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If you want to take a tour of one of the sunniest destinations in Canada, you should probably visit Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. It is the home to Canada’s largest living history museum, the Fort Edmonton Park, and the largest planetarium of the country, the Telus World of Science.

Aside from the top-rated tourist destinations in Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton also takes pride in its high-quality education system. Most of its students are competitive and consistent in earning excellent scores in science, math, reading, and writing.

However, because of the high-standard operation of the city’s academe, not every child can cope up with the fast-paced teaching methods in a regular school. As a result, quizzes and examinations became one of the dilemmas of struggling students when it comes to academics.

Fortunately, there are private tutoring agencies and individuals who can provide intensive sessions in teaching Math, Biology, History, and many more. Some tutors also offer English speaking course in Edmonton to help enhance the reading, writing, and comprehensive skills of every local and international child studying in the city.

Private Tutoring in Edmonton

Private tutoring is getting more and more popular with parents who look beyond school to give their kids an academic advantage. They spend additional dollars to invest in their child’s future, especially if their kids are not doing well in school.

In Edmonton, getting a private mentoring service is also one of the great ways to lift the academic spirit of at-risk students. There is also an extensive range of private tutoring available throughout the city.

In line with that, parents may get an experienced and knowledgeable tutor from an agency, or hire individuals who offer tutoring sessions through online classifieds and other available means. In-home tutors are also available to give children additional lessons inside their comfort zones.

How Does Private Tutoring Help Struggling Students Cope Up

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For academically struggling students, going to school is one of their troubles. That’s because they tend to lose their interest in going to class when they always get terrible grades or failing marks.

The confidence of students is greatly affected if they can’t catch-up with everyday lessons and can hardly understand the syllabus. Usually, this is the time when private tutoring services are needed. Students who can’t easily absorb the lessons taught in school need a more intense and focused approach to learning their subjects.

In line with this, here are some points on how private tutoring services can help at-risk students see their subjects from a different angle and can eventually catch-up with their every day lectures in class.

An Individualized Session and a More Focused Teaching Approach

Students tend to get confused when they are loaded with different lectures throughout the day— especially with the fast speed teaching approach. That said, a private tutor will help them organize their lessons and focus on a more confusing and challenging subject.

Additionally, tutoring also gives students individualized treatment that they don’t obtain in an overcrowded class. Unlike regular subject teachers who need to cater 28 to 30 students per classroom, private mentors have the bandwidth to provide a one-on-one engagement that a student might need to be able to cope up and excel in school.

Moreover, some tutors offer sessions in Math, Science, and even English speaking classes in Edmonton to help students keep their tracks during school breaks such as fall breaks, Christmas breaks, or summer breaks.

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Promotes Independent Learning

Opposite on how other people view the core objective of tutoring, private mentors encourage independent learning in their students. They teach children how to become self-reliant to reach their goals and do their school stuff on their own.

Moreover, a passionate tutor also helps students bring out the best of them, lead them towards self-sufficiency, and guide them in practicing effective studying habits. As a result, children will realize their personal growth and learn to take responsibility for their studies.

Provides Customised Teaching Method

Indeed, every child is different. Some students are auditory learners, while others are visual learners. Some prefer to work with groups, and some want to work by themselves.

One of the good things a private mentor has is the ability to create their learning aids and may teach beyond the syllabus. They can provide a customised learning environment and adjust their curriculum to teach according to the type of learnings and preferences of their students.

Provides Positive Learning Environment

In a regular school, there are more or less 30 students per class and hundreds of learners throughout the school. In this kind of setting, there are numerous distractions around that can affect the coping mechanism of a student.

With that said, private tutoring provides a learning environment free of disruptions to give every child a time to focus on their lectures. After all, students can be able to understand their subject much more quickly if they are not distracted and can give full attention to their lessons.

Enhances Confidence and Self-Esteem

Confidence and self-esteem are essential factors in learning any school’s subjects. If a student lacks confidence, he can’t perform well in academics and always have second thoughts about whether he is doing the right thing or not.

Slower paced and more focused lectures in math, science, and spoken English classes in Edmonton allow students to learn in a far different approach. Besides that, the tutor may take the time to get to know his students and discuss matters that might be obstructing their ability to learn.

If their issues are addressed, they can be able to bring back their confidence and a new sense of self-worth, skills, and abilities will come out.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Private Tutor

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Choosing the right tutor for your academically struggling kids can seem like a daunting task.

Whether you are looking for a math expert to help your child with calculations or a language tutor who offers private English class in Edmonton, knowing more than the information written in the curriculum vitae—might be about their background or teaching approach—can help you narrow down your options.

Here are some of the relevant questions to ask to determine whether you are talking to the right private educator for your child, or you need to jump to another candidate.

Does he or she meet the qualifications you are looking for?

Before hiring a tutor, it is imperative to know if he or she has the educational background and teaching experiences related to the subjects and lectures your child needs. You need to make sure to look into the formal education, expertise, and what makes them qualified to get the position.

For instance, if your child doesn’t know how to deal with mathematical equations, you must choose a tutor who is knowledgeable in numbers. Or, if you came from another country and your child doesn’t know how to speak Canada’s primary language—french and English—you can hire a private mentor who has expertise in handling spoken English classes, or has experience in teaching french language.

What is his or their track record?

Aside from asking other parents or teachers for references, you should ask the tutor to provide evidence to prove his or her success in enhancing student’s achievement. You can ask documentation such as:

  • Increased quizzes and examination results
  • Higher classroom marks
  • Improved homework completion
  • Satisfaction surveys from students and parents

Where will the tutoring session take place?

Where will the tutoring sessions be conducted? —At your home? At the local library? At the tutor’s house? At school? Regardless of the location, you need to make sure that you and your child are comfortable and at ease with the arrangement.

How many students will be in every session?

Some tutors will meet a group of students at a time, considering they are working on the same topic area or skill set. However, if you are not comfortable with this kind of setting, you can ask the tutor if he can provide one-on-one tutoring for your child.

How will the tutor measure the progress of your child?

When hiring a private tutor, it is necessary to know her ways on how to measure and track the progress of each student.

You should ask how the applicant will construct a lesson plan that is suitable for your child and evaluate whether objectives are achieved. If a tutor can provide written reports, you should request a copy and check it to be sure they are coherent and helpful.

How Much is the Hourly Rate?

Money is not always the most critical issue if you want to get your kids the help they need, but it is necessary to talk about the hourly rate of a tutor right away. With that, you should consider your budget and determine an amount that works for your family.

Wrap Up

Just like any other city in Canada, such as Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, and many more, Edmonton city also provides an excellent and high standard education for local and international students. With that, private tutoring services are popular, especially for parents who want to help their kids keep up in school.

However, finding the right tutor for your child is not an easy task. The questions listed above might help you in choosing a private mentor who can provide extended time for learning and may help your child overcome his or her weaknesses when it comes to school matters.

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