Home to the sixth-largest music industry, Canada has gifted the world some of the greatest music and musicians of all times. From Celine Dion to Justin Bieber and Drake, 'the great white North' continues to exert a tremendous influence on the world's music particularly when compared to its relatively small size of just a little over 36 million. If you are a young artist interested in taking singing lessons, Canada might just as well be for you what Rome is for Architects.

Still, wondering if Canada is the best place for you to take singing lessons? Let's take a quick look at the rich landscape of the Canadian musical scene.

The Canadian Music Scene

From the time of Samuel de Champlain, the French explorer officially established permanent settlements in 1608; music has been a significant and integral aspect of the Canadian culture. Going from indigenous music to the now common genres like hip-hop, punk rock, classical country, blues and Latin subgenres.

Moreover, this music enthusiasm does not seem to be waning anytime soon. Canada's funding for arts is significantly higher than that of many countries, and just last year Justin Trudeau

With singers like Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain and Celine Dion, the course of Canadian modern music was redefined in the nineties to early 2000s. The 21st century also saw a massive surge in the music tide with rappers like Drake going mainstream to become one of the bestselling artists in the world. Justin Bieber, discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun at the tender age of thirteen also went on to release his album 'My World' which made the top list of the US Billboard 200.

And just in case classical music is your thing, Canadian classical music has its roots in European classical music with notable ensembles including the Toronto Symphony orchestra and the Montreal Symphony orchestra. Canadian Rock goes back to the mid-20th century and has largely contributed to the development of some of the most popular Rock music subgenres which include country-rock, folk-rock, progressive rock and metal rock to name just a few. Other genres like Jazz, Blues, and heavy metal are also well represented with notable figures like 'Rush 'and 'Sue Foley' amidst others.

No matter the genre of music you want to go into, there are singing classes near you in Canada that has got you covered.

Singing Lessons in Toronto

When it comes to music and singing lessons, Toronto is the largest center in Canada. The city is home to different event promoters, hundreds of recording studios, record labels and music festivals.

The music scene here also has a tremendous impact on the economy with live music venues alone, generating up to $850 million annually and providing more than 10,000 jobs. Toronto's cultural diversity and talent-bed is a significant driving influence on its success on the musical front.

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There are many opportunities to skyrocket your music career in Canada. Source: Unsplash

You can readily take singing lessons anywhere in Toronto either by attending the Canada Music Academy located in Toronto or simply hiring a music tutor online.

Singing Lessons in Montreal

Montreal is the hub of jazz music, with the city hosting the largest Jazz festival in the world every single year. The rolling stone magazine has also described it as the 'new hotbed' for music world-wide. This makes Montreal a perfect place to take singing lessons in Canada.

In the nineties, bands like the Grim Skunk, Tinker, and Bran Van 3000 took indie music in Montreal to a whole new level with hits that weaved punk and other international influences to create a unique, self-defined genre called 'World punk'. This genre will eventually go on to become the launching pad of alternative music in Quebec.

Montreal is thus filled with teeming opportunities to make the most of your singing career.

However, with the hundreds of tutors dotted across the landscape, it might be a little confusing to choose a reputable singing lesson in Montreal. Superprof allows you to tap into this rich musical heritage by connecting you with tutors to help you with singing lessons in Montreal.

Just specify the genre of music you want to go into, and Superprof will provide you with a vibrant and experienced crop of tutors that will train you to become a professional in no time at all.

Not sure of where to start?

Don't worry. More than 80% of tutors on Superprof offer the first-class entirely free of charge and will readily provide you with help and clarifications you need to dispel any confusion.

Singing Lessons in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the foremost cultural hubs in Canada with the music reflecting the highly diverse nature of the city. Contribution to music from Vancouver includes various performers of classical, folk, and alternative music, with composers like Rodney Shaman and Jocelyn Morlock standing out.

Notable punk rock bands like DOA also had their roots from Vancouver. With the rise of alternative music in the 1990s, other bands including Sons of Freedom, Econoline, Rush and the Matthew Good band quickly sprang up to the limelight.

Vancouver also houses venues like the Rogers Arena, BC place stadium and the Pacific Coliseum for extensive musical performances, with smaller music concerts holding in places like the Orpheum Theatre and the Vogue ballroom. Common musical festivals include the Vancouver International Jazz festival and the Vancouver folk music festivals that play host to thousands of attendees every year.

Music in Vancouver is without boundaries. While pop, rock, jazz, and country are only some of the popular ones, many genres fuse different performers of classical and popular music background.

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You can take singing lessons in Vancouver in places like the Vancouver Academy of music, which is considered the city premiere center of music education or you can book singing lessons on platforms like Studiocloud, Yelp or Resoundschool.

These are educational platforms that connect you with tutors to take singing lessons in Vancouver, either virtually using Skype or by taking private classes. Superprof also has a good number of experienced tutors that are ready to give you the best in singing lessons right in Vancouver, and they are just a click away!

Singing Lessons in Calgary

Calgary has a highly varied music scene that involves the Caribbean, classical, folk, pop, rock, and blues genres to name a few, with the annual Calgary folk music festival featuring more than sixty-eight icons from over 16 countries. It also holds a yearly song writing contest in a build-up to the festival.

The song writing contests award up to 20,000 worth of prizes in five categories. And just in case you are just a beginner, a three-day intensive workshop that allows upcoming musicians to receive guidance and mentorship from various established artists.

While many people may consider Calgary as relatively underdeveloped compared to major cities across Canada, the city continues to boast of a vibrant musical atmosphere where many home-bred artists can successfully launch and propel their careers to greater heights.

If you are considering taking singing lessons in Calgary, you may have different options including Rockit Vocal studios, Viva Musica Academy of Performing arts, Chinook School of music, among others.

However, if you want to skip the whole route of trying to identify which singing lessons would be best for you, you should use the Superprof platform. With Superprof you can find singing tutors right next to you in Calgary and get started with taking lessons right away. You can search for tutors based on their experience, portfolio, the kind of qualifications you'd like them to have and more. It doesn't matter whether you already have some basic experience with music or know absolutely nothing; you can work with your tutor to map out a learning path that is customized to your specific needs.

Singing lessons in Ottawa

Ottawa continues to maintain a healthy presence on the music scene in Canada and similar to Montreal, it features various musical acts and performances with roots in different cultures.

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If you are committed enough, you can take your skills to greater heights. Source: Unsplash

To take singing lessons in Ottawa, there are two possibilities to consider; first, you can attend a music school. This is a great way to start singing as a professional career. Schools like the Ottawa music Academy, the Ottawa vocal and instrumental school of music are some great choices for a professional music school. Singing involves a lot of hands-on, practical training, you can hire a tutor to teach you.

This comes with many benefits. A private singing tutor will be able to assess your current experience in singing and as such design learning patterns that will allow you to become a professional in no time at all. You will also have first-hand access to mentor-ship in singing; your tutor will be able to instruct, guide and help you overcome problems you might be struggling with in singing. Superprof provides you with a trusted platform to hire the best singing tutors to help you achieve your singing dream right here in Ottawa.

Canada is a great place to begin your music career. By using Superprof, you can effectively maximize this opportunity by hiring the best tutors to take you singing lessons right in your home, anywhere you are in Canada.

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