Toronto City, Canada is rooted in a region where Portuguese-speaking people’s presence is undeniably countless out of all the Canadian cities. 

In addition, there are a great percentage of students in Toronto, who already reach their Portuguese fluency regardless if they are beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Portuguese language programs of Toronto and some of Toronto's Universities carry the language presence and the community speaker's energy.

Toronto and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa help and welcome everyone who is interested to learn the Portuguese language as well as their culture and help them achieve their language goals.

Especially, by assisting teachers and learners in their learning experience. Also by Promoting Portuguese cultural and language activities for wider society.

Portuguese In Toronto

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Toronto City and some Canadian cities such as Calgary offer Portuguese courses for beginner, Advanced and even to adults. Learners are able to take part in some cultural activities established to support learning and cultural engagement. All of their courses are assessed according to the learners' language level (Beginner-Advanced). 

Toronto is highly diversified with its wide range of Portuguese classes to cultural and academic events, such as film screening, professional meetings, seminars and lectures, and extracurricular courses. It is due to the culture and language promotions of those countries where the Portuguese language is spoken.

Toronto and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver also use audiovisual, multimedia, and a library of printed materials.

The city of Toronto and some Canadian cities such as Montreal promotes workshops on learning and teaching topics, and professional development sessions on areas to all of their instructors in all educational institutions where Portuguese culture and language are being taught.

What To Learn 

  • Speak Portuguese with self-confident
  • Forming a correct present tense sentence - with the correct word and verb order
  • Able to use modal and separate verbs, auxiliary, irregular, and regular verbs, without making any mistakes. 
  • Able to use Portuguese grammar with fluency and ease
  • Can pronounce Portuguese words correctly
  • Can proofread, revise, and write short texts in Portuguese
  • Able to arrange meetings and make appointments 
  • Discuss the weather and talk about daily routines
  • Can successfully communicate in daily situations
  • Be able to express yourself accurately
  • Can interact in daily situations such as taking cabs, travel arrangements, asking questions, introducing yourself, expressing thoughts, asking for help, eating out, and ordering food.
  • Able to greet and introduce yourself and others in Portuguese
  • Be able to understand, communicate, and read in Portuguese


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Toronto provides a broad range of Portuguese courses from beginners to advanced levels in individual or group settings. Also for those students who are getting ready to take international examinations.

Students can choose their own Portuguese classes to attend. Courses that are available are through in class groups or private tutoring depending on the location and the needs of the learners.

The lesson plan, strategies, and curriculum are modified correspondingly to a huge number of professional interests and areas. Comprehensive formats and courses will let students choose from a specialized, conversation, general or professional courses to offers such as the following : 

Basic - Beginner 

These are basic learners, the ones who never had any experience or those who only spent lower than 10 hours learning the Portuguese language. Learners at this level will start with an absolute beginner course.


Most probably, they are the ones who know how to make an introduction to themselves, talk about their family, discuss days per week, ask for time, good enough comprehension, even if they can't respond in Portuguese fluently.


Learners that are fluent in speaking Portuguese, and can confidently make a light conversation with Portuguese native speakers. Those who already know some technical phrases and words.  


In this manner, you already acquire basic skills in grammar and vocabulary which enable you to hold Portuguese conversation.

If you think you are close to this, and you want to improve your conversation skills since you are planning a trip to a Portuguese speaking country, this is perfect for you.


If you are an entrepreneur and you want to be an expert in Portuguese this course level is what you are seeking. You can learn every information regarding business Portuguese such as those words that are related to industries and popular trades like the food trade business, the engineering sector, and the financial sector.

It is suitable for businessmen who use Portuguese in their business contract, it will not only let them speak regarding work using some business terms in Portuguese but also help you to compose correct and courteous emails.

Portuguese Language Courses And Syllabus 

For Beginners 

  • A1 ( Module 1) 
  • 36 hours Every Friday, Saturday, and Monday 

For Elementary 

  • A2 ( Module 1) 
  • 36 hours Every Thursday and Tuesday


  • B1 ( Module 2 )
  • 36 hours Every Wednesday 

Post Intermediate 

  • B2 ( Module 2)
  • 36 hours Every Saturday


  • C1 (Module 1)
  • 36 hours Every Friday

Brazilian Portuguese Language Courses

  • Brazilian Portuguese Language For Beginners 
  • 60 hours Every Monday and Wednesday

Online Portuguese Lessons

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Toronto and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton, have definite programs you can take completely in an online platform.

Learning online enables you to have convenience and flexibility. You are able to take part in online classes anytime you want.

This course can let you study while working. Learning online means you don't need to commute to go to class every day without worrying about a rainstorm.

Online language learning demands time management, discipline, and self-motivation skills. These are all the skills needed when applying for work.

Learning On Your Terms

Online Portuguese courses are perfect for those who aren't able to learn on campus. For those who need a flexible schedule to balance their complex and busy lives, online learning is for them.

Toronto has several Portuguese online learning courses and programs that meet every individual's needs for development.

Online Courses And Programs 

Learn anywhere and anytime. Learn how to develop your career according to your terms. Online programs in Toronto were designed with flexibility. The city has programs that are completely online and it includes graduate degrees and certificates, diplomas, and completion certificates.

Online Course Option 

Some of these Portuguese online courses require learners to purchase a textbook. 

Portuguese I

Toronto's Portuguese I online course will assist each learner to enhance basic listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in Portuguese.

They can also learn about the social and cultural conventions of Portuguese speaking countries. And learners are required to purchase textbooks.

Portuguese II 

Portuguese II online course in Toronto will help every learner to have a broad knowledge and basic understanding of the Portuguese language and its major components 

Focuses on increasing your Portuguese accuracy and fluency while enhancing your listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills, but you must complete the Portuguese I course first.

Portuguese III

Portuguese III online course allows learners to improve Portuguese comprehension and everyday conversation further.  

Learners will be able to improve the capability to describe past events and speak about the future. They can also improve in their Portuguese accuracy and build confidence as they practice to show impressions and opinions.

Learners must first complete Portuguese II online courses. A textbook is also required.

Portuguese IV

Portuguese IV online course in Toronto is designed to build up the ability to use the language to connect past and future occasions and learn to express an emotion, opinions, and beliefs.

Moreover, you can also learn to use complex grammatical expressions and describe hypothetical events. Enhance your understanding of both informal and formal conversations.

Learners must first complete the Portuguese III online course. A textbook is also required.

Portuguese V

Portuguese V online course will teach learners how to suggest and give commands in Portuguese, as well as expressing doubts.

They will also be able to learn impersonal verbs which is quite common in the Portuguese language. Also, expanding your knowledge on expressing hypothetical circumstances. 

Learners can also practice difficult grammatical structures while engaging in both informal and formal conversations in the Portuguese language.

Learners must first complete Portuguese IV online courses. A textbook is also required.

Portuguese Conversation

It is also known as a conversational Portuguese course. This course will help learners to enhance their listening comprehension ability, confidence, and pronunciation of the language.

Learning how to make an effective interaction in an actual life situation.

Learners must first complete the Portuguese V online course. A textbook is also required.

Language And Brazil Cross-Cultural Training 

Well, it is not just about the Portuguese language, the focus of this training is to give insights into the several different cultures established around Portugal and Brazil. 

It will enable learners to accept and understand completely the other sets of values and norms, and be able to interact with native speakers effectively.

It is not only about studying the Portuguese language itself, but also about getting to know the Portuguese culture to be able to live in the country with great experience and to avoid conflicts.


Toronto’s Portuguese courses aim to ensure that all learners are able to understand and speak the Portuguese language as fast as possible. So they used every possible way for learners to be able to learn useful words and put them together to create phrases. Completing Portuguese courses in Toronto will let you talk straight and say things you want to say in the Portuguese language. Just have patience and take it easy. 

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