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The land of the maple leaf, Canada, is North America’s largest country and one of the wealthiest states around the globe. It’s best known for its vast, untouchable wilderness and fascinating tourist destinations. Canada is the home of famous national parks, museums, northern lights, and delicious maple syrup.

Aside from the breathtaking beauty of Canada’s natural landscapes, it is also known for its consistently high educational standard that spends more on education among OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. It has a well-funded program for public education that is mostly managed provincially.

The Canadian government greatly subsidizes education from kindergarten levels up to the post-secondary levels. In general, education in Canada can be availed by children as early as they turn five ( Except in Quebec and Ontario, where children may start one year earlier).

However, not all children in Canada can be able to cope up with the high standards of their educational system. There are some who find Math and English more challenging than Science and History. Good thing, private tutoring in Canada is available to help your kids understand their lessons and excel not only academically but also in some aspects of life.

Private Tutoring in Canada

Spending bucks for a private tutor is a more likely investment for your child’s future. It is a great help, especially for the parents who are very busy and find it hard to spare some time teaching their kids. After all, you’ll be the proudest if your son or daughter can be able to cope up in school and excel in Maths, Biology, and English.

In Canada, private tutoring is one of the most efficient ways to learn. For kids who find it challenging to do their homework or look at their subjects a little too heavy and challenging, a private tutor will provide special attention that can help them excel in such fields.

There are lots of private organizations and agencies that offer tutoring services to help your kids see their subjects differently. For instance, spoken English classes are available to enhance not only their grammar but also their communication and understanding at the comfort of their home.

Benefits of Private Tutoring for Your Kids

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If you think your child is having a hard time in school and always have terrifying grades, maybe there’s something wrong about his or her coping mechanism in class. Or, perhaps your child only needs special attention to learn things that he or she thinks was very difficult.

In this case, a private tutor is one of your helping hand, especially if you are out of town for business most of the time.

Private tutoring is not only a way to enhance the academic grades of the struggling students but also an approach to let them learn their subjects at a different pace. There are numerous reasons why kids receiving private lessons tend to excel more compared to those who are not.

Here are some of the benefits your child can get in having some private mentoring sessions anytime, anywhere.

One-on-one Learning Sessions

The fast-paced lecture is one of the reasons why students are struggling with understanding their subjects. If your child is having a hard time coping up with his or her lecture at school, a one-on-one session with the best private tutor in your area is a great help to lift him or her up.

Private tutors can adjust their curriculum and teaching style that can be best suited for your child’s knowledge and preferences. Moreover, if your kids have low self-esteem, they don’t have to hide and stay at the edge of the room—they can be able to learn in a comfortable and safe place where they can get all the support and attention they need.

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Learn Independently

Some people believe that private tutoring is about spoon-feeding a child, making them dependent on his or her private teacher when it comes to school matters. But, that was the total opposite of the core objective of tutoring.

Private tutors encourage independent learning to their students. They teach them how to do their research and become self-sufficient in achieving their goals. Moreover, private mentors help students witness their improvements, guide them in developing healthy studying habits, and progressively lead them towards self-reliance.

Customized Approach

It is for the fact that every child is different. They have different preferences in terms of learning things, especially in school matters. They have individual struggles that need more attention compared to other school works.

In private tutoring, lectures that are hard to grasp can be taken in a lighter way, which your child can easily understand. It can be taken at a slower pace and can be supported through a customized approach.

In line with that, learning strategies can be suitable for every child individually, which gives private mentors many more opportunities to use different learning strategies. With that said, they can use spoken English classes videos and number games to let their students learn and enjoy at the same time.

Learn Conveniently

One of the significant benefits students could get out of private mentoring is that they can learn at the comfort of their home or in a place where they can freely express themselves. There are also spoken English classes online where they can interact with their tutors through the web.

Besides that, you can limit how many sessions you would like your kids to have and increase them as needed. For instance, if your child’s final exam is approaching, you can ask the tutor to meet him or her twice or thrice a week to prepare.

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Saves Time and Effort

For parents, it is great to be able to spend time and get involved with their kids’ learning. However, it’s not always a practical option. Busy schedules and necessary appointments can limit their time to help their kids out with homework.

Additionally, when your child becomes older, their lessons become more advanced, and you may not be able to provide enough assistance in helping them out. In both cases, hiring a skilled and experienced private mentor can be a great help for the kids and parents alike.

Hacks for Selecting the Right Tutor for Your Child

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In choosing the right tutor for your children, you have to be as keen as selecting the best school for them. As a parent, giving them the best is what you always wanted. With that said, here are some tips for you to know if you are hiring the right mentor for your kids.

Ask for Recommendations

If you want to give your kid a private tutoring session, you have to begin searching for the right tutor. You can ask for recommendations to your child’s school teacher, guidance counselor, principal, or other people within the school. Some schools have a list of tutors and private tutoring agencies, and for sure, they are willing to give recommendations.

You can also check the local newspapers and magazines. Experienced tutors and good tutoring agencies sometimes list their credentials in the local papers.

Aside from that, browsing through the internet is also a big help. You can ask Google for the best private tutors near you or search for websites that offer private sessions to learn Math or English speaking online.

Test your Options and Conduct a Checkpoint for Credentials

If you already have a specific tutor or tutoring agency in mind, you should check their credentials first. You need to scrutinize their diplomas or certificates. Asks some questions to determine their skills and if it matches your child’s needs. You can ask questions related to:

  • Their educational background
  • Their teaching experiences
  • Their teaching techniques
  • How they motivate their students
  • Their availability
  • How they evaluate their student’s needs

Hiring a university graduate with comprehensive knowledge may be a great option. However, teaching styles and experiences are equally important. Ask the tutor if he or she has taught students of the same age and learning difficulties with your child. Besides that, you should also consider attitude and personality. Is she friendly with kids? Is she encouraging, upbeat, and patient?

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Review the Track Record

Aside from the credentials, attitude, and personality, it is equally essential to check the track records and character references of a private tutor. Reviews from their former clients or the parents of their students is a big help to determine whether you got the right choice or not.

Contact the people who knew them or the students they handled. The improvements of their students is an excellent proof of their teaching abilities and for the effectivity of their approach.

Consider Your Child’s Opinions and Preferences

Before taking action in finding a private tutor for your kids, ask their opinions and preferences beforehand. Maybe they already have a private mentor in mind, or they also wanted to get the service of their friend’s tutor, perhaps.

Include your children’s preferences in your checklist. Whether they want to have a male or female tutor, or they are more comfortable to study with an older mentor rather than a young professional.

Wrap Up

Education is indeed one of the essential aspects anyone could attain. In fact, the wealthy cities of Canada such as Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montréal, are giving more attention in enhancing their educational system to be able to produce competitive and successful graduates.

With that being said, the quality of every school in Canada will be getting higher and more particular in high-standard education. So, if you want to help your kids survive and excel in academics—but you don’t have much time to help them with school stuff— hiring a private tutor is one of the great options.

The benefits listed above are just some of the advantages you and your child could get out of private mentoring. But before anything else, consider the tips above in finding the right tutor to give your child the best that you can provide.

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