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Canada’s educational system is easily considered one of the best in the world. Aside from being completely free, public school in the Great White North rank high against most countries across the globe. In recent research published online by the World Population Review, Canada ranked sixth in the global educational index. For reference, the United States comes in at a paltry 23rd spot behind countries like China, Finland, Liechtenstein, and even, Taiwan.

For the most part, the Canadian educational system owes much of its caliber the competitiveness of the teaching profession in the country. Unlike in most areas,  schools pay teachers more than the global average. Moreover, even individuals who are interested in teaching at home, are required to undergo some form of training to do so. It is more difficult to become a licensed teacher in Canada because most schools only employ the Top 3% of graduates every year.

With that said, despite the quality of education Canadian children receive, public schools are still required to teach according to the learning style of the majority of its students. Unfortunately, not all children learn at the same pace and through the same means.

There are many factors that contribute to the academic delay your child might be experiencing. One way to address the issue is by hiring a private tutor. A private tutor can identify your kid’s earning obstacles as well as impart studying hacks that can improve their scholastic performance.

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There are many benefits to hiring a private tutor. However, myths about opting for one for your child prevail. Below are just a few:

Private Tutors are Only for Academically Challenged Children

One of the biggest stigmas surrounding private tutoring is the notion that a tutor is only for kids who are doing terribly at school. It is reserved for students in remedial and who are at the risk of being held back.

While these children can benefit greatly from a private tutor, there are plenty of advantages to tutoring even if your child isn’t lagging too far behind. For one, you have probably noticed by now, that your child is probably good at certain subjects, and less than great at others. A private tutor would be able to equalize this situation. They would be able to provide your young learner tips and tricks to acing their next exam.

Private Tutors are Inexperienced and Ineffective

Tutors are often associated with college students looking for additional income to take care of their expenses. There is some truth to this notion. But as discussed earlier, the requirements to teach in Canada is rather rigorous. There are some certifications that tutors need to accomplish even if they only plan to teach online or tutor part-time.

Of course, as with anything, there are some less than reputable establishments that offer ineffective tutoring. This is why it is important to do your research and find online resources that could guide you in hiring the best teacher for your child.

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There Simply Isn’t Time to Fit in a Session

Between after school activities and general family leisure time, it is difficult to imagine that regular families would have time to incorporate a private tutorial in their day to day schedule. However, the beauty of private tutoring is the fact that as a client you get to dictate when and how long sessions would last.

Truth be told, tutorial doesn’t have to take the entire evening. Moreover, it doesn’t have to happen every single day of the week. You would be surprised about the wonders a 30-minute session every other day can have in your child’s performance.

A Session is Expensive

Probably the biggest factor for a lot of families is the cost that comes with private tutoring. While it can’t be denied, private tutoring is an additional expense but finding the right teacher is an investment in your child’s future.

Nevertheless, For some students, one-on-one tutorials can be the difference between passing a grade level or being held back. And if we are being honest, there really is no price in securing his place in a good university.

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Hiring a private tutor can do wonders for the performance of your child. However, as with most things in life, it isn’t for everyone. There are pros and cons to opting for a private tutor. Consider the factors below:

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Cons to Private Tutoring

Private tutoring isn’t for everyone. Here are a few cons to tutoring that you have to consider before taking a plunge:


Private tutoring, especially if you did your research, shouldn’t wreck too much of a havoc on your family’s budget. There are teachers that offer this service at an affordable cost. In fact, there are resources online that you can tap into that probably would be a lot cheaper than face to face options.

However, if money is tight even for your family’s basic needs, then tutoring might not be for you. In this case, it is best to spend your free time making sure that your child is up to speed with his or her lessons.

Reduced Leisure Time

Relaxing is important even for children. In fact, nowadays, children experience almost the same level of stress as adults. Between maintaining good grades and keeping up with extra-curricular activities, it can be overwhelming especially for a child that is so young.

With that said, if you notice that your child is already burnt out and stressed, there is no reason to add any more activities to their plates. The stress that he or she might be experiencing might actually be playing a role in his or her academic performance. Giving your child the means to relax and recuperate can actually do wonders for his or her school work.

Added Pressure

Some children thrive on pressure, some do not. You of all people know the kind of kid that you have. If you think that your young learner would benefit from having a private tutor in his or her routine, then you should be making this opportunity available for them.

Missed Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are just as important as academic performance. Allowing your child to have interests beyond books and grades will allow them to grow into well-rounded people. If your child is excelling in an extra-curricular activity, there is no reason why he or she would be deprived of the fun and accomplishment.

At the end of the day, restricting your child from the activity that he or she loves the most can affect his schoolwork. As a parent, you want a happy child more than a child that excels in everything, right?

Pros to Private Tutoring

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Your child can greatly benefit from private tutoring. Below are just a few of the pros:

Improved Academic Performance

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. However, public schools still have a bottom line. Unfortunately, your child might not be privy to their personal learning style in institutions that value the majority.

Hiring a private tutor allows your child to study and absorb information in the most conducive means. A good teacher is able to identify a student’s preferred learning style and adapt accordingly. You can expect your young learner’s performance to improve in just a few sessions with the right tutor!

Better Study Habits

Some students don’t necessarily lag behind because they can’t understand the lesson. There are a few that find it difficult to keep up with schools because they don’t have good study habits. Studying after school allows children to remember and absorb information better.

Having a tutor for your child would give them a routine that can positively affect their school work. Routines build discipline and responsibility. Lessons that go beyond schooling.

Increase in Confidence

Classrooms are intimidating especially for young children. While even kids want to improve and participate, it can be difficult to do so if you are afraid to make mistakes. Children, after all, can be ruthless especially for their peers who are having a difficult time.

Excelling with school work with the help of a private tutor can do wonders for your child’s confidence. There is something about working hard and seeing a project through that can boost a child’s self-esteem!

Appreciation for Learning and Education

If there is one thing that you can instill in your child at a young age, it should be a love for learning. After all, education doesn’t end at university. Nevertheless, loving learning is difficult if a child finds school difficult.

A private tutor can give your child the means to appreciate knowledge and information. They have the skills to make learning fun and less stressful.

As a parent, your responsibility is to give your child every opportunity to grow and be better. A private tutor may or may not be something that would enrich their lives. Hopefully, the pros and cons above helped you in determining just that.

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