Calgary has a rich musical culture that seems to run deep into the culture of the people. The city boasts of a booming musical industry that contributed 1.3 billion US dollars to the gross domestic product in 2017 while creating over 21,000 jobs across Calgary and Edmonton. If you are looking to take singing lessons in Canada, Calgary is the place for you.

Enroll for Singing Lessons in a Music School

If you want to learn how to sing to jump-start your professional musical career, then you should consider enrolling for singing lessons in a music school. Music schools are institutions that proffer official learning in music for higher education. You can get your bachelor, masters, or doctoral degrees in different areas of music, including singing.

Music schools, often time, take you through the fundamentals of singing, so you not only learn how to sing well but also understand the basics of singing correctly. Having a degree in music can be a significant career boost for you that opens you up new opportunities and increases your value.

Different music schools in Calgary  and other parts of Canada such as Montreal. These schools can help to build your musical career. A good example is the Calgary Music Academy, and you can also take a Bachelor of Music degree at Ambrose University.

If you prefer music schools with a less academic approach, you should try the School of Rock Calgary South. Their music courses are designed to inspire students to work and grow together as a team, with a combination of one-on-one music lessons and group band rehearsals.

A man singing
A music schools gives you the opportunity to train your voice professionally. Source: Unsplash

Every music school has its distinctions. There are music schools that specialize in only a genre of music (e.g. School of Rock Calgary South) while other music schools teach music in general. There are also music schools that focus solely on singing lessons.

The advantages of enrolling for singing lessons in a music school are numerous. You will become part of a community that provides mentorship opportunities, better access to resources, and you can easily get updated with new singing project or concerts.

This exposure will do you a lot of good in improving your music scope and self-confidence. Moreover, if you are willing to teach music in the foreseeable future, your certifications or degree will come handy.

Should You Hire a Vocal Coach?

Good singing lessons might be enough to take your singing game to a whole new level, but do you have to hire a vocal coach?

Here are a few reasons you should consider when hiring a vocal coach.

One of the most important assets of learning how to sing is self-confidence.

Self-confidence in your skills, in your competence, in you. An experienced vocal coach will inspire you to hone your skills and remain highly motivated carefully. In a concert and on stage, music goes far beyond the sounds coming from your lips. Your composure, movement, communication, and connection with the audience all play an essential part in your delivery.

A voice-coach will help you to build on these aspects and guide you in the best possible way to attain the perfect pitch and tone to make your singing exceptional. Moreover, a vocal coach will be able to detect the weakness and strengths in your voice and how best to improve on it.

The services of a vocal-coach can completely transform you from a struggling singer to a professional. A vocal coach will help you find the proper posture for singing, assist you in mastering good breathing techniques and how to alternate between vocal registers.

A kid singing
You can hire a vocal coach even for your kid in Calgary. Source: Unsplash

Another reason to consider hiring a vocal coach is for mentorship and guidance. Nothing beats than having a coach you can easily turn to for clarifications about your singing or musical career. Vocal coaches, having worked with many singers in the past, can make good recommendations as to what style of music will be perfect for you.

While you will still need to put in the work yourself, having someone to guide, inspire, and show you the ropes can go a long way in boosting your singing skills.

Benefits of Hiring a Vocal Coach from Superprof

Identifying and hiring a good vocal-coach is key to your success as a singer. A poor vocal-coach will not only hinder your musical progress but might also dampen your enthusiasm and passion for singing. Using the Superprof platform, you can easily connect with some of the best vocal coaches' right here in Calgary.

Unlike many online platforms that require you to first hire the tutor before interacting with them, tutors on Superprof make their first classes free. This opportunity allows you to interact with the tutor and decide whether you've found yourself a perfect fit.

Moreover, Superprof enables you to choose voice-coaches based on different criteria. Whether you want a music coach with a master's in music or even a doctoral degree, Superprof has got you covered.

Feel like learning from home?

No problem.

You can schedule private one-on-one sessions with your voice-coach from the comfort of your home in Calgary, or take online classes using platforms like Zoom or Skype. No matter the genre you want to sing in or your prior experience with music, Superprof vocal coaches will hold you by the hand and show you learning can be fun.

What to Expect From Singing Lessons for Beginners?

Alright, you've chosen a good vocal coach. Now, what are the possibilities to look forward to in your singing classes?

First, your coach or tutor will have to determine why you are taking singing lessons in the first place. Are you trying to start a music career? Do you want to render your favorite songs flawlessly in public or you want to have a better voice? Determining your goal for taking a singing class will help your coach design and structure the classes with your end goal as the target.

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Moreover, you'll be assessed by your tutor to determine your current experience with singing. This will give the tutor an idea of where to start and how to walk you through the process of achieving your desired end goal.

Next, you will move on to vocal exercises which are designed to help you use your voice in different ways you are not aware of before. This may involve moving the mouth in different ways and saying specific phrases.

While these may all look weird at the beginning, you should understand that singing has a lot to do with your breathing, tone and vocal cords. These exercises will allow you to incorporate what you learn when you start singing. Don't be afraid of making mistakes; your tutor will be right there, helping you to make the necessary corrections and adjustments.

More areas of study will include body posture during singing, range building, and register balance, among others. You will also have consistent assessments by your coach to evaluate your progress and areas that you still need help with. You will not necessarily be praised all the time because you will make mistakes, however by constant practice and working with your coach, you'll be out of the singing woods sooner than you imagined.

Should You Attend a Music Class or Have a Private Tutor?

This choice depends on your learning goals and preferences. Generally speaking, attending a music class is better for creating a social experience and building important networks that might be useful for your musical career later on in the future. Having a private tutor will allow you to make more rapid progress when it comes to actual singing. Let's go into the details of having a private tutor.

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Hiring a vocal coach has several benefits likewise going to a music school. Source: Unsplash

When you hire a private tutor, you'll have your tutor's full attention for the entire duration of your singing lessons. The lessons will be planned according to your specific needs, your target goals and your learning style; this will allow you to make rapid progress in your singing.

If you decide to go to a music class, such personalised delivery is not possible. The teacher often has to follow a planned lesson schedule with a one-size-fits-all approach, as a result getting that unique attention that gives you the edge might not just be possible. See how a vocal coach can help you enjoy singing lessons in Toronto.

Moreover, learning in a group arrangement like the ones in place at music schools can set you back. This is because without having access to exclusive attention, many of your mistakes will go uncorrected as long as your group makes the pass mark. Additionally, suppose you are a total beginner in music. In that case, you might end up being intimidated by other people's seeming experience in singing; this feeling of inferiority can be a significant drawback.

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However, music classes can also have their benefits. Being part of a group will give you a sense of belonging, and the activities can be quite engaging and fun. This level of social experience and networking may not be possible with private classes since they take a one-on-one approach.

You can benefit immensely by learning how to sing in Calgary. By hiring the best voice coach on Superprof, you can learn how to sing better and faster than you've ever imagined.

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