Portuguese gains pleasure in renaissance, since it is one of the richest among romance languages along with remarkable achievements in arts, music, and poetry.

Portuguese is spoken in many regions and it is the local language of eight various countries. However, estimated 450,000 of these speakers are living in Canada, particularly in Vancouver based on the 2011 census.

Portuguese culture has undeniably influenced Vancouver city since it has a Portuguese Canadian Seniors Society, Portuguese Catholic Church, and some traditional restaurants, and folk-dance groups.

In case that you want to watch soccer play in Brazil or experience snorkeling in Mozambique, or perhaps meet prospective clients coming from Portugal, Vancouver, Canada will provide the best language learning plan suitable for your needs. 

Portuguese language teachers in Vancouver have much experience in teaching different learners with different goals.

Learning Portuguese In Vancouver 

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Learning Portuguese is a good thing if you want to experience the Brazillian culture and the Luso to another level.

Be able to understand the Portuguese menu and take pleasure in your trip to Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Brazil, and Portugal.

The city of Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Calgary offers small and private group classes in Portuguese for both children and adults.

Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton’s Portuguese courses aim to ensure that learners will get practical knowledge and develop Portuguese speaking, reading, writing, and listening with practical lessons.

The language teachers in Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Montreal, provide a communicative approach, matchless knowledge and learning. Providing learners with high-quality classes that focus on all essential language skills. Their program specializes in Brazilian Portuguese.

All Portuguese Courses Work on the Same Foundation

Portuguese small classes are limited to ten learners guided by Portuguese native speaker teachers with a communication based language teaching and  practical language emphasis, which you can use when spending time abroad.

They will encourage learners to speak Portuguese in various situations with confidence and ease. They can help each learner to improve their knowledge of structure as well as grammar.

Portuguese General Course

The topic in this program was created for daily practical situations. Students will learn by engaging conversation and interactive activities. Classes include grammar, sentence patterns, vocabulary, pronunciation drills and rules, useful phrases, and verbs.

Portuguese Conversation Course

This course focuses on listening and speaking of the Portuguese language. It also includes sentences and vocabulary connected to your daily Portuguese lesson. 

It is recommended for learners who already know Portuguese, but for beginners, you must first take the Portuguese General course in Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa

Working In Portugal 

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Considering to learn the Portuguese language will bring about chances for you to improve in your career. Here is some more basis on how amazing it is to work in Portugal as well as their Economic growth.

Working Environment In Portugal

If you are used to having a short time while working, Portugal has average hours of working a maximum of 40 hours each week, from 9 am to 7 pm with a break lunch for two hours from Monday to Friday.

It is a tradition for some countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France to take extended hours to spend for lunch with a family or colleagues during the hottest time of the day.

Employees receive yearly paid leave, plus 12 national holidays which is different from other countries. The minimum wage for Portugal is about €530 monthly. 

Portugal's extended hour for lunch breaks will give you some time to do self-study if you are working while studying Portuguese.

You can be able to enhance your language skills, teaching yourself correct conjugate verbs or if you are getting yourself ready for some university entrance exams, you can have some time to prepare for your exams.

The Economy

While Brazil has its record to be placed as one of the most successful in terms of economic growth, Portugal was slightly affected by the general economy and hasn't freed yet with the adversity. unemployment is still present in Portugal, but it doesn't mean that you will probably lose your chance to get your career in the country.

Even though the total number of unemployed in Portugals has reached 28% including undergraduate, young professionals, and even graduates, If you see yourself living a successful career in Portugal, you must exert every effort needed to finish your language lesson in Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Toronto

Acquiring Portuguese fluency will lead you to a long and successful way. You can be on top with your co-applicants who don't have any skills in the Portuguese language, so learning Portuguese in any language platform in Vancouver is strongly recommended when applying for work.

Moreover, the economy of Portugal depends on tourism, you might easily get temporary employment in the tourist places in Portugal which is a great opportunity for you to gain working experience. 

You can also have more improvement in the Portuguese language, including new phrases and words before taking a step to a more professional career level.

Language Requirements

Though many Portuguese people can speak English basic, it is still very essential to have the capability to speak Portuguese before you decide to work in the country. Since it might be disrespectful to some native speakers to make adjustments just to communicate with you.

So, even though you can't invest some money to learn the language, you can still gain some knowledge through an online platform that will assist you in learning Portuguese, considering you are an international student.

Besides, if you can understand and speak Portuguese it will make a good impression on those people around you, you can gain attention and respect from the Portuguese people. It might help you to make an advantage among your co foreign workers. Also, you can easily fill out application forms and deal with other essential matters such as paying bills, and tax forms.

Portuguese Language Lessons In Vancouver

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One on One Tutoring And Lessons

Personalized lessons at your most convenient place in Vancouver or via Skype online all around the world. You can enjoy a flexible schedule with a skillful language teacher who will provide you with tailored lessons that match your specific language goals.

Small-Group Lessons

Study Portuguese with your family or friends and offer private small group classes all over Vancouver.

Travel Preparation

If you are planning to travel to some of the Portuguese speaking countries, you can sign up for a special course in Vancouver for travelers. This program will provide you with cultural and travel tips and guide you in a Portuguese language level where you can show appreciation, ask about transportation, talk about prices, order food, interact comfortably, and greet people. 

Workshops And In-House Lesson for Organizations

All of the workshops and courses in this program are customized to meet the organization's needs of the language. Offering them with full-day or half-day intensive language workshops, intercultural effectiveness workshops, group language lessons, and Personalized training with specific cultural groups effective communication

Online Portuguese Lessons With Real Benefits In Vancouver

Is the platform you are taking now helps you in your Portuguese language learning? Well, the good news is you can be amazed by the online Portuguese lessons in Vancouver, all are customized so that you can use it in real-life circumstances where Portuguese is required. 

Feel Confident In Learning Portuguese

Vancouver's Portuguese courses will slowly and passionately teach you the language through specialized lessons. It is faster than you can ever imagine and you will be engaged with the learning experience. After your few moments of practice, you will realize that you are learning Portuguese gradually.

Make Real Progress With Each Portuguese Lesson

You can learn Portuguese even when working or staying at home and still having progress. Vancouver will help you through their statistics and leaderboards to assess your progress. Each lesson will conversationally provide exercises, helping you to be ready in an actual situation. 

How To Book 

First, learners should take the Portuguese language level test, and then teachers will ask them about their reason or goals for learning the language as well as the time and location that is most convenient for them.

Sign up for an agreement form and then review the tutor's profile and confirm whoever you choose and finally, you can begin your Portuguese course and training with a professional language tutor in Vancouver.

After your lessons, you will have a progress assessment. And if necessary, tutors will change your lesson to suit your language needs better depending on the assessment result.

When you complete your preferred course with your tutor, they will send you a certificate of completion and course attendance.


To speak and understand new languages, there are thousands of words you need to know for you to be able to build conversation and read the language. You need to engage more in the language if you are planning to build a career in them. Just like in Portuguese, if you desire to have a career as a translator of Portuguese you need to be fluent enough to fit the job. That’s why it is suggested to take Portuguese courses to enhance your skills in the language. 

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