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Calgary, the economic centre of Alberta and the sunniest city of Canada, is young, diverse and educated. It holds the highest proportion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) graduates and also has the largest number of geoscientists and engineers out of the major cities in Canada. Besides that, Calgary also ranked first as a top tech talent market in the country.

On top of that, the academic system of the city — just like in other large towns such as Ottawa, Vancouver and more — screams high-standard that provides great quality education for all Canadians and international students. However, with the standard operations of the town’s school system, not all students in Calgary can cope up and follow the curriculum taught in schools and universities.

Fortunately, private tutoring services are available within the city and numerous tutors can provide supplementary lessons in Math, English, Chemistry, Biology, and more.

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Private Tutoring in Calgary

Tutoring Calgary is becoming increasingly popular with parents who look beyond school to give their kids a hand to grasp school subjects and or provide them with an academic advantage. Thus, it is one of the most effective approaches in helping kids to quickly adjust and deal with school.

In fact, just like in other cities such as Edmonton, several private tutoring agencies across the city are willing to help struggling and at-risk students. Besides that, there are also private institutions where parents can drop off their kids or in-home tutoring services where passionate professionals can give the lectures at the comfort of your home.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of private tutoring, how you can find the best tutors, and what are the considerations to determine whether or not you got the right teacher for your child.

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Benefits of Getting Private Tutor for Your Child

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Is your child bringing home bad grades or falling behind in class? If that’s the case, perhaps he or she is not coping with school work or is losing interest in going to school.

Private tutoring is one of the most effective ways to help your child cope up and even excel in school. With the right tutor and proper guidance from you, your kids will be able to give their best and be on top of their class.

To give you an overview of how private tutoring can help your student, here are some of the benefits your child will be getting if he or she will engage in private tutoring sessions.

Receiving One-on-one Session

A one-on-one session has always been a great way to give your child a boost to grasp the lessons in school. It is especially needed by those students who are having a hard time catching up with their daily lectures or the ones that aim to be on top of their class. In either case, a private tutor can be your buddy to provide high-quality education for your children.

Undeniably, the individual setup of private tutoring let the children feel comfortable to raise questions and clarify the areas that they can’t understand. Students are more likely to become attentive to academic lectures if they get the attention they need from their teacher- which they can get in their tutoring session.

Learning Customised Lessons

Another benefit of private tutoring is that tutors may provide customised lessons for their students. They don’t have a fixed curriculum to follow and may create learning aids based on the preferences of their learners.

If your child is having difficulties in understanding the equations on Math and Science, or the grammar construction on English, the tutor will focus on these subjects and will create customised lessons based on the specific weak points of your child and the areas that he or she wants to learn.

Having Convenient Tutoring Schedule

Besides the customised lessons and one-on-one sessions, a convenient tutoring schedule is also one of the undeniable benefits of private tutoring.

You and your child may decide when and where the private lessons may take place. If your child is more comfortable to study at home after his or her class, you can discuss it with the tutor to finalise the arrangement.

Ways to Find the Best Tutor For Your Kids

If your child is having a hard time coping with lessons at school and slowly losing his or her confidence and self-esteem, maybe now is the right time to seek some help. That said, tutoring institutions and or private tutors can be your helping hand in lifting the academic spirit within your child and give them a bright future.

To help you get in touch with the best tutor in your area, here are some ways to find them and talk to them about your child’s case.

Reach Out to Your Child’s School

One of the ways in finding a tutor is to contact the school that your child goes to. Often, schools also have tutoring programs that they offer to students who need supplementary lessons to understand their academic subjects. Some teachers offer tutoring services for a very low price or for free.

Browse Tutors on the Web 

If you don’t have much time to walk around the city to find a tutoring institution, browsing through the web is the best option you have. This is a very simple yet effective way to find a private tutor who can help your kids cope up in school.

All you have to do is open your computer and search for relevant keywords. For example, if your child needs a hand in understanding fractions and the like, you can type math tutoring calgary in the search tab. After that, numerous search results will appear and you just have to choose the ones that answered your queries the most.

Or, just browse for the best tutor in Superprof that can be a good fit for your child. They have more than a thousand great tutors in Calgary which makes it a good outlet for searching using specific keywords such as “tutoring near me .”

Consider Recommendations

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Recommendations given by other parents are also a great help in finding the right tutor for your kids. If the tutor they recommended works well with their children, there is also a high possibility that such an educator will be effective in teaching your child. The effectivity rate of a tutor may also be determined through the commendations of their previous and or current clients.

Local Papers

Another great place to look for a skilled and experienced tutor is in newspapers or magazines. Some of the great tutors in your area often post their information and credentials in one of the sections of your local papers. You can browse the pages and read the qualifications listed in every profile to pick the best option.

Read Reviews

Often times, if a site is offering Calgary tutoring services, there are also countless reviews for potential tutors, primarily if they have a well-established name in the tutoring business. Reading the feedback from their previous clients may help you foresee what kind of tutoring agency they were and what kind of mentors they have.

What to Consider in Hiring a Private Tutor

Private tutoring is one of the most effective ways to help your child cope up and even excel in school. However, hiring a tutor is not a simple task. It is a crucial decision which requires a full commitment.

On top of that, finding the right fit for your child should be your priority in giving him or her a supplementary class. It is for a fact, that you always want to give what is best for your children. With that said, here are some of the factors that you need to consider before hiring a prospective private tutor for your kids.

  • Availability and Flexibility. In hiring a private tutor for your kids, availability and flexibility are necessary factors to consider. You should select the one who can work according to your child’s preferred teaching pace and is available to teach during his or her free time.
  • Experience and Expertise. The expertise of a tutor is one of the most essential factors to determine if he or she is a good fit for your child. Hence, he or she must have relevant experiences with teaching students of your child’s age and level of comprehension. You can ask the prospective tutors about their previous students, how they handle them, and other related questions regarding their effectiveness during the interview.
  • Personality and Attitude. Aside from the expertise and experience, the personality and attitude of a tutor are equally important. It is essential to look for a private tutor who is patient and has a positive and encouraging attitude to boost the interest of your child to learn and excel in school.


As one of the largest cities in Canada — next to Toronto, and Montréal — Calgary also provides high-quality education for local and international students. The private tutoring institutions and private tutors across the city is a great helping hand to help your child cope up with the high standard operations of Calgary’s education system.

With the best tutor and your full guidance, your child will see every day in school a lot more different — of course, in a positive and better way.

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