates

There is no denying that Pilates is right for your health, so good in fact that it packed with benefits. The benefits of Pilates highlight just how vital Pilates can be for your health, your mental wellbeing and for the body. Pilates isn’t just about getting a better-looking body, although this is an effect of your practice. But Pilates takes it one step further crossing the barrier of the physical to strengthen your mind and your connection with your spiritual body. While Pilates training can be challenging it is so beneficial for all parts of your life.

  1. Maintaining a proper posture is a core focus in Pilates, and you will notice that your posture noticeably improves over time.
  2. When practised correctly Pilates can balance your energy levels, introducing endurance and strength.
  3. Losing weight is a huge benefit and natural bonus to anyone practising Over time you will even notice that you have lean, toned muscles that make you appear taller and slimmer.
  4. Improving Flexibility is also a natural process of Pilates; the exercises encourage your muscles and your joints to release any stress and stretch to their maximum potential.
  5. Having a strong core which is called the powerhouse in Pilates. Having a strong core is a crucial goal as the core of your body is the power station that supports the rest of your The benefits of a strong core area, smaller waistline, flat abs and a toned torso.
  6. Pilates really is for everyone, no matter stage you in life you are, Pilates can bring great benefit with a dedication to practice. Pregnant, injured, inflexible, senior citizen – This is the exercise that breaks down barriers between people.
  7. Everyone suffers from stress these days, and it is important to practice anything that can help you overcome that. Pilate’s workouts reduce stress naturally, with a gentle, mindful, approach.
  8. The importance of the connection between body and mind are central to the Pilates Pilates works to create a strong and healthy mind-body connection.

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Pilates is a very popular exercise, know throughout the world
.Young and old are frequenting Pilate’s studios worldwide to get better health, better posture and proper body awareness.Photo Source: Unsplash

The Pilates Workouts For Beginners

Pilates is a great workout, and one of the best things about it is that it is accessible, flexible and popular. You can buy Pilates DVDs, go to Pilates classes, have private training with a Pilates instructor or watch Pilate’s videos online. How you choose to practice is much less important than the fact that you dedicate yourself to practising. Let’s look at the 3 great Pilates videos that you can follow at home for free.

Popular Pilates Videos On YouTube

Most Popular Pilates Video for Beginners

POP Pilates for Beginners | 17 mins long

Cassey Ho has created an epic Pilates workout video, specially recorded for beginners. This workout video introduces Pilates and breaks everything down step by step. The principles of Pilates are introduced, and Cassey is patient in explaining and coordinating them with her movements. All muscle groups get a strong workout in this full body workout video, and you also get the opportunity to learn body awareness and how to connect your mind and body. This video is one of the most watched Pilates videos on YouTube with over 10 Million views.

Watch the video - Here

Best Stress Relieving Pilates Workout Video

Yoga Pilates Blend for Flexibility & Stress Relief | 35 Mins long

Kelly is the Pilates teacher in this video, and she starts the class focused on the discipline of relaxation. The class begins by bringing your attention to any stress or strains that you may be experiencing in your life. She guides us to let go of the stress with our minds and then our bodies by leading the breath and bringing awareness of how stress is creating disconnection in the body. This workout video is perfect additional to your exercise program, and Kelly is careful to guide you to have body control by not overextending yourself. This session also blends some yoga elements so you can benefit from Pilates and yoga in this video, which is a fun, de-stressing and enjoyable way to practice Pilates at home.

Watch the video - Here

Best Pilates Video For Weightloss And Slimming Down

Body Slimming Workout | 17 Mins Long

Cassey Ho leads us through a full body workout in this Pilates class. Aimed at helping us to lose weight, every movement that she has chosen in this workout video is dedicated to weight loss and improving your weight loss results. Cassey drops the bomb when she tells you that you better take part if you want to get results. This Pilates video is clear, easy to follow and focuses on working out your full body.  Cassey shares tips on how to incorporate the exercises into your routine so that you can experience the results that you are looking for. She combines Pilate’s moves that not only aim to strengthen, sculpt and tone your body but Cassey also bring emphasis to increase your body awareness. You don’t need any Pilate’s equipment to get started, so grab your Pilates mat.

Watch the video - Here

All you need to get started with Pilates is a good yoga mat, some comfortable clothing and a Pilate’s instructor. So what are you waiting for?

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