Named after the triple-peaked hill ‘Mount Royal’ in the centre of the city, Montréal is one of the most popular and visited cities in Canada, and next biggest after Toronto and a two hour drive from the countries capital of Ottawa has something to offer everyone. This beautiful city follows a three-phase education systemPrimary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary. And the city takes pride in becoming one of the top places for students to get an education. And with this, a private tutor is so important or even necessary in helping students achieve the Montréal education standards as well as becoming the best student version of themselves.


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A confident child is a happy child. How to achieve it? By finding a private tutor. Private tutoring does not only help a child in improving their knowledge, but it also boosts their confidence and builds other important learning skills.

Perhaps, you may feel like a typical parent in Montréal that your child is having struggles in school and you may not have enough time to assist them. Then, getting a private tutor would be one of the most helpful decisions you will ever make. A private tutoring lesson at home will allow your child to catch up with the lessons at school.

One-on-one sessions will provide more hands-on learning for your child, compared to a classroom set-up where the teacher has to consider about 30 students. This helps children who struggle to get the confidence they need to show up in class and learn better. That’s because children who are prepared are more confident than those who are not.

Still needs some convincing? Read on the article and see how private tutoring can benefit your child.

Private tutoring is becoming more popular in many countries, including Montréal, because of its proven effectiveness in improving a student’s academic performance. What’s more, it also develops the child’s self-esteem and other learning skills that will help him succeed later on in life. Indeed, finding a tutor will surely have a positive impact on the child. Here are the advantages of getting a private tutor.

Customised Lessons

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The biggest advantage of having a private tutor is that each lesson can easily be customised to suit a student’s ability. Private tutors adjust their focus, goals, pace, and even their teaching style depending on the needs of the student. This is to ensure that a child’s full potential is being maximised. This is very helpful for students with learning disorders such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.

Private tutoring also gives tutors the freedom to choose materials and learning tools that they deem useful for the student. Unlike school lessons where learning style can be too serious, lessons with a private tutor are less formal and can be very creative. Students are given new materials and are introduced to fun activities to prevent boredom. Playing cards? Solving puzzles? Drawing sessions? They can do all that while pushing their learning boundaries.

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Freedom to Choose A Tutor

The best thing about finding a private tutor in Montréal is the freedom to choose the right one for your child. Someone whose qualifications, expertise, experience, and even personality will match the student’s. It is important that parents pick a tutor that their child is comfortable learning with. Of course, you also need to choose someone whom you can trust!

Getting the right tutor that can engage and inspire a learner will make a big difference because students will respond better. With a wide range of private tutors available in Montréal, you’ll surely find one whose strength and teaching style will match your child.

More Conducive for Learning

Since private tutoring is normally one-on-one, the tutor and the student will develop a closer relationship with each other, but still at a very professional level. This means the teacher will be able to get to know the student and easily spot his weaknesses. In response, the teacher will provide the needed assistance.

On the other hand, your child who might be shy in the classroom would be more confident in asking questions and expressing himself. It’s definitely easier to ask questions without your peer’s judgment, right?

Another positive thing about private lessons is the time and attention that a student will receive from the tutor. There is no doubt that tutors can fully focus their attention on just one student which is a huge advantage compared to a class of thirty students. With fewer distractions, both the student and the teacher will be able to work on the student’s weak points in a more effective way.

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Help with Homework and Tests Preparation

Homework and tests are daunting for students. If left on their own, they may just work through it without actually understanding the subject. Others would memorise or create notes that are only good for short term memory.

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However, having a tutor who will keep the student focused and engaged ensures that homework is completed and the student is well-prepared for tests. Well, you don’t want a mental block to happen! So, it’s important for a child to be all geared up for a test.

The advice, tips, and assistance that a tutor can provide will be valuable to the student’s learning. The help that tutors offer does not last only for just one homework or test.  They ensure that students gain long-term knowledge and skills in creating their own study plans in the future.

Flexible and Convenient

Montréal can be a busy place for some and one of the reasons people hire a private tutor is because it’s flexible and convenient. Most often, private tutors come to your house at any time you ask them to. Yes! You don’t need to get out of your comfort zone.

Plus, with the growth of online tutors, scheduling a private lesson has become easier. Tutor sessions can now occur anywhere and anytime. Some even have private tutoring sessions on their mobile phones. How convenient is that?!

For some parents, hiring a private tutor can be the most practical option to help out their children. With the heavy workload and busy schedules, parents are left with limited time to assist their children. As studies are becoming more advanced, a private tutor with the necessary skills will definitely benefit both students and parents.

Improve Attitude Towards Learning And School

The influence of a private tutor is not limited to the student’s academic performance.  The private tutor helps create a healthy and positive environment for learning. And the private tutor can also be a role model of the student which will naturally influence the student’s attitude towards school.

Gain Self-Confidence and Independence

Did you know that most students get low grades because of self-doubt? Most of them think they’re never getting any better at a subject. Or that they are doom to fail. Pressures, distractions, and low motivation may have caused their negative image but that shouldn’t be the case.

Getting a private tutor will definitely improve their self-esteem and confidence because they are provided with the right resources and skills. With constant encouragement from a person who believes in them, students will have a better attitude towards learning. As a result, they will become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

Focused Attention

Aside from self-doubt, many students perform poorly in school simply because they can’t focus. During tutorial lessons, Students are less likely to be distracted. A private tutor can also help students to feel more comfortable and relaxed. The students can study without interruption and their attention to things will eventually be enhanced. The enhanced attention that the students will get can also be beneficial to other things such as developing a talent or pursuing a passion.

Still thinks your child doesn’t need a tutor? Guess what! Canadian parents are found to be hiring private tutors not just for students who need help. In fact, a number of high-achieving students have private tutors to help them improve their ability to learn and think independently. Yes, a private tutorial is not only designed for weak students. It is offered to all students who want to progress in their academic.

Online Private Tutoring

Finding a Tutor in Montréal has never been easier. You can find a perfect tutor online. Plus, the lessons can even be conducted online as well. The results of online private tutoring are just comparable to traditional face-to-face-tutoring. But online tutoring offers a particularly inexpensive and more convenient service by using the current technologies available. You can also choose your own environment that works for you: be it your study table, your bedroom, or even outside your place such as in coffee shops, or local gyms. This also means you don’t have to commute to tutorial centres for a session. You can save your time commuting for other more productive activities instead. Of course, did we already mention that the fees for online private tutoring are relatively lower? Yes, it is much lower than a face to face tutorial. For most students and parents, private online tutoring is more preferable.

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