Typically, as we get older we become less active. This isn’t a shocking statistics to think about. If we think back to our younger years, even if we’re still a young 45 years old, when we were 10 years old we were running around playing all the time. Even seeing my nephew at 4, he never seems to run out of energy.  If we look at only walking statistics from ages 18-24 years old 33 percent achieved high levels of walking while only 20 percent at age 45-54 achieved high levels of walking. Why is this the case?

It’s no doubt we become busier as we get older. It’s not easy when you feel like you always have something to do. This could be taking care of your kids, work or dealing with adult issues. It’s hard to stay active. We can all make the assumption we become less active as we age, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Exercising. Source: Burst, Pexels.

What Does Getting Older Have To With Personal Training?

Increasing your physical activity can be extremely important to your health you shouldn’t have to miss out on the health benefits.

Health Benefits of Physical Activity

- low blood pressure

- lower cholesterol

- better energy

- better moods

- increase cardiorespiratory system

- stronger bones

This is where personal training comes in. I know the doubts or thoughts you're having. You don’t have time, you don’t have accountability, and you don’t want to get injured. Having a personal trainer in your corner can alleviate all of these thoughts. Your trainer can have you living a long healthy life. For more benefits of hiring a personal trainer, check out personal training in Vancouver.

You could have a goal like you wanted to lose weight, build strength, or build muscle. Or your goal could be just being healthy. Personal trainers are your guide book. Let’s address your thoughts.

You Don’t Have Time

Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day. Start by writing your time out. Put all your tasks for the day in a time slot. There will be an hour in there you can dedicate towards yourself.  Hiring a personal trainer can better this process. Every trainer you contact will be more than happy to work with you. They can work with you to find the perfect time in your day to give you a workout.

Setting a Schedule
Setting a Schedule. Source: Michaela, Pexels.

You Don’t Have Accountability

Maybe you’ve tried to get healthy before. You tried something new like going to the gym or eating better but you didn’t stick with it. This is okay. It can be hard to shift your current lifestyle to a new lifestyle. Your personal trainer will be able to hold you accountable every step of the way. They’ll be with you to motivate, encourage and guide you.

You Don’t Want to Be Injured

You could have a lagging injury or the thought of getting injured is stopping you from getting active. Your personal trainer will be able to have you working out safely. Personal trainers know the safest way to work out. A lot of time people get injured from physical activity by performing an exercise incorrectly. Your trainer will be with you every time you perform an exercise. They will get you past your fear.

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Personal Trainers To Get Started

Calgary has a lot of amazing personal trainers to check out. A few places to look into we’ll list down below. I don’t recommend hiring the first trainer you see on a website. Most personal trainers, if not all, will always offer a free workout or free consultation. It’s important to take this opportunity. You want to make sure your personal trainer is a good fit for you. You need to feel that they can truly benefit you. If you don't know what to ask your trainer, check out our article personal training in Ottawa.

Fifth Avenue Club – This gym is located right downtown Calgary. They’re a studio-style gym meaning they have a more personalized setting. They strive to give you the best service and as their site says “they want to know your name”.  Fifth Avenue is dedicated to servicing the Calgary area. They want to help everyone reach they’re fitness goals.  Their team of personal trainers is highly diverse with each trainer having their own backgrounds and expertise. Contact Fifth Avenue to meet with their trainers today.

Urban Athlete Studio – Right in the heart of Kensington Urban Athlete is a wonderful fitness facility. Their facility is clean, bright, spacious and fun! Urban Athlete wants you to have a great experience when you step into their studio. Again, they’re a studio-style gym so they’re committed to giving you a personal experience. The reviews about Urban Athlete are amazing. They’re members truly love working out there. Urban Athlete’s team of personal trainers all have a wealth of knowledge and are dedicated to helping Calgary become healthier.

Studio Gym
Studio Gym. Source: Victor Freitas, Pexels

Vitality Fitness – Vitality offers personal training in a group setting. Group training can be a great idea. It’s typically cheaper the 1 on 1 personal training and can be a lot of fun! Vitality’s website is filled with amazing success stories that shouldn’t be overlooked.  They offer the first month at a low price. This ensures you can fully experience Vitality and see if group training is right for you.

SuperProf – We have some amazing personal trainers on Superprof. Our trainers teach online or in person. Online training is becoming increasingly more popular. It can a cheaper alternative to personal training because you don’t have to meet in person. You still achieve the same benefits as an in-person trainer. You won’t have them working out with you, but there is a way around this. A lot of times online trainers will have their clients film themselves performing an exercise. They can correct improper form so they ensure you’re being safe.

Our trainers at Superprof are dedicated to providing results to the Calgary area. Our trainers have years of experience and education. They’ve helped 100s of other people just like you.

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If The Gym Isn’t For You

You don’t have to be sweating in the gym to increase your physical activity. You need to find an activity you enjoy. For some people, this isn’t the gym. Calgary offers tons of different fitness areas. From rock climbing to obstacle courses Calgary offers it. Maybe there’s something you always wanted to try like boxing. Rock climbing, obstacle courses, and boxing can be a lot of fun. You’re also getting a great workout and gaining those benefits of living healthy.

Also, check out your local recreation center. Community rec centers offer different sports every night of the week. The most popular ones are basketball, volleyball or pickleball. Your rec center may also have skating or swimming.

You don’t have to always work out in a gym. You have to enjoy yourself. If you love playing basketball, play basketball or if you miss swimming, go swimming. You don’t have to sweat in the gym. Personally, I love the gym, it’s exciting seeing yourself getting stronger or seeing physical changes on your body.

Start Healthy Living

We can change the statistic that we become less active. We just have to take that first step. If you want to start in the gym, I recommend hiring a trainer to start on the right path. I wish I started with a trainer when I first started. I could have seen better progress. If the gym isn’t for you, try something that’s been on your mind. You can increase your physical activity.  

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