Before you learn a new skill, it’s vital to know how much it will cost and the time it will take to learn it completely. The latter could easily be determined if you look at the course outline or ask your private tutor. But the former is not that easy to determine with certainty.

If you consider taking piano lessons in Canada, we’ll like to congratulate you on this bold step. However, just like many other skills such as drawing and sewing, it would be best if you could have an estimate of the cost of piano lessons before plunging your resources into it. This is significant to ensure you don’t give up halfway due to a lack of funds and you stay motivated throughout your learning time.

Learning how to play the piano is a fun and thrilling experience for anyone. If you want to embark on this journey, this guide will help you plan your budget, understand what a private piano lesson entails, save money on each piano lesson, and get useful tips on making the most from each lesson.

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The Price of Piano Lessons: What You Need To Know

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Many students who are interested in enrolling for piano lessons may leverage on music classes in their school or enroll in a music academy. Even at this, many people prefer to get dedicated music lessons in the comfort of their homes.

Private piano lessons are highly flexible and enable you to learn at your own pace without regularly commuting to classes. Piano basics can be challenging for most people with no previous experience or idea about playing the piano. That is why it needs a high level of concentration to learn how to play it like a pro.

The price for private piano lessons varies. For the most parts, they are determined by several factors. For the most part, the type of lesson you choose will determine how much the tutor will charge you.

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Types of Piano Lessons

Here are some common types of piano lessons.

  • Beginner piano lessons
  • Intermediate piano lessons
  • Advance piano lessons

This is not all; several other factors determine how much a tutor will charge you for a piano lesson at home. Here are some criteria

  • Location

If you want to enroll for piano lessons, chances are you might not find your ideal tutor in your region or nearby. In that case, you may need to search for your preferred tutor in neighboring towns and within your city. Research as shown that the cost of piano tutorials tend to be higher in Toronto than anywhere else in Canada. But you will also get a handful of piano tutors that specialise in different aspects of playing the instrument. Unlike other provinces where there are only a few piano tutors available for private coaching.

If you live in Toronto, you will discover that many piano tutors offer private coaching at home. The average cost of piano lessons in this bubbling city is $60. But this also depends on where you live in Toronto.

The cost of piano lessons in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa range from $40-$60. Edmonton generally has the lowest rate as most piano teachers charge between $30-$55 per hour. But other towns may have tutors that charge more.

However, you need to understand that a tutor who will be commuting long distances to your home will likely charge a bit more than any in your neighborhood.

These are the average rates of the piano lesson based on location in Canada.  If you are looking for a bit more flexible prices, you might want to explore private piano teachers online. You can access their services through a webcam from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

  • Experience

No two tutors have the same level of experience or expertise. Irrespective of how you choose to find a tutor for piano classes, you will find your ideal tutor is you consider experience as important criteria.

If you want to learn fingering on the keyboard or learn how to play specific tones, a tutor with vast years of experience teaching students in these areas is readily available. But how does experience affect piano lesson prices?

It's vital to hire a piano tutor with many years of experience for home lessons (source:unsplash)

You should expect a private piano tutor with many years of experience to charge more for his teaching services than someone who is just starting. That said, a piano teacher who learned how to play piano from group lessons, family member, or even taught himself by watching series of videos online would probably charge less than a professional that studied music at the university and mastered different instruments, including the piano.

You should expect the price of piano lessons to move up the scale as the tutor's experience level increases. It’s normal for a tutor to charge higher prices because they feel that’s a nice way to earn their worth.

  • Student level

A piano tutor teaching a student basic piano skills will probably charge lower because it is a bit straightforward and easier. You should expect the tutor to charge higher for intermediate and advance piano lessons.

The fact is that the higher the student level, the more time it will take for the teacher to teach one lesson successfully. The tutor will also spend more time preparing tutorials, homework, and answering questions during and after each lesson. This will affect the price of each piano lesson, as well.

So what are your criteria for selecting a piano teacher? Is it by experience, location, or by your level? Or are you looking at combining all these factors to determine the price a tutor will likely charge based on the results you get?

The options can be overwhelming, especially if you are looking at making the most from each lesson or working with a tight budget. To be sure that you have picked the right tutor, ensure you both agree on a price you can pay in the long term.

Chances are your piano lessons may span for a long time (contrary to your expectations). This is to ensure you will remain committed to it as it lasts. If you want to enjoy playing the piano and learn in a fun way, it’s highly recommended to find a tutor whose price is flexible, and the person should understand your learning objectives as well.

Useful Tips for Making the Most On Piano Lessons

The advantages of opting for private piano classes are enormous. And if done right, you could discover several ways to save on piano lesson costs too.

  • Take advantage of private group lessons

Group lessons are an excellent option for anyone looking to play the piano on a budget. One attractive aspect of group lessons is that they offer a blend of traditional learning in a classroom and private coaching at the student’s house.

In such an arrangement, the piano teacher gathers a few students and teaches them how to play the piano in a specified location. If you don’t want to learn the piano on your own, but you want your instructor to consider your needs while teaching, this option is superb for you.

You will get motivation from other students in the group and access personalised learning to a large extent. The best part is that you don’ have to pay as much as you would if the tutor commuted to your home for the lessons.

On the other hand, the teacher would be able to make more money per student taught. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Enroll for Online Piano Lessons

Another great way to save on piano lesson costs is to leverage online piano lessons. You will enjoy all the private coaching perks, but the tutor won’t be taking these lessons in your home. It will be via webcam or Skype.

Online piano tutorials offer great flexibility and you can learn whenever you want. (source:unsplash)

After paying for the tutorials, all you need is a webcam to access piano lessons on the go.

Superprof is giving piano enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to save money by hiring qualified tutors on the platform. 99% of our tutors offer the first lesson free. This means you have a chance to access the tutor’s competence and evaluate their skill in piano playing without paying for it. Isn’t that awesome? See how you can hire the perfect tutor.

The best part is that these tutors are vetted and well trained to take various piano lessons on the platform. You are guaranteed to find a perfect match for your needs within a few minutes of surfing the platform.

Regardless of your current skill level, you can easily find a piano teacher on Superprof who can take piano lessons at your convenience. Our tutors offer lessons either at your residence, via webcam, or in any other physical location.

At the end of each lesson, the student can rate the teacher according to the level of satisfaction derived from the class. Little wonder why many tutors on the platform have several 5-star ratings on their badge. This goes to demonstrate that they are committed to teaching you piano skills the way you want to be taught.













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