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Learning new things in school, while interesting, can be quite mentally challenging. With a couple of subjects to study, sometimes, you might just need someone to guide and help you absorb what you learn.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not smart.

Ultimately, your goal is to be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills you learn at school and private tutors make sure you achieve that goal. These professionals work to prepare you better and make sure you always put your best foot forward during assessments.

The assistance you’ll be getting from a private tutor will not only be beneficial for you today but will show significant results in the future.

To expound on private tutoring, this article will discuss how it works, how to find the best tutor for you, and what kind of private tutoring Edmonton has to offer.

How Private Tutoring Works

The idea behind private tutoring is really simple. Initially, these sessions supplement what was already learned in the school — meaning, lessons discussed will be reviewed, practiced, and assessed at home.

Simply put, you can expect to get clarity and a thorough understanding of lessons you couldn’t fully absorb in class. Your tutor will be able to identify areas you find difficult and focus on practicing these until you improve.

Over the years, however, private tutoring has also explored advance learning and other subjects not necessarily taught at school. Whether it’s tutoring for the math subject you’ll take up next year, or learning Chinese on the side, private tutoring really depends on what outcomes you want to get.

What It Costs

Before deciding to get a private tutor in Edmonton, it’s also essential to know what it would cost you financially.

Edmonton is a large city, in fact with only Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary being bigger so this can be more costly in a bigger city.

According to Indeed, tutors in Canada have an average salary of $21.34 as of October 2019. Consequently, your private tutor should be paid an amount equal or more than the average salary.

Find out about private tuition here.

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Given that these tutors have earned their degrees, some even have post-graduate ones, you can expect to pay them more than the minimum wage. These are professionals who will dedicate their time and put a lot of focus on you and your education.

It’s only but necessary to pay them appropriately.

Frequency of Sessions

On a different light, you are also expected to dedicate a minimum number of hours per week for private sessions. It may cost you some of your extra-curricular activities or social events, but all that can be avoided with clear scheduling.

Being supplementary to your school learning, sessions should be aligned with your pacing at school. In order to be prepared and equipped for assessments, you should have ample time to review with your private tutor beforehand.

This part of the agreement should be discussed thoroughly with your private tutor and be set ahead of time, creating a concrete schedule for its entire duration.

The key here is to dedicate the amount of time appropriate for the results you want to see.

Edmonton Tutoring Programs and Services

This side of the country gives a lot of value to education - given that there are over 100,000 students in Edmonton. Educators in this area make sure they show how committed they are to their students inside and outside the classroom.

Public School Support

Dubbed as a highly diverse centre for education, there’s no doubt that Edmonton has a lot of opportunities for tutoring. Contrary to popular belief, private institutions are not the only ones interested in helping out students.

In fact, Edmonton public schools have a study buddy program that aims to help students from elementary to high school. This program seeks the help of post-secondary students who are willing to volunteer for at least one hour per week.

Volunteers from all faculties are welcome to extend their help to those who need it the most. To encourage volunteers, certificates of recognition and letters of reference will be given to those who decide to help.

If they want a bright career in education, this is a good stepping stone and an easy way to network with professionals in the field.

Private Tutoring Services Near Edmonton

You may be looking for private tutoring near you, Well There are hundreds of companies and organizations that offer tutoring services in Edmonton. The Google results go on and on but ultimately, they all offer the assurance of high returns for those who put in equal effort.

All these services give you the assurance that you will be prepared for assessment exams and might even be a few steps ahead - without putting you into a pressure cooker.

Private tutoring services in Edmonton all aim to boost the morale of students and give them the confidence that they will pass all their subjects if they put their minds and hearts to it. It’s not about meeting the expectations, but it’s about exceeding them.

Finding the Right Private Tutor

Now that you’ve all there is to know about private tutoring offered in Edmonton, it’s time to look for the best tutors.

Qualities of a Good Private Tutor. Source: Pixabay

As mentioned in the previous sections, there are tons of companies and programs in Edmonton that you can choose from. So, the real questions here are what should you be looking out for and where to start looking.

Let’s tackle each one.

Qualities to Look For

Reading the reviews for various tutoring centres is one thing, but knowing what qualities to look for in a private tutor is another. Evidently, people have different preferences when it comes to the services they pay for.

Private tutoring is no different from all the other services in the world. Standards have to be set if you want to see returns from your investment. With this kind of service, having a list of qualities makes it easier to picture out the ideal professional.

So, here are the qualities you should look for in a private tutor:


Obviously, your private tutor has to be skilled. They need to be equipped with the knowledge and ability to help you reach academic excellence. Without the necessary skills, how are they supposed to help you?


Every single student is unique - starting from their faces down to their personalities. With that said, a private tutor has to be adaptable to all cases, making sure they find the best approach for specific students.


Just like how each student is unique, each will also have their own pace. Some may progress slower than others. It’s crucial for a tutor to be patient with the student until they progress towards academic excellence.


Private tutors most probably have more knowledge and experience than you but that doesn’t mean they should hang this over your head and act superior. They should be able to be with you on your level until you slowly go higher.


As tutors, they should be able to assess your progress and be honest about it. Students and their parents are banking on this specific assessment to determine whether or not efforts are paying off.


There are reasons why students get private tutors. For these reasons alone, tutors should be empathetic with their students and try to help them boost their confidence as they go through the sessions.


It’s called private tutoring for a reason. Although it’s not something to be ashamed of, there are certain aspects of this service that should be kept between parents and tutors only. Those include assessment scores, academic setbacks, etc.

These are just several qualities that the ideal private tutor should possess. As a form of investment towards the road to academic excellence, these qualities should set the standard for what kind of assistance you should get.

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Where to Find a Tutor in Edmonton

The beauty of technology today is that you can easily ask questions and get answers within a matter of seconds. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, it can be as easy going to Google and typing “tutoring near me” and voila - you now have a list of services.

But in order for you to find the right tutor, you have to pick out the best among the rest. This means going through lists, reading reviews, and deciding on how much you’re willing to spend for a private tutor.

One of the most reliable websites for reviews is Glassdoor. However, currently, the available reviews are only for math tutors in the area. For other references, you can visit Yelp and look up the top 10 best tutoring centres in Edmonton.

Skim through the list and read the reviews thoroughly, comparing them against the ideal qualities of a private tutor. This is one of the easiest ways to find the best private tutor for you.

After you’ve identified your top tutoring centres or services, inquire about their prices and choose one that you can afford. Remember that quality service may sometimes be expensive but it’s always an investment.

Once you’ve met the balance between quality and affordability, book an appointment and start your journey towards a more productive academic life.

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