All of us have acquaintances or friends who live abroad but prefer to settle in our community for good without asking any help from us. 

And sometimes we never got the chance to have a conversation with them, and we never notice how amazing it is to speak another language aside from their first language. You can’t settle completely to a country, or a state if you do not know the language of that country.

However, the Portuguese language is an excellent language to learn. Since it is a Romance language, it has a unique feature in common with any other language which is included in the Romance family.

Those people having a mother tongue of these following languages like Spanish, Italian, or French will find Portuguese as easy to learn. Learners who don't know a second language might consider Portuguese as a warm-up and soon acquire more languages hereafter.

Change Your Perspective 

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Multilingualism has become a standard in the modern days. As estimated, half of the global population are bilinguals and are still growing as time goes by.

So are you willing to fit in this changing world? Or have you imagined yourself being stuck on a monolingual island? Why not consider learning another language?

If you are curious about what is beyond this world rather than just doing your daily routine, Why not try to learn Portuguese? why not learn another language and consider it as your second language? Then, you can make your life improve by many opportunities for learning Portuguese, such as in your career, travel, living, love, adventure, and friendship. The more languages you can speak, the wider your world will be.

There is no reason for you to be hesitant and discouraged, settling to be a bilingual your whole life is just a myth. You can speak and learn another language in Ottawa and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver regardless of your educational background or age. 

Learning another language will allow you to communicate, and that is the main purpose of learning a language. Speaking another language is not about perfection, it's all about connection. 

Learning The Basics Of Portuguese

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Since Portuguese is one of the most commonly used languages worldwide, obtaining knowledge of the Portuguese language can give you various benefits. Portuguese is being used and spoken over many continents, it gives access to learners of the language to several cultures.

If you are studying Portuguese for your business goals you must learn a language that can be understood from Europe along with South America. 

The best way to start with your Portuguese language learning is to undertake the basics of the Portuguese language. You can learn it on your own maybe, but it is highly recommended that you learn the basics of Portuguese through an online language program in Ottawa.

There are no better methods of learning rather than using your language skills which you can learn from Ottawa and some Canadian cities such as Calgary and use it in actual situations, as well as have a conversation with native speakers of the Portuguese language.

Throughout your Portuguese language learning process, you might find a chance wherein you can use your conversational skill of the language along with your tutor in Ottawa or some Canadian cities such as Edmonton.

You might also suggest having an in-person session with your language tutor, whether you want to have a conversation using the Portuguese in a cafe, or your most suitable location together with your tutor, you decide. 

Ottawa, Canada as well as the language tutors and teachers of the city will help you to improve your Portuguese knowledge without hesitation with positive results.

Portuguese And It's Different Dialects 

Portuguese is Brazil, Mozambique, and Portugal's official language. It is also the second language of Africa and East Timor. Portuguese is also spoken in diverse places such as India and North America 

Truth to be told, Portuguese is widely spoken worldwide but there seem to be great differences among its dialects, and in some cases, speakers of each dialect might find the other areas spoken Portuguese hard, and difficult to understand.

So, when taking Portuguese courses in Ottawa and some Canadian cities such as Montreal, learners must consider those particular dissimilarities among Portuguese dialects spoken in Europe and Brazil.

Succeed In Having Good Portuguese Pronunciation

There are no good or bad learning methods when you decide to learn Portuguese all by yourself. It will require your ability and self-confidence to be guided by your instinct. The thing that you should always be mindful of is to be motivated to speak and learn Portuguese in Ottawa and some Canadian cities such as Toronto

If you want to be able to read subtle and sublime poetry in its native speech such as the work of Pessoa. For you to converse energy, you should focus completely on your Portuguese language lessons, then slowly you will see for yourself that you are already loving the language, which is full of varied and warm culture in the present time. 

One feature of the Portuguese language is that it is being spoken with nasal and melodic tones at one time. To succeed in learning the language you must try to have a mastery of its word stress so that you can effectively pronounce it. You need to be immersed in the language itself to assimilate several subtitles linked to its pronunciation. 

Benefits Of Learning Portuguese In Ottawa

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Knowing simple Portuguese in your conversational skills will allow you to be in a world of multiple levels in some areas like : 

Brain Training

If you decided at the very beginning that you will only learn the Portuguese language as a hobby, you should know that learning many languages will keep your brain nimble and healthy as you grow older.

Well, it is because acquiring another language will build another network of connection and access in your nerve cells. The better the problem-solving skills and memory, the higher neural interconnectivity.

For Travel 

Portugal is a varied and vibrant country and Brazil offers Copacabana beach and much more than you could ever have imagined. But, it is only for those who can speak Portuguese. Some monolinguals get easily stuck in tourist prepackaged situations, if you know how to speak the Portuguese language it will give you more freedom when on travel.

If you have some knowledge of Portuguese you can get to know more about Brazilians and get to tour the country according to your terms.

For Business

Being bilingual is not just advantageous for your CV, but it can also change your career for the best. Knowing the Portuguese language will benefit you a lot more if you are doing your business in Portugal or Brazil and even in some parts of Africa.

Since South America and Brazil are growing rapidly when it comes to the market, it is a lot harder to break your business if you can understand the Portuguese language and be able to communicate with your Brazillian business partners.

Living Abroad 

The idea to stay longer or live in another country like Portugal or Brazil is quite tempting. Since some countries offer many opportunities for students who are looking for scholarships or semester abroad. For professionals searching for new career adventures and those retirees who want to experience warm climates with lower costs.

Portuguese Classes In Ottawa

Ottawa has progressed rapidly in terms of the international community and career sector. It is essential to be able to speak another language to achieve a better understanding of the Portuguese culture, to prepare for travel in a foreign country especially in Brazil, to stay competitive in the workplace, and to acquire your second, third, and fourth language.

The popularity of Brazil worldwide makes the Portuguese language to be studied by an increasing number of speakers. 

Ottawa provides classes in the Portuguese language with the following : 


Classroom classes with a Portuguese language teacher and students are the most common learning approach. Some students have learned Portuguese during their high school days through classroom settings. A lot of people that are motivated to obtain fluency find a good balance in a classroom with their chance to speak and listen and language instruction with their teachers.

Private Tutor

Learning with a Private tutor doesn't come cheap and you'll need to be prepared to pay a high hourly rate for an experienced tutor for a completely tailored experience in learning, its advantage is that you can have more opportunities to practice speaking. Compared to a classroom where the teacher has to split attention among dozens of students.

Online Portuguese Courses

Portuguese language courses online with an online language tutor will give you immense progress in Portuguese. It is a viable alternative of instruction and is becoming the latest trend of learning nowadays especially in Ottawa.

Online Portuguese classes are always improving, updating, and fulfilling.


These are just a few of the things you can discover while learning Portuguese since it is a very amusing and interesting language. You should listen and read a lot of the Portuguese so that little by little with tutors' help, your goals of the language will soon be accomplished. Make reading a habit. 

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