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There’s no denying that the English language is spoken all over the world.

To some extent, there’s at least one person who can speak English in any part of the world. This is one of the reasons why it’s not so challenging traveling and explore countries that don’t have English as their primary language.

For countries that speak other languages, the English language is often taught in schools to equip children and make sure they have basic knowledge of it for future purposes. Probably a reason for this is that English is considered to be the international language of business.

In cities like Montréal, considered to be the second-largest French-speaking city, learning English can be quite advantageous yet challenging. This city is mostly occupied by French Canadians which explains why French is spoken so widely here

This city offers a lot of opportunities to those who are willing to learn a different language, especially English. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different opportunities for spoken English classes in Montréal and ways one can learn the language.

Let’s get started.

English Schools in Montréal

Montréal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the get-go, you’ll easily see the European charm this city has and it’s absolutely difficult not to fall in love with it. As for immigration, it’s a top option for those who want to settle in Canada.

Just last year, Montréal had an influx of international migration — the movement of people from other countries into the city. As the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal has reported, the majority of the immigrants are from other countries.

Chances are, these immigrants may not have English as their primary language which makes learning English quite necessary if they want to be competitive in the market.

As previously mentioned, the majority of the residents speak French which necessitates having English schools in the area for those who want to learn the language. Despite being a francophone (French-speaking) city, Montréal is filled with tons of quality English schools.

These schools are scattered all over the city and you can just simply look at the list of best schools online through this website. These schools offer the highest quality of English education to their students.

But as a city of Quebec, children must learn French until they reach the end of secondary school according to Bill 101 and 115.

With that being said, those who want to study the English language must become eligible first.

Eligibility for English Private Schools

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Before you can actually get yourself into a private school and have access to spoken English classes, you first have to find out if you’re eligible or not. In Quebec, where Montréal is located, there are three options for eligibility:

  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Special Authorization
  • Temporary Authorization

Each of these three types has specific conditions for a person to be categorized under them. We’ll discuss them further in the succeeding sections.

Certificate of Eligibility

Considered as permanent and without limitations, those who receive this certificate will be able to study English in Quebec — including their siblings.

This certificate is given to students who fall under the following categories:

  • Studied most parts of their elementary or secondary education in English in Canada
  • Has a sibling who was able to study English for most of his or her elementary education
  • One parent or both parents had studied in any English school during their elementary years
  • One parent or both parents received a certificate of eligibility to study English in Quebec on or after August 26, 1977

Special Authorization for English

This kind of eligibility is applicable to English only schooling. Under this category, there is a specific set of children who can be eligible for it:

  • As defined in Section 81 of Quebec’s Charter of the French Language, Children with Learning Disabilities
  • As determined by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, Recreation, and Sports, children who were admitted to receive English instruction due to humanitarian or critical family reasons.

Temporary Authorization

In some cases, temporary authorizations can be granted to certain people. This authorization expires by June 30 of the year after the family of the dependent’s stay will end in Quebec.

One can be a part of a spoken English course in Montréal if he or she is:

  • A dependent child of an individual living in Quebec for work or study
  • A dependent child of non-Canadian citizens but assigned in Quebec as representatives or officers of another country
  • A dependent child of a member of the Canadian Armed Forces temporarily assigned in Quebec

Learning English Online in Montréal

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From the get-go, it’s not easy getting access to English speaking courses in Montréal. Considering that you still have to check if you’re eligible or not, it just doesn’t seem as convenient as you wanted it to be.

Lucky for you, technology has provided a way for those who really want to learn this useful language. Now that we have the internet and various applications to make life easier, people are now presented with the option to take online English classes.

Not only are these classes accessible, but they’re also convenient for the busy ones. This is most attractive to those who just find it hard to commit going to physical classes.

When it comes to finding the best online spoken English course in Montréal, here are just some aspects you need to consider.

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We all know that when you’re learning something new, it’s not going to be an overnight miracle. In the case of the English language, it’s going to take a couple of months or weeks, depending on your progress.

With that being said, you have to make sure that the classes you’re looking into are within your budget range. Check out reviews on the Internet or ask quotations from companies that offer them.

Narrow it down to which one looks more worthy of your hard-earned money.


Now, the convenience of taking online classes falls into a case-to-case basis since not everyone has the same schedule of activities all throughout the day.

For students, it’s pretty easy to insert additional classes within your schedule. But for working adults who work all day among other responsibilities, this can be pretty challenging.

Partner with a company that offers a schedule you find most convenient. Learning the language is one thing, but having enough time is another thing. Schedule accordingly.

Quality Service

Obviously, the company should offer a quality service. Learning a language is quite a challenge and you need to work with someone who is patient and willing to work with your learning pace.

Look up companies on Google and read reviews on websites or even Glassdoor. Ask friends who have tried it before and find out which companies they recommend.

Doing a thorough background check will make it easier for you to land a great relationship with a company and eventually learn to speak English fluently and confidently.

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Private English Tutoring Classes

Ultimately, it’s not difficult to find a private English speaking course in Montréal. In fact, there are a couple of companies that offer such classes.

With such a long list of options, choosing where you’ll get your private English tutoring classes includes a few considerations that we have already mentioned in the previous section.

At Superprof, there are over 130 tutors available to help you learn English easily and conveniently. These tutors are well-versed in the language and can guarantee that you’ll be learning a lot from them.

Prices range from $15 to $40 per hour, depending on their level of expertise. Don’t worry though, the first lessons are almost always free so you can still decide if you want to push through with your selected tutor not.

Another great thing about Superprof is that it allows you to choose your level accordingly — something that will help your tutor create a plan and learning pace for you. On both the academic and extra-curricular levels, you can choose and gauge your abilities.

Learning the language doesn’t always have to be challenging, you just need to find the right tutor or partner. So read reviews on people and find one that best fits — hopefully, there will be no conflict in your schedules.

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Wrap up

Finding the right tutor can be tough, especially in a larger Canadian city such as Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, and others.

We all have our own learning preferences. Some prefer learning in school, some prefer online courses, and some prefer learning through private tutoring classes. Regardless of the method, the goal is to learn how to speak it confidently and correctly.

Learning the English language in Montréal might seem challenging for a few people but there are still quite a ton of options. From English schools that require eligibility, you can just simply opt to take online courses or hire a private tutor.

What matters is that you choose the most convenient method for you to learn the language so that it’s easier for you to absorb and you won’t waste much time. Learning this universal language might take a while but it’s not something a persevering person can’t handle.

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