According to The Guardian, the proportion of schoolchildren receiving additional private tutoring has risen from 18% to 25% in the last decade.

The one on one tutoring market is both considerable and growing.

Whether your tutoring services include online tutoring, test prep, or supplemental instruction,  there are plenty of tutoring jobs and online tutoring jobs, especially for maths tutors, science tutors, and biology tutors.

Many students are looking to find a maths tutor for mathematical concepts. Logic and maths cause some of the biggest problems for students in school and many students are looking for a home tutor.

These problems persist through primary school, secondary school, sixth form, and at university, and rear their ugly heads when it comes to exams and achieving academic success.

If you want to become a maths tutor, you need to ask yourself the question: how much do I charge for a maths tutorials? How much are tutoring programs worth? What's a fair price for a tutoring job?

Do you need help deciding on your rates? Superprof will help you through the steps to take in order to decide on a fair price for private tuition.

What Should My Private Tutoring Rates Should Be for Teaching Maths?

Whether it’s just to get to the end of the month, pay your student loans, or boost your salary, you’ve decided to make the most of your maths knowledge.

How much does private maths tuition cost?
Stop stressing about how much to charge for maths tutorials! Superprof is here to help. (Source: Odyssey)

If you’re an expert in algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, fractions, whole numbers, trigonometry, or calculus, or even a certified maths teacher with tonnes of qualifications, you should make the most of this knowledge by monetising these skills through in home tutoring.

Is everyone around you either being tutored or getting into private tutorials and offering academic support or mentoring students?

What are you waiting for? It’s easy to become a maths tutor! Have you got what it takes to teach private maths tutorials and start scheduling your maths tutorials one hour at a time?

Whether you’re sharing your knowledge, helping students in maths catch up, prepare for an exam, finish an assignment, you can do it!

Once you’ve established you’ve got the necessary skills, it’s time to deal with the most important detail: how do you decide how much you should charge? Are you an online tutor or offering home tutoring?

Discover the different tutoring jobs here.

Are Tutoring Rates for one to one Maths Lessons different for Maths Tutors?

Is homework maths help more expensive than catch-up classes or private tutorials? Are maths tutors well paid?

There are so many questions to consider when it comes to being a private tutor. However, the first question you need to ask yourself is “how much am I worth?”

As you’ll obviously know, it’s down to you to decide on the rate for your maths tutorials. It’s important to feel satisfied with your salary.

Never feel underpaid for your work!

Take your professional experience, pedagogy, tools, studies and your experience in teaching private tutorials into account: then you can make a decision on your rates.

You’ll quickly discover whether the rates for your maths tutorials are too high or low. The look on a parents face will often tell you this.

Highlight Your Maths Skills to Optimise your Private Tutoring Rates

Once the rates for your maths tutorials have been decided, you need to know how to sell them. Are you a specialised algebra tutor? You should mention it!

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Where can I find a private maths tutor?
While knowing how to solve a Rubik's cube is impressive, you shouldn't factor it into the price of your tutorials. (Source: Wikipedia)

Even more so if they’re above the local and national averages. You’ll be asked why your rates are so high. You’ll need to have an answer as to why.

The best tutors charge the highest rates. You need to prove you're the best when it comes to academic tutoring.

Quality pays for itself. Many tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour to showcase their quality. Which is certainly true for academic support. In fact, it’s almost true in most cases. If you have impeccable maths skills, your rates should reflect this. You have to also highlight your various skills:

  • Quality homework help,
  • Teaching education as part of national education system,
  • A knowledge of advances maths concepts, far beyond Pythagoras’ theorem: trigonometry, prediction interval, square roots, literal arithmetic, scalar products, fractions, exponential functions, differential equations, etc.
  • Maths, engineering, physics education, ideally at university level.
  • IT skills: particularly maths programmes and smartphone and tablet apps.

All these elements make up the maths tutor you are today. They should certainly be taken into account when deciding the cost of your maths tutorials. Don’t forget to mention to parents

What are the Average Private Tutoring Rates UK?

Rather than deciding your rates for maths tutorials yourself, why not do a bit of research first?

As a private tutor, you don’t want to overcharge or be underpaid.

The average rates will mean you’re well paid. How can you find out the average rates for maths tutorials in the UK?

While there are plenty of tutoring companies, we obviously recommend going straight to the Superprof website.

Of course, each of these tutors has fixed their rates based on their education as well as their experience. If you’re just starting out, you should look for other tutors with similar profiles.

Perhaps you’ll find that the price for your maths tutorials were too low and be able to increase them.

The Price of Maths Lessons: What Are The Tutor Rates In Your Area?

A quick search is only the first indication of how much a maths tutorial should cost.

You should be more specific. Perhaps you’ve forgotten to look at the rates paid in your area in the UK, especially since the rates for maths tutorials differ from region to region.

Why? This is usually due to the fact that the cost of living and average salaries differ depending on the region.

You’ll probably not be surprised to find out that private maths tutors in London and the neighbouring areas tend to charge more than anywhere else in the UK.

If you aren’t in the capital, how can you find out the rates? Head to Superprof's Maths tutor page, and conduct your search in your area.

Just type in the name of your city or the postcode. The results page will show you the prices of local tutors. Then you can see an average rate and decide based on that.

Maths, Physics, Chemistry: Your Versatility Is Your Advantage

Start off flexible but always work towards the main objective: fixing your rates for in-home tutorials or academic support.

Can I charge more for private classes with science qualifications?
If you have related science skills or qualifications, don't forget to factor them into your hourly rate! (Source: Stathopoulos Lab)

You can always do better. If you highlight the related scientific subjects you can teach, don’t forget to reflect this in your rates. You're not just a maths tutor, you're also a physics tutor, chemistry tutor, biology tutor, and all-round science tutor!

When it comes to maths, don’t forget to mention the range of your maths knowledge, especially your primary, secondary, and even, university education. Ticking any of these boxes will end up with you getting paid!

Furthermore, if you’re highly educated and experienced, maths tutorials aren’t your only option. You might even be able to teach:

  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Biology,
  • Geography,
  • Technology,
  • A Level preparation,
  • Engineering,

The simple fact of being able to teach something mathematical will make you a more well-rounded tutor. This is why some parents will pay your more for being able to teach their child various subjects. You should definitely mention it!

Private Maths Tutoring Rates on Superprof

In-home tutorials, academic support, and homework help are becoming more and more important. Whether the students are in primary school, secondary school, sixth form, or university.

Thanks to Superprof, there is a wealth of information on the rates for private tutorials published. Every time an educator is hired, Superprof puts this information to work out market trends.

How much does a private maths tutor earn?
The growing private tutor market can provide an attractive salary. (Source: LinkedIn)

To work out the price of private tutorials and your wage, we recommend having a look at the online teaching jobs on Superprof’s annual report on the private tutorial market, trends, and projections. Here is some key information:

  • A private tutorial is on average £6 more expensive in London than in Newcastle,
  • £18 is the average price of a maths tutorial across the UK,
  • 38% of state-educated 11- to 16 year-olds in the UK received help from a tutor for maths revision GCSE to pass a specific exam. This means that there’s a huge market of potential clients awaiting you.
  • According to a survey by EdPlace, parents spend on average £2758 on tutoring per child per year.

Discover maths background across the world of teaching over the centuries.

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