There are many reasons why someone would decide to learn another language, aside from the reason that it is to visit Portugal's coastal regions and gloriously sunny beaches in Marvel, it is also another reason that it will bring a lot of business opportunities since it's a European country. 

So if you desire to find work in Brazil or Portugal areas then, it's no question you can find various Portuguese courses in Montréal  that are advantageous in covering your business in many industries. 

There are about 250 million Portuguese speakers in the world, especially in Canada. Throughout the years, there are Portuguese people who decided to migrate to Canada for similar purposes to others, reasons such as underemployment in their homeland, and economic opportunities. 

Unlock Your Potentials In Montréal 

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During the 1950s, some Portuguese people have departed in Canada and have been hired to work in isolated and rural locations, but established themselves soon enough in larger cities in Canada such as Montréal  and Toronto

Nowadays, over 480,000 people in Canada based on the recent census, are all originating in Portuguese-speaking countries, and 30,000 or more of them reside in Montréal City.

To show tribute to what they have contributed to Montréal , Canada acknowledges the whole month of June as the Month of Portugal's History and Heritage.

So if you want to take pleasure in various professional, social, and cultural opportunities accessible to those who have Portuguese fluency in Montréal , now is the time to take Portuguese courses in the city.

Montréal and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver offer language school with an effective and enjoyable Portuguese learning approach. Providing learners enthusiastic and talented teachers originating from the speaking world of Portuguese will help you to have a direct connection to the beauty of the Portuguese cultures.

Companies in Canadian cities such as Edmonton and  Montréal Quebec who do business with Portuguese speaking countries are increasing. Regardless if it is for communication, interacting with establishments, or to send an employee overseas, the demand to master and learn Portuguese is becoming gradually essential.

Provide the right tools to your employees to enhance their conversational skills. Let them do well in their language skills without being hampered by language barriers so that they can work efficiently.

Even if it is for personal goals, or to share the culture and trade of your business associates, or planning a business trip, taking Portuguese courses in Montréal  and some Canadian cities such as Calgary is an investment for yourself.

Why Study Portuguese In Montréal 

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For Culture

Aside from work-related purposes, you are able to learn more about Portuguese and Brazilian culture by taking part in some festivals and events around Montréal  City.

For instance, St Urbain Street in Canada has a Portuguese Association which preserves and promotes Portuguese culture through several different activities throughout the year.

For example, they host a social gathering every Friday to allow guests to savor tasty Portuguese food while having a fun time.

Also, Montréal has Little Portugal, a community located in the western part of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal City with Portuguese trading along Saint Laurent Boulevard in the middle of Maria-Anne and Pine Street.

In Montréal and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa, you can find all the portions needed for your preparation to cozido a Portuguesa, and if you are into celebrations and parties, don't disregard the International Portugal Festival of Montréal .

It is a yearly casual event that will let people become interested in Portuguese cuisine, culture, and language showing various traditional meals. 

For Travel And For Work 

Learning Portuguese will make your CV attractive to employers, and it will help you to get a promotion or land a new job. Especially if you desire to work in some companies that require bilingual speakers for the position since they are expanding markets abroad. 

Few of these businesses are LaSalle International, Air Canada, Reseau LC, and IQor. And if you're planning to start your own business, you must get a hold of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce. It was established in 1973, it is a business organization with the main goal of promoting stronger commercial ties between Canada and Brazil.

Even if their central office is located in Toronto, they organize events and talks in Montréal , to provide opportunities to members to be able to network. Impress business owners and entrepreneurs through your language skills by learning Portuguese. 

For Social

You can take part in Brazilians InterNations Space in Montréal if you are thinking about how to practice your Portuguese skills in social gatherings. 

Members of the event usually set up some exciting activities and events to meet acquaintances and to practice their skills in Portuguese.

Another event you are able to take part in is Brazilian-Portuguese Meetup in Montréal . It is a chance for someone who has passion and love for the Portuguese language to exchange ideas and practice their skills. But it is more practical to take lessons in Montréal  since the city has a relaxed and friendly environment.

Learning Portuguese In and Around Montreal

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Whatever your reason for learning, Montréal's language trainers are always available to help. 

The city consists of Professional instructors who can teach each learner in your most convenient schedule, it might be in your office, or home, even in public places all over Montréal  city. Such as Cafe Aunja on Sherbrooke Street, Cafe Myriade on Mackay Street, and Banq Grande Bibliothèque on Boulevard de Maisonneuve East. 

If you are not exactly living in Montréal City, but you live close by, you can still take their personalized lesson on the Portuguese language. There are many excellent instructors nearby, in places like Bizard Island and Boucherville, Pointe-Claire, and Longueuil. 

For you to avail of all those Montréal 's Portuguese courses, you need to take their Portuguese level test so that the instructor can familiarize your current skill level and can begin to customize a perfect course for you.

Portuguese Language Level Test

Portuguese language level test is designed to make an assessment of your current language level. You just need to choose your best answers to every question, don't make a guess since it might result in negative outcomes.

If you are not sure about your answers you must pick " I Don't know ". You have the choice to take at least 10 to 70 questions, it depends upon you. The results are based on how many questions you answer.

To get some idea of your current language level you must take this test, and the test result will assess your current capability according to some references. 

Keep in mind that the language test level does not assess all of your language abilities such as listening and speaking. But, at the beginning of your language course in Montreal, your teacher will evaluate all your skills in the language and lessons will only focus on enhancing those lacking language areas, those areas that probably need to be developed for you gain fluency.

Determining The Progress Of A Language Learner

You language progress will depend on some factors such as : 

Learners Mother Tongue 

If your target language and mother tongue are somewhat related, for instance, you already know some romance languages such as Italian, Spanish, or French, it is much easier for you to be fluent in Portuguese since you can already recognize grammar rules and vocabulary.

Understanding Other Language

If you can understand two or more languages, it is easier for you to acquire more new languages quickly.

Language Learning Challenges 

If you want to learn a language that has a great difference from some other language you already know, then you must prepare yourself to spend a long period of time learning the language basics. 

For instance, if you decided to learn Portuguese but your previous language experience is entirely unrelated, you need to spend more time and effort to become an expert of the language characteristics, features, and grammars 

Self Studying

If you spend some more time doing homework and practicing your Portuguese language skills the faster will be the progress. You can spend time and yet have fun while learning Portuguese by checking sites, reading newspapers online, listening to radio, watching movie films, and television which uses the Portuguese language in speaking.

Also, you can spend time while making conversations with Portuguese speakers, other than having chat time, it will also help you develop your skills listening to Portuguese.


When you are highly motivated in your language learning, if you have strong determination, positive results will follow.

Your Age

Age is an essential factor in learning another language. Some people say the younger the learner the better the outcomes, but it will always depend upon the strong determination and focus of the language learners 


Humans cannot learn a new language as fast as they want, you can’t learn Portuguese completely by just hearing it being spoken by other native speakers, or just by reading Portuguese textbooks. That is why Montréal City is working with professional and excellent Portuguese native speakers to provide quality services that every learner deserves while acquiring flawless accents and pronunciation. 

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