One of the magical features of making music is putting together different perspectives and work philosophy to establish harmony. Each performance, like any other band, all your audience, is special. 

Canada embraces a philosophy of process-based teaching method, and it is, for you to reach your goals, you need to focus on the musical path.

As students expand their "Musician's Toolbox" such as musician survival skills, performance savvy, music theory, musicianship, and technical knowledge,  students build up an appreciation of different music styles. 

Transferable skills like project management, presentation, communication, and self-assessment, and active listening skills are also developed when taking guitar lessons in Canada.  

A combination of Canada's music lessons and the students' transferable talents train them not only for a future music career but also for the ability to overcome a lot of difficulties and challenges in everyday life." 

Every performance you make in Canada is unique. Students can explore musical collaboration through special group projects and classes.

Studying With the ABRSM

Reaching Your Musical Goal in Canada. Source: Unsplash

What is ABRSM? ABRSM is guaranteed to be a credible organization and it's not a term for a serious illness!

It is essential to acknowledge that ABRSM plays a beneficial role both in Canada and overseas. 

How can this be? For instance, it is essential to understand fully that there is an examination committee that determines the range of levels needed to be completed and the lessons to somehow be assessed before learning on how many examination grades there are, and  ABRSM plays this role.

Canada has been completing the essential function of conducting musical assessments for musical instruments including guitar, piano, drum, etc.

Although ABRSM is based in the United Kingdom and has started there, it has become a global organization conducting music examinations to more than 600,000 applicants in almost a hundred countries including Canada, and that's amazing!

So why learn a stringed instrument like a guitar with such an examination board? It is An exceptional issue that a majority of music enthusiasts have asked, so this demands a conclusive response, it's just much greater than to prefer learning on your own.  

However, to make things clearer, this following list identifies some of the reasons why should students  take an ABRSM examination:

Teacher Support

Do you have a music-based issue and do need assistance resolving it? Don't stress yourself.  the instructor's here to help! 

Providing customized videos to enhance your guitar lessons including tips and tricks from a group of experienced music instructors and some accessible tools that provide training strategies and reading sets, ABRSM instructor encourages an outstanding option for everyone who seeks extra support.

Professional Examiners

There is a qualification for a variety of professional evaluators since they've been evaluating many students who want to pass through to the completion of grade examinations, and, fortunately, there seem to be a great number of them in the ABRSM.

ABRSM exam boards are pioneers in their vocation and truly understand how to assess learners to create a successful achiever among them.

Access to Resources

There are plenty of online resources, mobile apps, and textbooks to ensure students achieve high music exam results, making the learning experience much fun.


ABRSM's way of organizing the examination grades earns a great deal of respect. Each class contains various pieces that need to be studied, arpeggios and scales which need to be mastered, and aural testing which enhances overall listening abilities.

Skipping Guitar Grades With the ABRSM

Skipping Guitar Grades with the ABRSM. Source: Unsplash

If you take ABRSM you are making the best moves ever towards making an effort to learn guitar! 

Although you might have some divided opinions about how to master a musical instrument, a great solution is to find assistance from the world-renowned exam board. Since  ABRSM programs are excellently structured, evaluators have completely skilled professionals, and with music theory, hands-on instruction is perfectly blended.

Furthermore, students encounter a bit of pressure before they begin to study the guitar with the ABRSM as there are Eight grade levels of practical evaluations they need to complete. But, what if you could skip some grades? Will you feel better about it? Well, I  think so! 

While the ABRSM does not openly endorse it if you have the skills to take on the more complicated details from the get-go, Practical Guitar grades may be skipped.

It is possible to move ahead since ABRSM guitar grade levels are organized comparatively with the same details: 

  • It is necessary to choose three musical pieces, 
  • Analyzed sight-reading 
  • Aural examinations must be completed 
  • learning of new scales and arpeggios 

The only distinction between each grade is the ABRSM examiner's difficulty level and standards.

Therefore, if you feel like you can disregard some grade levels such as two and three and move on to grade-level four after discussing it with your guitar instructor in Canada, then, take the chance!  

There is one factor that must be kept in mind before you skip your guitar grades. what is it? Levels can only be skipped before reaching Grade level 5.

Why is this? Based on the ABRSM rules and policies, an applicant must have completed the Grade 5 exam in Music Theory or alternative courses like Solo Jazz Instrument and Practical Musicianship before moving on to intermediate guitar levels six, seven and eight. 

If you cannot prove that you've gone through the guitar grade level 5 successfully, you would not be able to start a Grade 6 lecture with the ABRSM.

It is also necessary to indicate that Grade Level 5 similarities are accepted by examination committees established in other countries such as Australia, Ireland, the US and especially Canada.   

So, keep in mind that if you are an intermediate level student who can do better with the more difficult information from an earlier level, skipping grade level is possible for you.

Features of A Guitarist: Which one are you in?  

Features of a Guitarist. Which one are you in? Source: Unsplash

The chess game has been said to take a few minutes to understand and a lifetime to achieve, but wouldn't that be accurate for almost everything?

An instrument like a guitar is usually the very first instrument you can consider as you think of techniques, ability,  and facilities on an instrument. The concept is simple and clear: put your left thumb there, take your best pick and keep the momentum going.

The guitar's uniqueness seems to be achieving level one, and it's not too hard, especially with the help of your guitar instructor in Canada. There is A lot of interesting music, in real life, produced by people with awesome facilities.  And typically, you want to learn to play and aim to be great to rock the mind of the people. 

This is a brief description of the 10  Guitarist level so that you can assess yourself and reach your goal as a guitarist. Who holds the highest levels and based on your current skill, what level are you in?

Campfire Guitarist

You know much of the root-position chord progressions, and you can perform it at a medium tempo with no errors. 

Three-chord Strummer

Without making any major errors, you can strum a three-chord track, more or less on the rhythm.


You have a solid, powerful presence and can play in various genres seamlessly. You master music just immediately, both by sheet music and ear music. On many scales, time signatures, and keys, you will solo with fluency and spirit. 

Within the style you're dealing in, you always play exceptionally and pleasing to the eye and you can make jaws drop at any moment. and yet you are still a guitar beginner, still practicing and trying to be better.

Stunt Guitarist

With your impressive tempo, technique and flexibility, you can play music specifically the ones that you composed to inspire listeners. And you're also an amazing guitarist and if possible, you don't want to use this sort of virtuosity. With a powerful truly unique voice, you're an exceptional recording artist.

Virtuoso Guitarist

You can manage everything thrown at you from some band and have established a unique style that is your brand. With your original style, you create a great resolution, fascinating songs and continuously inspiring listeners with your ability and techniques. Through various styles, you're an effective guitar player.

Rock-star Guitarist

You're such a powerful performer that you can take the spontaneous role in a stage show while your whole team heads out for a glass of wine. Smooth, appropriate and tasteful are your main functions. 

With unique chord progressions, you can play and compose at the same time. With your music, you're so comfortable that you can focus solely on efficiency, stage presence, and emotion.

Rock 'n' roll Guitarist

With style and personality, you can handle most classic rock hits, perform practiced tempo and leading pieces. With a musical piece, you're able to bring in to produce the iconic sounds of a powerful, skilled band. You can bring the guitar part of a band at every moment and declare oneself as a lead guitar player.


The best deal by taking guitar examination is that you can discover more of yourself and your performance, it is far greater than any other achievement, and as long as it gets done appropriately. Practicing your guitar skill with your tutor for your exam is one of the preparations that you can do to achieve positive outcomes.

Find out more about guitar lessons in Canada.

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