By now, you must think that there are enough resources and information about the physical features of the earth. After all, most lands and territories are now established and we have maps and satellites to explore the remaining undiscovered ones. 

So why do people still looking for options to study geography?

As the significant line goes, “the only thing constant is change.” That’s absolutely true, especially for several of earth’s features—climate change, evolution, migration, etc. 

A lot of things happen on earth and change comes along with these events. What was true several decades ago might not necessarily be true today. Needless to say, we need to keep exploring and understanding if we want to stay on top of these things. 

This is why geography still remains highly relevant and necessary to mankind. 

But it doesn’t end there, there are more reasons why you should geography. Read on to know more about these reasons as well as how you can study with a private tutor. 


Mountains and seas are dynamic earth features
Many seem to think the physical features of our world have always been there! Source: Pixabay Credit: Bess-Hamiti

Reasons to Study Geography

We’ve already established that the world is ever-changing and one of the ways to understand these changes is by studying geography. But there’s more to geography than just understanding these changes—we’re not just talking about the different branches and sub-branches it has.

In fact, we’ll enumerate all the reasons why you should study geography. 

See How the World Is Connected

If you’re not already aware, the world is actually more connected than you think. Countries may be separated by borders and oceans, but there’s always a point of connection. 

Whether it’s through trades of goods or migration of certain groups to another area, a connection exists between countries. As the world progressed through globalization, countries and peoples became more interdependent in order to thrive and survive. 

And you’ll discover several connections through geography. Once you go deeper into studies, you’ll get to understand how the world works through these connections. 

Understand How People Are Organized

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to move from one city to another. Some move to another city within the same country, but some choose to move to a whole new country. The reasons are far more complex than just wanting to travel and explore a new culture. 

Geography lets you understand why people choose to live in certain locations and how these people are organized all over the world. 

It could be that there are better opportunities for Geography careers or that the cost of living was more affordable for the lifestyle that they wanted. No matter the reason, you’ll get to find out once you pursue geography. 


You may become a surveyor with a geography degree
A background in geography will provide you with a steady career in regional planning Source: Pixabay Credit: Paul Br 75

Have Context for Significant Events

The world we know today is just a result of the various significant events that happened in the past. All these events happened for a reason and there were several factors that contributed to helping these events take place. 

One great example would be how Britain was able to spread its power all over the globe. The country is located in the English channel, where it was an essential factor to helping English troops travel across the sea. 

By having a context for several significant events, you’ll understand why certain things did happen and why some failed to see the light of day. 

Apply Expertise for Development 

Geographers know a lot of useful things for development; whether it’s for the development of a certain town or city or the development of technologies and systems to lessen impact of natural disasters. 

Given their knowledge on physical systems and cultures, several fields and professionals require inputs from geographers before they can actually proceed. This is why geographers are at a strategic position where they can work in a wide range of fields. 

While the course can be quite challenging itself, studying people, its cultures, and the earth’s physical systems has a huge leverage over other professions in terms of job opportunities. 

Make Wise Decisions on How Resources Should Be Used

The world’s resources are being depleted at a rapid rate and it won’t be long before these run out. What took a million years to create only takes a few years to consume. 

With that being said, geographers are crucial in making sure that we don’t burn down all the resources faster than they can be replaced. Backed with studies and theories, you can make responsible and sustainable actions that would be beneficial for all. 

Whether it’s to preserve resources, find alternatives, or slow down current consumption, geographers are some of the people that are credible enough to make these kinds of decisions. 

A GPS will not help you develop spatial skills
Consulting a GPS does little to develop your spatial analysis skills! Source: Pixabay Credit CFVI

Studying Geography with a Tutor

By now, you’re surely convinced that studying geography will be a wise decision for your future self. Not only does it cover a lot of areas and fields, but it also lets you understand how the world works beyond surface level—literally. 

You might already be looking for geography programs or courses in the country, if you’re not already enrolled in one right now. So, what could be your next step? 

Well, we’re here to say that a geography tutor might be the next best decision you can make. Before you even think it’s a useless move, we’ll justify our proposition. 

Geography can be a pretty challenging program, considering that you’re studying a lot of things happening on earth. Studying helps but if you can get the extra help, why let the opportunity pass? 

How Tutoring Works

Tutors are professionals who are experts in their chosen fields. They know a lot and they have the experience to back up all those theories you’re going to learn in school. These tutors aren’t your typical teachers in school, they’re a necessary support system outside classroom borders. 

Instead of repeating what you’ve already learned in class, they’re going to focus on the topics that you found difficult to understand. They’re going to help you get a grasp of these topics and make sure that you’re ready to proceed to the next one. 

If you’re too unmotivated to study, they’ll help you get back on your feet and ready to conquer the next big thing, or maybe just the next lesson. They’ll assure you that the topics can be understood your way and will arrange that for you. 

You won’t get bored during sessions because your tutor will make sure you’re learning through your own way, and not the old-school, outdated way. If you have your own method of studying, they’ll be glad to do it with you. 

You’ll also get additional practice to help you master your lessons. Tutoring doesn’t just simply end with passing on topics, it also includes a whole lot of practicing and checking your understanding. Don’t worry, this step will help you get better—if not perfect—scores in class.

Moreover, these tutors adjust to your schedule. Once you find a tutor that meets your requirements and is a suitable learning partner, then you can discuss a schedule that will work for you both. 

Where to Find Geography Tutors

Finding a geography tutor today is as easy as breathing—all thanks to the internet. You can just simply look up the keywords “geography tutor” on Google and you’ll immediately find websites and tutors nearby. 

But if you want to find tutors in a specific location, especially in Canada, then your best bet would be Superprof. This platform connects you to tutors near you, wherever you are!

Not only will you get a list of tutors, you’ll also see their rates and reviews left by former students. Plus, most tutors on this platform offer their first hour for free to help you guys establish rapport, discuss learning goals, and become comfortable with one another. 

Once you find the right tutor for you, you’ll find that it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made as a student. 

If you want to know more about whether tutoring is for you, read about the expenses you’ll incur with in-home tutoring or online tutoring. 


The world is constantly changing and the only way to keep up is to keep on studying and learning. Geography is just one of the programs that focus on this which is why it’s a course that might just never die. 

There are a lot of reasons to pursue this program, one of them being having a lot of opportunities after graduation. So if you plan on becoming a geography student, you might want to get yourself a tutor. 

Check out Superprof to find a tutor near you. Who knows, you might even graduate top of your class. 

If you want to know about how much it costs to study geography in Canada, then you might want to check this out

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