Educational guidance is about getting the help you need whether you're looking for a career or wanting to pursue higher education. Educational guidance counsellors can help you take the action steps needed to move forward. The normal route we are told is going to school, get good grades, and you’ll be off to college or university, but as most of us soon realize this isn’t the route most people come by. Deciding on courses to take or degree programs to enrol in can be a challenge. Even deciding on the right career path can be a challenge. It’s normal to feel the uncertainty, but how do you beat those feelings? It’s time to look at hiring an educational guidance counsellor.

Education Guidance Counsellors can help your teens feel less stressed when it comes to careers.
Education Guidance Counsellors can help your teens feel less stressed when it comes to careers. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Why Hire an Educational Guidance Counsellor?

Educational guidance counsellors have several roles with students. We’ll talk about the different roles they can assist with students. Educational guidance counsellors usually have experience in multiple fields and a strong educational background. They are qualified to help students in the best way possible. Here is what an educational guidance counsellor can do.

Increase grades - They can help students find out ways on how to improve their marks. If a student is declining in performance an educational guidance counsellor can give them the tools for success.

Selecting Subjects - In high school or higher education, you often have to pick your courses. They can help you pick the right courses you need to succeed. They’ll have a list of courses that can be an option for you, making the process easy.

Information about higher Education - In high school students may find themselves with lots of questions about college and university. Educational guidance counsellors have lots of information on education levels as well as can put students in the right direction to find out more information.

Requirements for College or University - Students are going to need to know the requirements for attending university or college. An educational guidance counsellor can help students meet the requirements and help them get accepted.

Career Guidance - Although educational guidance counsellors assist more with educational problems they can also help with career guidance. They can assist students in finding the right fit for a career and the steps on how to pursue those careers.

There are more ways educational guidance counsellors can help students, but these are the main issues they can assist students with. An educational guidance counsellor is great for students looking to get more information or ensure about courses or their careers. They want to see all their students succeed.

Free Education Guidance

Looking for the right education guidance support is important. You want trusted information that is from a credible source. Looking online for educational guidance can be a good step, but working with someone directly is going to be a better option. Most educational guidance counsellors will come at a cost, but there are some free options.

Before we talk about paid educational guidance counsellors, you can still find a lot of great information online. For instance, the Superprof blog has lots of articles about education that parents and students can find useful. Another useful and free resource for guidance tests. There are lots of different tests online about careers tests, aptitude tests and career compatibility tests. Filling out these tests online can be useful to get an idea of where to start looking. Most test results will give you other resources to continue learning. For instance, a career test will often list information about the career that was chosen for you. Of course, these results aren't set in stone, but they can be a good place to start.

In high school, university or college they will most likely have an educational counsellor in the school that is completely free as long as you are enrolled in that school. They can provide you with the information you need and help you with several things as we described above. They can be a great free resource. If you're unsure if your school offers this service reach out to your teacher or professor and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Most schools offer an education guidance counsellor for free as long as you're enrolled.
Most schools offer an education guidance counsellor for free as long as you're enrolled. Source: Ivan Samkov, Pexels

Paid Education Guidance

There are education guidance counsellors out there that help with education questions, career advice and personal guidance. Depending on where you live in Canada there are going to more services or you can always find educational guidance online. We’ll list several websites for Canadians to get the guidance they need.

Superprof - They are an online tutoring platform that offers several services. For those looking for guidance, they have Life Coaches, Career Advisor and Personal Development coaches. Superprof tutors have the experience and knowledge to help you in the best way possible. They even offer sessions online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn what you want to learn.

Canada Career Counselling - They are based in Toronto but offer services remotely to all of Canada. Canada career counselling offers services such as career counselling and coaching, career and academic advising. Their team is highly educated and backed by years of experience helping people find the right career as well as a plan to reach their goals.

Careers By Design - They are located in Vancouver, but offer a number of services virtually. They specialize in offering services on career counselling and life coaching. They've helped thousands of Canadians find their passion. As they put it they want Canadians to have more happy Mondays. They have a qualified team that is ready to help you.

Career Joy - They have offices all over Canada, but offer their services virtually so they're able to meet everyone.  They have a number of services including career coaching and guidance. They work with a range of clients with 25 percent of them being a student. They have a qualified team that is ready to work with you.

The cost to work with any one of these professionals is going to vary. They could be anywhere between $20-$75 per session. In-demand coaching services can even be more than $100 per session. The cost for these services can seem high, but the value their providing you do outweigh the cost. Feeling the uncertainty and unknown of your next steps doesn't feel good. These services can help you get on the right track and pursue a career that's meant for you.

If you're worried about the success you'll have with a coach ask for testimonials or even talk with past clients. Speaking with their past clients you can find out if they got the help they needed.  The price can vary highly because of skill, experience, location and other costs. Superprof does offer affordable sessions, but you can always check around for yourself.

Helping your teen with their career choice can be a big step. Use different services to help them.
Helping your teen with their career choice can be a big step. Use different services to help them. Source: Rf Studio, Pexels

Start Working With An Educational Counsellor

Throughout this article we've intertwined educational counsellors and career counsellors, they are different but they can both help if you're feeling the uncertainty of your next steps. We listed the services an educational counsellor can provide you. If you need help with any of those services, you can start working with an educational counsellor. As a parent or student, you may find value in hiring an educational counsellor in Canada to help you or your child with their next steps.

Giving your teen career advice can bring up some challenges. We have created a number of articles around these topics that help you in offering career advice for your teen. Check these articles out below.


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