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Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is a dynamic showcase city of more than one million citizens. It’s situated in Ontario at the border of Quebec and an area where you will hear English or French uttered in the streets.

Ottawa also has a lot of schools to choose from. It provides high-value English and French education in public, private, and religious school systems. Most schools in the city offer high-quality education, with the average students scoring higher than the provincial averages in most areas of writing, reading, and Math.

With that said, a private tutor is essential in guiding and helping Ottawa students achieve the standard education and also becoming one of the excellent students in their generation.

Private Tutor

A confident child is also a satisfied child. And to achieve that, you need to find a private tutor Ottawa. It doesn’t only let your children boost their knowledge, but it also helps improve their confidence and establish other vital learning abilities.

You may probably feel like a usual parent in Ottawa that your kids are struggling in school, and you may not be able to provide enough time to help them. Then, hiring a private tutor online would be one of the best decisions that you need to consider. Having the lesson at your home will let your kids catch up with their lessons at school.

The environment around your home makes their learning easy and stress-free, which is necessary for younger students, especially those will special needs. In setting up tutoring lessons for your school-aged learner or yourself, you can ask the tutor to come to your house at a pre-arranged schedule.

Benefits of Private Tutoring for Students

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Private tutoring Ottawa has become increasingly popular, which is not surprising since it’s specifically effective in enhancing not only the academic grades of students but also their practical knowledge of an extensive range of subjects. There are plenty of reasons why private tutoring can have a positive effect on a student’s capabilities.

Here are a few benefits of getting a private Ottawa tutoring service.

More time and attention through one-on-one teaching

One of the most significant positive impacts of private tutoring is the amount of time a student will have from a teacher. Since a private tutorial is typically a one-to-one basis, the tutor can focus his or her full attention on the student.

It is a huge benefit compared to a class setting of 20 - 30 students where a teacher’s time is divided, and it is very easy for individuals to get lost in the crowd. When the tutor has fewer distractions, he or she will be able to work on the pupil’s weak points, making the entire learning process more efficient.

Customised Lessons

One of the most significant advantages of getting a private tutor is that he or she will work at the right pacing for the student. A lot of times, lesson plans that’s usually used in the classroom are fast-moving and time-sensitive. A private tutor can teach a lesson that’s a bit slower, and the pupil will be able to ask questions right away without being in a high-pressure environment.


Admit it - a private tutor is convenient. You can have it at the comforts of your own home, anytime, and anywhere.

If your kids hate waking up early in the morning, their brain may not function during those tiring lessons in the morning that they’re forced to attend. They can come home after their classes, take a short nap, and then take a shower to feel refreshed for an evening tutorial class where they can gain more learnings.

Compared to going for tutorial centre classes, the convenience of having a private tutor also saves you a lot of money and time.

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Receive assistance with homework and test practice

Homeworks are usually boring and sometimes a discouraging experience for students. Many of them will work through it without focusing on the subject, especially if they’re left with their own devices. And this situation becomes more of a box-checking exercise.

Having a private tutor who’s able to keep the attention and interest of the student will guarantee that the homework is not only done with a higher standard, but it also ensures that it is more effective in regards to what a student can learn from it.

Tutors can also be efficient in terms of preparing for a test. The assistance and advice that they provide ranges from the arranging of revision to fixing weak points in the pupil’s knowledge.

Boosts self-confidence

Everyone wants to do well at school and have a meaningful experience throughout our primary years of education. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A surprising number of students are struggling with their studies, and thus, fighting with their self-esteem.

If they won’t be able to perform well in school, it leaves the students feeling incompetent in the classroom and with their friends. Having a lack of self-confidence sometimes spills over into other areas of a child’s life since there’s a constant reminder of the struggles that he or she is facing at school. Also, most students don’t feel confident in asking questions during class because they’re afraid of what their classmates may think of them.

Thus, questions are left unanswered, which can lead to further dismay and stress when tests or exams are fast approaching. That’s why being able to uplift a student’s self-confidence is of crucial importance and one of the top advantages of having a private tutor.

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Learn outside the syllabus

Regular education in schools needs to follow a curriculum, but private tutors can teach you anything you want to learn. With the right tutorial agency, you can choose from all types of tutors, such as working professionals, PhDs, university lecturers, etc.

One advantage of engaging such tutors is that because they’re not just the usual teachers. Private tutors can give unique experiences and insights that connect ordinary textbook principles to reality.

For instance, you can get a university lecturer with experience in scientific research to teach your child Science. With his or her experience and perspective, you can ensure that the boring science concepts can be brought to life. If you want your kid to be smart academically, it’s essential to develop their perspectives by learning more than what they can gain in the syllabus and finding meaning to what they learn.

A more exciting form of study and materials

Lessons taught in schools can be quite strict in their style of learning, since they usually have goals set, and they mostly rely on textbooks. Fortunately, private tutors have a less formal approach and are more flexible. Tutors are free to use their own materials and learning styles, which they think are most useful.

And because of this, students will be able to encounter new materials that they don’t usually see in the school. These adjustments can be of great help since they make the student become more interested, and at the same time pushing to their limits.

Positive work environment

Teaching is becoming a highly stressful form of employment, and sometimes, the passion that the teachers have is gone as the pressure of planning, deadlines, marking, as well as teaching a lot of subjects may severely restrain the teacher’s eagerness for their work. So, how can you expect the students to get excited about what they’re going to learn when everything is taught to them in a hurried manner?

One of the benefits of private tuition is that every tutor has a passion and love for what they are teaching and a strong desire to help others develop within themselves. Lessons from a private tutor will open your mind to learning in a far different way compared to regular schooling. A person who’s very excited about what he or she is going to teach has a powerful impact on your learning since subjects that were once boring are now engaging.

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How to Find a Tutor in Ottawa

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The education of your child is always a priority over everything else. Here’s how to find a tutor Ottawa if they’re struggling with their schoolwork.

Search within your network - Before looking at private tutors and overpriced agencies, you can try looking for someone you know who already has experience working with students in the past. Whether he or she is your aunt or uncle, a close family friend, or even an immediate family member, you can’t go wrong with finding someone you already know.

Look into tutoring agencies - if you can’t find anyone in your direct network, try to search into well-known tutoring near me or yours. They usually have a list of tutors primed and ready for you.

Contact your school - one of the options that you can consider is simply reaching out to the school that your child goes to. Sometimes, schools also have school tutoring programs that they offer to the pupils at a very low price or for free.

Check and read reviews - most often, if a site is offering Ottawa tutoring, there are also a lot of available reviews for potential hires, mainly if they already have established a name in the business. You need to make sure that you must take all reviews with a grain of salt since there are reviews that you can trust wholeheartedly.

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