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You’re probably reading this because you’re looking for a sign to finally push through with those Arabic classes. You’ve probably been briefed about how difficult it is to learn it and yet, even those horror stories couldn’t shake off your interest in the language. 

Well, you’ve opened the right link. 

We’ve listed several reasons why you should definitely study Arabic despite all the challenges that await you. We’re here to say that it’s definitely not something that should deter you; in fact, it should excite you as the language is as beautiful as it is complex.

Ready to be convinced even further? Here are the most common and convincing reasons why you should definitely take those sessions.

Different Reasons to Learn the Arabic Language

The idea of learning a new language isn’t fairly new to each of us. A lot of schools have long incorporated the teaching of a different language—mostly western languages—into its curriculum in order to make students a little bit bi- or multi-lingual. 

However, not all students took these classes quite seriously. Maybe because they weren’t given any choice on what language they wanted to learn, or perhaps they didn’t really understand the reasons or advantages that came with being multilingual. 

You, on the other hand, are now looking into learning Arabic, a language that’s often deemed as one of the most difficult ones to learn in the world. It’s only just a matter of whether you understand the advantages of learning it and actually decide to take up classes. 

But, why do you want to study Arabic?

You might already have an answer, or you might still be searching for one. Regardless, here are some reasons—or advantages—to learn the Arabic language. 

Job Opportunities in Western Countries

There has always been such a high demand for Arabic speakers in western countries. Not many can translate Arabic to English and vice-versa, which is why there’s a high demand for such. 

Only a few individuals, including yourself, take an interest in learning this language which makes it even more advantageous. By having a low supply of translators, you can find several long-term and short-term job opportunities using this simple yet useful skill. 

More and more westerners are looking to form partnerships with Arab countries because of the resources that are found there. By working as a translator for these people, you’re able to find yourself countless jobs—some of which can be done through referrals. 

This is also considered to be a useful skill that gives an extra brownie points to your resume. Whatever field you’re in, knowing how to speak Arabic will provide to be useful one way or another. 

Growing Market in the Arab World

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for opportunities or an employee who wants to climb up the social ladder, you'll find this section quite interesting. 

The markets in Arab countries have shown impressive growth over the years and have shown a bright and promising future. The only challenge is the language. Sure you can get a translator for yourself, or your partners for themselves, but there’s nothing like hearing the words firsthand. 

Growing Market in the Arab World. Source: Pixabay

Your ability to communicate directly to your potential Arab partners will eliminate a gap and a barrier between you both which can easily speed up the process. 

If you’re an aspiring employee, this will make you such a promising candidate and will probably propel you to a higher position much faster. Learning the language opens so many doors to more than 20 countries that have Arabic as a primary language.

Convenient Travels in Arabic Countries

Although Arab countries are also well-versed in English, there’s nothing like travelling to an Arab country where you get to really understand all the signs and words that you see. 

It also adds to the experience that you will have once you get to immerse yourself in their culture and traditions. Plus it makes the entire trip quite convenient as you won’t have a language barrier and that you get to actually say what you want without much difficulty. 

Moreover, it won’t be so difficult for the locals to talk to you if you speak their dialect or language. Just don’t forget to bring your handy dictionary or Google some common phrases if you’re not yet that used to speaking their dialect. 

In Depth Understanding of a Culture 

Learning Arabic allows you to have an in-depth understanding of a culture quite unique from yours. No countries have the same traditions which is why it is so advantageous if you  really understand their language. 

From the stories commonly told in households to the food that they eat, the Arabic language holds so much intricacy that you won’t be able to miss once you fully grasp the alphabet and how the entire language works.

History books and museum trips will also be a different experience since you can already understand the words yourself. And it's also a way for you to understand their way of life since a language can be a reflection of how common people think and communicate within a country. 

General Understanding of Multiple Dialects 

The language is composed of around 30 dialects spoken in different countries. Learning basic Arabic is just the introduction to these dialects, which is why so many classes encourage you to decide on a dialect early on so that you can focus on it in the latter parts of your education. 

Once you have mastered basic Arabic, it’s much easier to learn different dialects; although, this could also be a challenge since each dialect might have different forms of words. 

In relation to one of the previous reasons, it’s going to be even more convenient travelling from one country to another if you learn their language. Not only are you quickly going to adapt in their words and signages, but it won’t be so hard deciphering casual conversations when you’re out on the street. 

Bridge Between Cultures

For so many years, there have been misconceptions and misunderstandings between western and middle eastern countries. You could be one of the people that bridge these two cultures to each other and help each other understand one another. 

Being part of a western culture, you’re able to understand their culture from your perspective and you’re able to see which parts are similar and which are misunderstood. You can be that person who helps other people understand better and break the stigma that stemmed from these misconceptions.

You’ll also easily show the beauty of the Arab culture to people you know because you can understand their language and interpret it. 

Finding a Private Arabic Tutor in Canada 

Okay, enough about the reasons why you should take those classes because we wouldn't want to overwhelm you with so many advantages! 

Instead, we’ll walk you through a different kind of learning opportunity. Language schools or group classes aren’t the only learning methods out there to teach you Arabic. There’s still one more way!

Arabic Helps You Have Convenient Travels in Arab Countries. Source: Pixabay

It’s private tutoring. 

Private tutoring is a one-on-one learning method between a tutor and a tutee—the tutee being you. The schedule of sessions is dependent on the availability and preference of the tutee, giving the tutee freedom to choose to learn whenever he or she wants. 

The entire program is personalized and crafted according to the tutee’s strengths, weakness, preferences, and interests. All the attention is given to the tutee so that they’re able to learn as quickly and effectively as they can. 

This could be you if you choose to find your own private tutor. But since this might be new to you, you probably don’t know where to find one. 

Lucky for you, Superprof has a long list of private Arabic tutors ready to teach you whenever you want, however you want. On top of that, you can also narrow down the list by simply typing in your location.

You’ll see their rates, descriptions, and reviews made by former students so you can decide on who’s a good fit for you and your learning preferences. Once you’ve found the right tutor for you, immediately send them a message so that you can start learning ASAP. 

What are you waiting for? Scroll through Superprof today!


By now, we’re pretty sure that you’ve decided to take on those classes. It’s not going to be an easy ride but the advantages of learning Arabic will eventually outweigh the challenges you will face once you start learning. 

Learning this language doesn’t only give you a leverage when applying for different kinds of jobs, but also gives you a unique experience and understanding of a culture so unique and different from your own. 

Don’t hesitate to book those classes today!

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