It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget that there are hundreds of other vibrant, interesting, and unique cultures that could open the doors to a world of opportunity. Have you considered learning a new language? If you’re looking for Spanish lessons in Edmonton you’re on a path to unlocking one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages.

Learning a new language can be an exciting pursuit, especially when you’re able to find an energetic Spanish teacher. Edmonton has a variety of popular language schools where people gather to practice their Spanish skills. Whether you’re learning how to say Hola for the first time or expanding your advanced Spanish vocabulary, there are many Spanish courses across Edmonton for you to choose from.

There is so much to discover in Edmonton, including energetic and skilled Spanish teachers. Source: Unsplash

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Reasons to learn Spanish

Learning a new language can open doors to exciting new avenues in your work and life. One of the most vibrant and widespread languages in the world is the Spanish language! The list of benefits you may experience from learning Spanish is a long one, but here are seven primary skills and experiences you can expect when you decide to learn Spanish:

  1. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.
  2. Increase employability by becoming bilingual.
  3. Make life easier when you’re travelling to new places.
  4. Open doors to work or study abroad.
  5. Expand your entertainment and literature selection.
  6. Improve memory and brain functionality.
  7. Learn about new cultures and ways of life.

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It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Learning a new language can help you break out of a routine and get passionate about a new culture. Source: Unsplash

The Best Language Schools in Edmonton

Are you living in Edmonton and seeking the most credible, fun and affordable language schools to learn Spanish? Fortunately, Canada’s reputation as a diverse country with a passion for embracing different cultures means that language schools are scattered throughout cities like Edmonton. These are a few of the best language schools to learn Spanish in 2020:

  • Gabriela Mistral Latin American School
  • Edmonton Hispanic Bilingual Association
  • International Spanish Academy with Edmonton Public Schools
  • The Spanish Learning Institute
  • Language Trainers Canada

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Learn Spanish online with a private tutor

Do you learn best with the undivided attention of a private teacher? Hiring a private teacher to teach language lessons in your home can be expensive and time consuming, which is why more people are opting for online private Spanish lessons through websites and applications.

There are a number of online private tutors that can make learning a new language easy. Some of the benefits of learning a new language online include:

  • Affordable rates due to a reduction in overhead costs
  • Personal, one-on-one attention from a private teacher
  • Convenience of instant messaging and remote video conferencing
  • Flexibility to book sessions on your own schedule from any location with WiFi
  • Access to certified teachers from around the world

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You can connect with Spanish teachers from across the world and learn Spanish from a region of your choice! Source: Unsplash

You can find your own private Spanish tutor in Edmonton through a variety of high-quality websites. These websites specialize in connecting students with qualified language instructors through the ease and convenience of the internet. Check out the following online private tutor websites:

  • SuperProf
  • italki
  • PrePly
  • Verbling

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5 Helpful tips to learn Spanish effectively

1. Set short-term goals: Before you start to learn a new language it’s important to set tangible goals that act as check-points in your learning experience. You can start by learning a series of helpful phrases and master these. This will encourage progress over time and allow you to conquer the new skill in bite-sized pieces.


2. Visualize and vocalize: Our brains are able to better retain information when we imagine the word we’re saying and the audibly repeat it. Write down a word or phrase you’re trying to learn and imagine this phrase while repeating it outloud to yourself.


3. Practice with friends: It’s fun and effective to learn Spanish in a small group so you can bounce phrases off one another. Join a Spanish circle or learn at a community centre where you can have practice conversations.


4. Try using flashcards: Using flashcards are helpful tools for visualizing and vocalizing phrases. Flashcards can be especially helpful for people who plan to travel to a destination that speaks Spanish. Write down key phrases you want to master like, “Where is the toilet?” and use these phrases on your trip.


5. Take assessment tests: If you want to measure your success over time, look for free online language assessment tests and quiz yourself on your knowledge of the Spanish language. 


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Start learning Spanish with a private tutor at home

Online Spanish lessons make learning easier for people living in remote areas and people with busy schedules. Source: Unsplash

Are you ready to start learning Spanish? You can browse Superprof’s network of skilled tutors and find a private teacher that suits your needs. You can view a number of teacher profiles and find a Spanish teacher from the region that interests you most. 

Once you find the perfect Spanish tutor for you, it’s easy to set up sessions that fit your schedule and start learning Spanish through video conferencing, instant chat, and with the convenience of your computer. Imagine sitting in a cafe on a Sunday afternoon with a coffee and discovering a new language with your own personal teacher!

Browse Spanish teachers in your area and start learning Spanish today!


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