According to many worrying reports and statistics,  our education system is failing certain vulnerable students. There are a multitude of different factors to consider as to why this is the case and it’s important to consider how we can best  help these students

How can our Provincial educational system be failing some of our students? How can private tutoring assist with academic support for students in primary school, secondary school, or further education? Can the Provinces fix the problems within our education system? How we need to turn to private academic support providers, if the Provincial Education system and the inherent weaknesses fail to meet the individual needs of our students. 

The Competitive Nature of Canada’s Post Secondary Education  

The Canadian education system is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world.  According to the OECD PISA 2015 ranking, Canada consistently placed within the top 10 for all 3 core subjects in  reading, mathematics, and science. This high level quality of education puts the Canadian student at a competitive advantage and ever increasing competition to get into the top universities not only in Canada but worldwide. 

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If a student is falling behind, private tutoring can help them to catch. (Source: 455992)

 According to the survey Canadian students also ranked on average higher than other OECD countries in obtaining a post secondary school or university level education with 62% of  adults in Canada between the ages of 25-34 successfully completing a University Bachelor’s degree. This high level of education makes a more competitive labour market and with a highly educated workforce it is  even more critical for students to succeed academically. This places greater challenges and pressure for the student to master key academic skills early in the primary years before going on to more rigorous curriculum of secondary school education and beyond. 

 Given these challenges and expectations, there are also reports that more students than ever are suffering from stress and anxiety because of the ever increasing pressure to succeed in secondary or high school level in order to compete for the top universities and thereafter go on to  complete a Bachelor’s Degree for future job prospects.  

Growing Diversity of Canadian Schools

Canada with its diverse immigrant population also places great importance for the continuation of post secondary school education.  Families of minorities who have immigrated to Canada do so to have a better life and the parents encourage their children to go on to university in order to get good jobs in the future. So there is a greater need for more individualised academic support in order to keep pace with the high level rigorous Provincial Education systems already in place.  

There are also other problems within our education system that does not always address the individual needs of a diverse student population. There may be students who are left behind by the education system. Learning can be a very individualised process with students learning at different speeds and teachers methods may not always complement the learning styles of each individual student. So some students may become marginalised as the pace and content of the curriculum must be adhered to. So more and more students and parents feel the need to find after school tutoring programs to help the students succeed. 

Also with recent policy and funding challenges at the Provincial level,  as in Ontario and British Columbia, the limited resources for extra support functions within the classrooms for teachers aids,  leaves the most vulnerable students lost and at a disadvantage. With so many students to attend to, teachers may not have the individual time needed to devote to those students who may need further so parents are turning to private tutoring services to help their children. 

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Personal Factors Affecting Student Performance

There are many other reasons that students could struggle at school:

  • Special educational needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc. and other learning disabilities.
  • Personal problems at home, social, economic, emotional issues.
  • Life events such as divorce,  bereavement, bullying at school, etc.
  • Student’s nutrition, physical activity and fitness, adequate sleep and overall health impacts their academic performance.   

As you can see, there are many other reasons why the educational system in this country may be failing their students.

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Difficulties Encountered by Teachers 

Firstly, we are fortunate in Canada to have excellently trained teachers in our schools dedicated to helping students succeed and overcome any difficulties that may arise in the learning process. However, the education system does not always provide sufficient support. 

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Sometimes classrooms may have too many students for teachers to be able to teach effectively. (Source: Ludi)

Therefore, more and more parents are opting for the help of private academic support or private tutoring to help their children with their individual academic needs.  Although Canada has one of the highest global standards of education, the system is designed to teach the entire population,  but not necessarily tailored to each individual students particular learning styles or needs. Each student may have their own optimal learning style, speed and differing strengths and weakness. 

Some students are simply just bored or do not have a good understanding of the material.  They may not comprehend what they’re supposed to be doing, or what the expectations are in order to excel in certain subject, or perhaps even how to study and develop good study habits.   For teachers it is also about engaging students in class to keep up their student’s interest and attention.  

Furthermore, with busy working parents, many children  get home from school unsupervised, so they may not feel the need or interest in doing their homework.  Obviously, some of these students won’t bother with homework and fall further behind,  can easily then lose confidence and motivation. Certain kids are more easily distracted,  end up browsing the internet, or watching TV, or playing a computer game. Therefore after school academic programs or private tutoring services help students not only to excel in their studies but add the necessary structure to help develop good study skills and habits. 

 Alternative Resources for Helping Struggling Students Outside of the Classroom 

Guidance counsellors can help struggling students manage their studies, workloads and schedules and even provide future study and career guidance for motivation.  They can even help them to organise, review or catch up with their work. However when a student needs more academic support tutoring it may be necessary to look beyond the limited resources of school tutoring. The good news is there are many resources now available that can help the struggling student find the exact type of after school tutoring program suited for him or her. 

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The objective of tutoring is to encourage students to learn. (Source: StartupStockPhotos)

Why not start looking for outside help?

Thanks to digital technologies, it’s never been easier to find these kinds of services. There are many educational resources available online.

As parents we should aim to help students before they fail an exam, and identify the struggling student for the onset of difficulties.

A Complementary Solution: Academic Support

Academic support from specialised companies or through private tutorials at home are also ways for parents to help their children with their studies.

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Getting help from a private tutor can help you overcome all of your learning obstacles. (Source: sasint)

In academic support market has been booming in recent years. Academic support is a great solution for students in primary school, secondary school, college, and even university.

There are a few different options for students:

  • Free academic support tutorials from charitable organisations.
  • Companies that provide private tutorials for individuals or small groups.
  • Platforms that help students find private tutors for one on one instruction in any subject.
  • Platforms for academic support online.

 There are now many options that are available for all budgets. In the past, private tuition was once just for the upper classes, but due to the competitive nature of the market, private tutorials are available for almost everyone.

There are many tutoring companies that offer both online tutoring services and one on one home tutoring. If you need to find a tutor,  Superprof provides a quick search for different subjects being taught by tutoring near you.

In fact, there are plenty of different academic subjects you can learn about:

  • Maths (calculus, algebra, trigonometry, etc.)
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.)
  • Study skills, exam and test prep.
  • Languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

If general academic success is your goal, you can also get a reading or writing tutor to help with overall academic success. If you’re a private tutor, Superprof also allows you to easily start private tutoring and find tutoring jobs. You just need to create a profile and start providing quality instruction.  Consider offering free tutoring for the first hour as an introduction. To be the best tutor, ensure that your one on one tutoring is individually tailored to each student so they can see the benefits of supplemental instruction and tutoring.  

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