Is having extra one to one lessons useful before and during a child’s primary school years? Some consider this baby-sitting in disguise. With Superprof, private tuition for preschool and primary age children focuses on long-term advantages, as tutors familiarise children with the fundamentals of each subject. Academic tutoring services are definitely not baby-sitting. But is teaching young children ever unnecessary? A PISA report showed that the UK ranks 27th out of 70 countries when it comes to maths – so why not lend your child a hand and find them a tutor? Let’s have a look at all they ways that supplemental instruction from private lessons could help your under-11.

Discovery with Home Tuition for the Little Ones

In the first instance, it is important to consider that private tuition could be a good opportunity for young children to have a taste of new subjects. This is all about informally introducing them to different disciplines. Your child can, for example, see if they enjoy music by learning a new instrument. Lessons in dance, sports and even a foreign language can open up a whole world of discovery for young children.

It is important that the child feels free to explore different horizons without the pressure or expectations of school.

Home tutoring sessions must be fun and engaging for students, to give them the motivation to realise their full potential. For the little ones, tutors often prefer that parents stay and take part in activities. This promotes the sharing of ideas and discussion between parent and child. From the age of 4, children become slightly more independent. This is a good age for them to pick up a musical instrument or begin dance lessons, where they can gain a sense of rhythm and melody. You should be able to find a tutor on Superprof.

Give young learners a taste of new things with no pressure
Let kids discover in an informal way ¦ source: Pixabay - bodobe
At this young age, children will be getting ready to begin their academic careers, so it’s important that they view learning in a positive way. This can be achieved by teaching in a calm environment with playful methods. However, it is critical that children are not brought into an academic mindset too early, since this risks putting them off school in the future. The aim of opening up the world of learning to young children is to help them discover and develop an appreciation for the activity or subject in question. Kids learn by moving, playing and touching. In other words, they learn through play. Experiencing the world around them helps young children develop an understanding of numerous disciplines such as art and sport, which can indirectly lead to the acquisition of new skills. Taking lessons in music, dance or art lets children exploit their natural curiosity and creativity to reveal their talents and fulfil their potential. Calling on the help of a private tutor for this discovery allows children to experience a new sport, subject or musical instrument in a professional and focussed, yet calm and open setting.

Learning Letters and Numbers with Personal Tutors

For primary school pupils attending infant or junior school, focussing on basic English and maths skills with a private tutor can help them get to grips with topics on the school syllabus, as well as making sure that they do not get left behind. In school, children are taught according to the national curriculum. In primary school, they learn the fundamentals of each subject, including spelling, reading comprehension, and counting. Having a good command of these basic skills will serve as a firm foundation on which to build their knowledge in the future. One to one tutoring gives them the opportunity to consolidate new knowledge and put it into practice. This is the reason why taking private lessons at a young age can have such an impact later on in a child’s academic career. A focus on learning and using basic skills and addressing any difficulties in the early years will provide learners with a strong start to learn more advanced topics in the future. So, taking private lessons alongside school study really can change everything. If your young child is showing signs of difficulty in a subject or you can see gaps in their learning, it is essential that these gaps are not allowed to widen upon starting school, where incomplete knowledge of the basics could cause problems later on at secondary school. Putting your child in driving seat of their learning will work wonders for their self-esteem and give them the motivation to do well. Home tutoring also enriches a child’s learning by delving deeper into subjects to explore the hows and whys of each detail. With this approach to learning, the child develops a desire to constantly learn and improve their skills, eventually growing up as a well-rounded individual. The individualised approach of a private tutor helps the learner understand their own learning style and develop effective revision strategies that can be used throughout their lives. The face to face relationship between tutor and tutee means children are free to ask any questions they may have about the course content, and in return, tutors UK provide helpful and well-explained answers. One to one tuition in maths and English helps students with three essential study skills: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Foundation skills such as learning to read, write and count will be used for the rest of a child's life
Master reading, writing and arithmetic with the help of a personal tutor ¦ source: Pixabay - Kurt Niemans
These ‘3 R’s’ are of utmost importance in a child’s life. At the age of around 6 to 9 years old, grammar and homework help from an in-home educator guarantees that a child will fulfil their potential in learning and use newly acquired skills. so why hesitate to get in touch with a reading tutor, math tutor or start looking for writing tutors in your area? You could ask at the nearest tutoring center to find the right tutor with a good hourly rate. Children benefit from support in addition to their formal education with quality teaching from a private tutor. Their methodology and regularity allows children to learn at their own pace in a calm environment where their personal progress can be tracked and teaching can be modified accordingly.

Find a Tutor who uses Sensory Teaching Methods

The best tutors can give and recommend workshops to help children discover their 5 senses. Sound, smell, touch, taste and sight are the five senses children use to make sense of the world around them and gain independence. Learning, whether general or academic, depends on the learner using their five senses. For this reason, private tuition can play a big part in academic success as it encourages sensory progress. In music workshops or classes, children and toddlers develop a sense of tone, rhythm and harmony using their sense of hearing. Music tutors introduce their students to the basics of music theory and how to play a given instrument. This type of teaching can begin at the age of 4 or 5 years old. Be sure to take care when choosing a teacher for these kinds of practical lessons. Find out what makes them the right person for the job, for example, find recommendations from other parents and introduce them to your child to make sure they like the tutor. A good relationship between teacher and pupil is essential to making significant progress at every level, beginner, Intermediate and advance. Depending on the age of your child, there are several options for sensory lessons:

  • Tasting new foods in cookery workshops can surprise children’s taste buds
  • Through tasting, children discover the different flavours and smells
  • Cookery workshops also help develop motor skills and creativity
  • In writing workshops, children exercise their imaginations and perfect their writing skills
  • Art workshops let children experience new materials, use of colour and stimulate inventiveness

Taking a sensory approach to learning is particularly useful for children with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) such as dyslexia, who benefit from receiving information through various channels. This type of learning encourages the use of all senses for processing information and shows children the fun side of learning.

Private Tutoring: A Lot More than Child Care

Hiring a home tutor is a lot more than a way to keep your child occupied for an hour or so. One on one tuition gives your child the opportunity to take their learning further. Home tutors have all of the professional teaching skills of a certified teacher, which are recognised with a teaching diploma or certificate for completing another kind of course.

Kids take in information through many channels. Show them the fun side to learning with a hands-on approach.
Learning doesn't have to be pen and paper ¦ source: Pixabay - Efraimstochter
Tutors come from all backgrounds. They may be a former school teacher or adult educator, while others have experience in other professional areas which enables them to become a tutor. Private tutors can draw on the strengths and weaknesses of each child create an individualised learning plan and are completely unlike babysitters, who don’t need to have any kind of teaching experience to do their job. At Superprof, we know that each of these professions is completely different from the other. This is why tutoring jobs with Superprof do not involve any sort of childcare or babysitting responsibilities. Some parents, however, still get the two concepts mixed up.

Tutoring and babysitting require completely different skills. In addition to patience, tutors must have teaching abilities and a talent for helping children fulfil their potentials.

The ‘private’ nature of in home tutoring means that the student benefits from the full, undivided attention of their tutor. Improved communication leads to better progress from which the pupil would not necessarily benefit without tutoring. The teacher is not there to entertain or look after your child. They represent a valuable way to help a learner take charge of their education and open the door to many opportunities. Mentoring from a private tutor help children to succeed in the future. Find tutors on Superprof:

  • Bristol tutors
  • London Tutors
  • A level tutors
  • Birmingham Tutors
  • Edinburgh tutors

One on one tutoring gives students the best start in their education so that further on, they will have the right study skills to do their own effective test preparation in the run up to exams, or even act as a peer tutor themselves. Parents just want the best for their kids. When it comes to education, you want your child to achieve mastery of basic knowledge and academic skills which will serve them in future academic achievement. Private tutors aren't just reserved for students at school. Many people benefit from tuition all the way to university. You also want them to blossom in harmony with the world around them and not feel under pressure. So why hesitate to find them a tutor?

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