Today’s technology has allowed students an array of educational aids that range from interactive online games to virtual online teachers. With modern technology offering so many online tutoring options parents and students are wondering, can we do without a private teacher? Although tutoring applications can be fun complementary technologies and free tutoring or volunteer classroom tutors can be valuable resources, these forms of learning assistance lack six core benefits that can be provided by a private teacher. A certified teacher can give your child:

  • One-on-one attention
  • Self-paced learning
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved confidence in the classroom
  • Individualised learning style 
  • Flexible and convenient booking

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6 Benefits of Private Teachers for Canadian Students

1. One-on-one attention

One-on-one attention helps students learn at their own pace. Source: Unsplash

Students learn differently and private teachers offer the necessary one-on-one attention to determine the type of learning style a student requires to excel in their education. The private teacher can then tailor a lesson plan to align with the student’s learning style and track their progress closely. In large classrooms, some students can get lost in the mix and fall behind the curriculum. In many cases a teacher is unable to identify a student is falling behind until they score low on a major test or exam. With a private teacher’s one-on-one attention, a student can catch up before their grades are affected.

2. Self-paced learning

Private teachers can help prevent students from falling behind in the classroom. Source: Unsplash

Students not only learn differently, they learn at different paces. One student may pick up quickly on spelling and literacy and need more time to grasp mathematical content. Classroom teachers are required to follow the curriculum and ensure they aren’t falling behind the course schedule. Private teachers have the flexibility to slow down and focus on one subject or even one chapter for as long as the student requires. This self-paced learning can fill in the gaps for a student that’s struggling in a specific area.


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3. Improved academic performance

Private teachers are hired to help increase a student’s overall academic performance and unlike an app or automated software, they can track the success of their teachings to see if the student is achieving better in the classroom. Studies show that students show measurable improvements in the classroom when they work with private teachers:


  • Students tutored by people resulted in classroom scores 35% higher than students tutored by an automated technology or educational app (source).
  • Tutoring can raise average students to the top 2% of their class.
  • Students with private teachers outperform non-tutored students in 45 out of 52 studies (source).

4. Improved confidence in the classroom

Improved academic performance can help improve children’s self esteem. Source: Unsplash

Unfortunately, grades have become more than just measures of academic success. Studies show that low grades can contribute negatively to a student’s overall mental health and create feelings of fear, avoidance, and general anxiousness both inside and outside of the classroom

A study at the University of Michigan found that 80% of students based their self-worth on their academic performance. Of course, a student’s sense of self-worth should never be dependent on their grades, however, it’s possible to strengthen their sense of overall confidence by helping improve their performance through tutoring. A private teacher can help a struggling student catch up with their peers and help to:

  • Improve overall confidence in the classroom
  • Increase classroom participation and engagement
  • Remove fear and uncertainty around subject matter

5. Individualised learning style 

There are a variety of websites and organisations that try to connect students with a well-suited teacher. Superprof offers a network of professionals that teach in different ways. Every tutor has a personalised biography and profile with reviews and ratings that allow students to find the right match for their learning style. Now that it’s widely accepted that people have individualised learning styles, private teachers can adapt their teaching style to match their students. 

In-class instructors are not always able to accommodate every student’s learning style. The traditional classroom heavily relies on resources like written textbooks and verbal lectures, that may not work for highly-creative visual learners or energetic kinetic-style learners. Private teachers create tailored programs that will work for their students. 

6. Flexible and convenient booking

There are free tutoring associations in Canada available for parents and students looking for extra resources to support their learning. Students are able to drop into their local library or after-school program to have extra support. However, private teachers offer the flexibility and convenience that free services lack.

Online private tutors are available in the comfort of your home, so students don’t need to waste time commuting or make excuses for missing their tutoring sessions. You can easily book a tutoring lesson on your own time. Technology has enabled this process by setting up features such as:

  • Shareable calendars and easy online booking
  • Video conference calling 
  • Instant messaging between student and teacher

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What makes a private teacher effective?

Instructors are able to interact with students and respond to their learning needs in real-time. Source: Unsplash

How are private teachers able to deliver elevated learning experiences when compared to cutting-edge technology and apps? Hiring a human as opposed to a tech-first teaching assistant allows for an enhanced program structure, specialisation, and the right amount of tutoring to achieve success. So what makes a great private tutor and how should you select one?  

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Program Structure

Private teachers use a student’s required coursework to build out a unique program structure designed to reach their academic goals. The teacher and student can work together to build a program rather than having it prescribed by a school board or outside organisation.


Websites like Superprof host a network of private teachers that are experts in their field. This means a student struggling in math class is able to pair up with a private teacher who specialises in math and is well-rounded in the subject.

Amount of tutoring

Private tutoring is flexible, which means a parent and students can decide exactly how many tutoring sessions a student may require per week and how long each session should be. This can be adjusted over time based on progress. Tailoring the amount of tutoring according to a student’s academic progression is yet another benefit that makes private tutoring so effective.

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