When most people hear the word “spiritual coaching,” they grind and shrink into their shells, bluffing it out as a mere religious fantasy. But that is not all there is to spiritual coaching. It is not necessarily tied to a deity or supernatural powers.

It entails helping others to view life from a brighter perspective. Suppose you are considering pursuing a career as a spiritual coach. In that case, you will need to know how to nurture others on their chosen path of spirituality into becoming a better person. It’s not too different from conventional coaching routines like a life coach.

Spiritual coaching is a unique coaching version that yields immense benefits both to the giver and the receiver. In this article, Superprof will explore everything that makes this coaching type an excellent option for anyone, whether you are planning to become a coach or seeking the help of a coach.

Who is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is a professional that can help you change your life by changing your perspective about life at a deeper level. They do more than just examining your habits, lifestyle, and behaviors. They examine your beliefs critically, helping you find inner peace.

Spiritual coaches believe that you don’t have to accept whatever life throws at you. With good planning and careful thoughts, they help their clients work with nature and eventually get good tidings. Learn more about the other coaching types.

These coaches live by spiritual principles and guidelines, without allowing societal norms and principles to dictate their life. They know how to make miracles happen easily, and they use these tricks to help their clients reach out for self-fulfillment, success, and goal accomplishments.

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Perhaps, when you begin to understand the world around you and its spiritual implication, you will live a more fulfilled life. You will discover your real purpose in life, shape your future, and eliminate obstacles that hinder your progress as you sojourn through life.

Are Spiritual Leaders Different From Spiritual Coaches?

You might have pondered on this puzzle for a while and probably searched for relevant answers online. Many spiritual coaches will agree that there is a fine line between a spiritual coach and religious leaders.

Christian religious leaders promote teachings in the bible. Source: Unsplash

A religious leader gives spiritual direction that enables others to know their creator’s message for them, respond to his guidelines and laws, and provide insight on how to live a life that could be pleasing to him. They help others attend to God’s presence and attune their lifestyle to God.

Spiritual leaders are most likely mature believers who have spent many years building a relationship and growing intimacy with God. Through careful study, trials, and errors, they understand what works and what doesn’t. More so, they are more than happy to show you how you can draw closer to your creator and find the real purpose of life.

On the other hand, spiritual coaches coach for spiritual formation. They partner with their clients in a creative and thought-provoking process to discover and unveil what God placed within them. The coach uses questions to discern the spiritual disposition of the client. He then set agendas, outlines measurable goals and target dates. Spiritual coaching is more of a collaborative partnership.

Spiritual Coaching is Not Just a Regular Life Coach

Coaching (if done the right way) can turn people’s lives around and make them live the kind of life they envisioned. Have you explored life coaching and personal development coaching and discovered that they helped you attain some goals, but they only scratched the surface? It’s time to explore other options.

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Spiritual coaching is not connected to the worship of a deity. Source: Unsplash

Are you looking for a way to connect with yourself at a deeper level? You need a spiritual coach to help you align the physical with the spiritual. Most people are confused about their real purpose in life. Simultaneously, others are wounded emotionally from their upbringing and the traumas they had to face while they grey up. All these can be corrected with spiritual coaching.

Most people have spiritual gifts that they are aware of but do not know how to leverage them to better their lives. For this, spiritual coaching is priceless. If you want to know how to use your inner self to develop your life, live a spiritually fulfilled life, harness your potentials and finding real purpose in life, you can’t do away with spiritual coaching.

Spiritual coaches help you to set unique goals that aren’t measurable. For instance, discovering the essence of existence or being one with the universe. As a spiritual life coach, you are expected to help your client find real purpose in life, discover a sense of love and peace of mind. These are unique paths for most life coaches.

Suppose you are already experienced in other forms of coaching but want to take on spiritual coaching. In that case, it’s best to relearn the entire coaching business as spiritual coaching touches all other coaching types yet, it’s uniquely different from them.

Getting Help from Spiritual Coaching

If you are working with a coach, it’s good to know what to expect and how it can help you grow spiritually. Here are some of the diverse ways you can benefit from spiritual coaching.

  • Helping you to take responsibility for your life

Are you looking for a coach that can help you draw your attention away from unproductive activities and negative elements? A spiritual coach is all you need to discover your focus and build your life around it. Spiritual coaches help their clients shift their gear and pay attention to the “things” that matter in life. If you are going through a phase of life and you feel you can’t trust anyone else, even your family members, you need not worry. Coaches are trained to provide you with the highest sense of confidentiality and secrecy that will make you feel safe enough to confide in them.

  • The help you need when you feel stuck

Most times, we make the wrong judgments, find ourselves in terrible situations, and even become victims of circumstances that make us question our existence. The chaos of life can hit anyone anytime. The sad part is that it mostly comes unannounced. Irrespective of where you have found yourself after being tossed around by the chaos of life, a spiritual coach can help you gain your balance once again. You don’t have to be stuck for too long. A short conversation with the right coach can set you on your path to freedom.

  • Find solace and build trust

If you have problems building a relationship with anyone or trusting someone to the extent of revealing your innermost thoughts, then you might want to confide in a coach. A spiritual coach’s beliefs may differ from your own, but they are the easiest people you can confide in when things go south.

A spiritual coach aligns his religious beliefs with yours and makes it seem like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders. You can easily connect with a spiritual coach and let out your innermost thoughts and vision without the fear of being misjudged or blamed. If ever you feel the need to trust again, no matter how many times you have been betrayed, talk to a coach.

  • Connecting with the inner spirit

Life can be complicated when we don’t know our real purpose on earth. More so, discovering your inner strengths and leveraging on them is not a common skill for many people. If you want to live on a new level of wholeness and discover how you can transform your life, thereby moving to the next level, you should consult a spiritual coach to help you connect with your inner self miraculously.

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You should consult a spiritual coach if you seek innermost peace of mind. Source: Unsplash
  • Find spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is a vital aspect of spiritual coaching. Most times, to plan for the future and enjoy all the goodies that it brings, you have to eliminate stumbling blocks and prepare your mind for the next level. This is where spiritual healing takes place. And only a spiritual coach can make it happen without you losing sweat over it.

Such healing involves disconnecting yourself from anything that does not align with your goals or does not drive towards your real purpose in life. Only when we embrace spiritual healing can we comfortably leave the past behind (habits, people, and possessions) without looking back or longing for them once more.

What If Your Life Does Not Change?

Nowadays, there is a life coach for every problem out there. Therefore, there is every possibility that you may not get the results you seek even after working with different coaches. This is not an abnormal scenario. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that you are unlucky.

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You must know that there is no regulatory body or association that oversee the work of coaches and regulates the quality of services offered to clients. That said, many coaches, in a bid to grow their career and make some more money, miss their target, helping the client achieve their aim.

As a coach, it’s easy for them to become engrossed in making more money and lose focus on the core reason why they decided to become a coach – to help others. But if you hire rightly, there is a high chance that you will get the results you seek and even find someone whom you can lean on anytime.

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