“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” - Phil Collins

It’s a fact that the private tutoring market is growing. Being a private tutor is now a proper job that takes time and experience. Whether it’s maths tutorials, homework help, online tutorials, intensive classes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to one to one tutoring.

In this article, we’ll look at teaching from the comfort of your own home. There’s a growing demand for private tutorials and more and more people are choosing to become private tutors themselves. In fact, a large number of children have taken private tutorials and are getting private tutorials in order to help them through primary school, secondary school, college, sixth form, and even university. The figures speak for themselves.

Whether you teach calculus, algebra, test prep, biology, mathematics, statistics, geometry, grammar, psychology, etc., academic support is a good market to be in and there are many tutors who choose to offer their tutorials in their own houses for a number of good reasons that we’re going to have a look at in this article.

So what are the advantages of teaching your private tutorials in your own house?

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Teaching at Your Own Home: A Dedicated Space

Whether you’re teaching maths, a language tutorial, or preparing students for GCSE or A Level exams, private tutorials require a specific set of skills that not everyone has. Teaching private tutorials at your home is different to teaching at a student’s home and comes with a number of advantages.

How can you effectively teach at your home?
If you're made your house a home, make sure that you keep your professional life and personal life apart. (Source: Pexels)

A private tutor usually goes to their student’s house and has to adapt to each environment they find themselves in. In this case, the roles are reversed and the student comes to the tutor’s house. It’s, therefore, easier for the tutor to feel at ease and teach under the best conditions.

The relationship between the student and the teacher becomes less formal. That said, this can make lessons for stimulating than just any old lesson. You can get the most out of your home by doing a few things to make it more conducive to teaching.

A good teacher will be able to separate where they live, eat, and sleep from where they work and teach physics, chemistry, exam prep classes, etc. The space needs to be correctly used for teaching.

This space comes with a number of important advantages and can help the teacher develop a better relationship with their student. In fact, by coming to their teacher’s house, students will feel closer to them. Furthermore, it’s much easier teaching in your own home.

Of course, if you're a chemistry tutor, for example, your student mightn't have the equipment they need. However, if you're an English tutor, French tutor, or a reading tutor, you should be able to bring a few books with you in order to provide supplemental instruction.

You may even consider holding lessons outdoors!

Teaching at Your Own Home: An Easier Way to Teach

Teaching at your own home is a way to create your own teaching approach. From your first lesson to preparing students for their final exams, you can do anything you like at your own home. From worksheets to exercise books, the student just has to say what they want to work on and their tutor will be able to get it ready!

Is it better to do private tutorials at the student's home or the tutor's home?
With the right preparation, teaching at your own home can be better than at the student's home. (Source: SnapwireSnaps)

Contrary to teaching students in their homes, teaching at your own home is a much easier way to teach for a number of reasons:

  • You’re closer to the student, making it easier to help them.
  • Saving time travelling
  • You feel more comfortable, which makes explaining things easier.
  • You can dedicate a space in your home to teaching.
  • You can save money by not having to travel (public transport, petrol, etc.)
  • You’ll feel more relaxed and therefore be able to create a more relaxed environment for teaching in.
  • And many more...

In fact, there are a good number of advantages to teaching at home which can help the tutor help their student to succeed. Whether you’re teaching maths, piano, exam technique, or any other subject, the tutor is the expert. Being a good teacher isn’t about having all the right qualifications, it’s about being able to communicate effectively.

It’s much easier to communicate from the comfort of your own home with all the necessary resources on hand. Once again, whether you’re doing a Spanish tutorial, teaching students how to sing, academic support, or maths and science tutorials, it’s far easier to do at home. Of course, you need to set boundaries so that you won’t feel like your home is being invaded by students.

Teaching tutorials in your own home needs to be done in a professional and legitimate way. From IT tutorials to A Level prep, tutors need to ensure that they remain a teacher first and foremost. That said, a good teacher can still create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for students to work in.

Teaching at Your Own Home: Setting Limits

Despite all the advantages, there are still ways that teaching at home can go wrong. In fact, if you want to teach all your tutorials at home and finish with more money at the end of the month, you’re going to end up teaching a lot of students, some of whom may end up invading your personal space. You need to, therefore, set boundaries.

How do you teach private tutorials at your own home?
When you teach at home, keep in mind that you're going to be inviting students into your home. (Source: Free-Photos)

After all, your main goal is to teach your students and you need to ensure that your relationship remains as neutral and professional as possible. Right from the start, you need to make it clear to your students that their classroom is also your home. Regardless of the room they’re in, it’s still part of your home.

While this is the reason that both the tutor and student get more out of the tutorials, there are boundaries that need to be respected and you don’t want to give off the idea that you two are good mates hanging out. You have to remain as professional as possible and keep your professional life apart from your private life.

This can be difficult since everything in your house is probably is an indicator of your private life: a family photo, a pet barging in, or just personal notes on your desk. You need to make sure that you prepare adequately before you start teaching.

That said, this is all par for the course when you’re a private tutor. In addition to getting word of mouth to work its magic and looking for students on online platforms like Superprof, you also need to know how to take care of the little things such as ensuring your home is a suitable place to teach in. Your role is to make sure that you provide effective tutorials that make the most of the advantages of being taught in your home.

If you’ve set appropriate boundaries, you can enjoy the benefits of a class taught in a classroom with the advantages that a homely environment can bring. Students learn much better when they’re relaxed, after all. With the right workspace, both the tutor and the student will benefit.

As you’ve probably understood, there are a lot of advantages to teaching in your own home that can help improve the quality of the private tuition you provide. Furthermore, it makes your life easier and your classes more interesting. Just make sure that there’s a clear line between your professional and private lives so that the relationships with your students don’t become too casual!

Don't forget that there are also online tutoring services, too. If home tutoring isn't going to work for you or your student, you can offer one on one tutoring in all subjects via a video conferencing. You just need a computer, a webcam, a microphone, and a decent internet connection. If those being tutored are happy with this setup, then go for it!

Follow these suggestions for other places you could host lessons...

How do you plan private tutorials?
Whether at your home or elsewhere, private tutorials need to be carefully planned. (Source: kaboompics)

An online tutor won't have to pay transport costs and, as a result, can pass these savings onto the student. Don't forget that a lot of tutors on Superprof offer free tutoring for the first hour in order to help them get more tutoring jobs. Online tutorials are very popular for those studying languages as they get an opportunity to practise the language with the tutor, who can help with pronunciation, grammar, etc. Scheduling online private tutorials is easier as well since you don't need to work out where you have to go.

The most important thing about academic tutoring is that the student can find a tutor to help them develop study skills, provide them with quality instruction, and give them the confidence to complete an assignment, learn on their own, in a small group, or a large class, and become an avid learner. The best tutors will do this by choosing the right place to provide instruction.

After that, the only remaining question would be how much to charge for each lesson?

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