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Chosen by Queen Victoria of Britain, Ottawa became the capital city of Canada in 1857. It is the seventh coldest capital in the world and is known to be one of the youngest cities in the country–since almost half of its population is below the age of 35.

Just like other Canadian cities, Ottawa is also a multilingual town. Approximately half of its people speak English, 32 percent speak French, and the rest speak different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

When it comes to educational operations, Ottawa provides high-standard and good quality education for both local and international students. It has a lot of schools and universities to choose from, which provides high-value French and English education.

However, with the quality of education the city offers, not all students can catch up and absorb the fast-paced teaching techniques in a regular class. With this, most of the parents in Ottawa want to get private tutoring services to give their children additional time to study aside from the regular hours in school.

Private Tutoring in Ottawa

The private tutoring industry has thrived in recent times, with more parents who want to give their children additional support to excel in academics. On top of this, the number of tutors and tutoring agencies has also escalated dramatically. Nonetheless, finding the perfect fit for your child is still a challenge.

In the capital city of Canada, parents have numerous outlets on how to find the right tutor for their children. Online classifieds and local magazines are just some of the ways to find an individual who offers teaching sessions in math, science, and other subjects.

Some tutors offer french and spoken English classes in Ottawa that cater to international students who can hardly speak the primary languages of the city—English, and French.

Ways to Find a Tutor for Your Child

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As parents, who wouldn’t want their kids to do well in school and bring home the honours? Probably no one. But, what if their children are having a hard time catching up with lectures and always fall behind their classes? It’s one of their dilemmas.

Fortunately, tutoring services are available to help parents mould a bright future for their kids. However, finding the right one is quite challenging. If you want to give your child an extended time for learning and you don’t know how to start, the tips below will help you find a tutor that can be a good fit for your child.

Ask for Recommendations from other Parents

One of the ways to find the right tutor for your child is by asking other parents for recommendations. If a particular tutor works well with their children, there’s a high possibility that he or she will be able to assist your child as well.

Inquire in Tutoring Agencies

Another outlet to find a tutor is by setting an appointment with tutoring agencies. Good tutoring companies usually hire knowledgeable and skilled tutors who specialise in a particular subject and age range—that makes it easier to find a perfect match for your kid.

Search Through the Internet

Busy parents who have a very hectic schedule can hardly find time to set an appointment with a tutoring agency. If you are one of them, you can search for the best tutor near you by searching it through the web.

You can sit in a swivel chair, open a tab on your computer, then start asking Google. For instance, you can search for the most popular tutoring agency or a private tutor who offers lectures in math, science, history, or even English spoken classes in Ottawa—since almost all famous companies and great private mentors are visible on the internet.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Private tutor

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Finding a private mentor with an outstanding educational background is not an easy task, but it’s way harder to get a passionate tutor with great insights on how to help at-risk students and bring them back on the right track.

With that said, during the interview, you can ask the tutor some vital questions to determine whether he or she is a good fit for your child. Here are some of those queries:

1. What makes you qualified as a tutor?

The first thing you need to ask during the interview is the qualifications of the tutor and what makes him or her suitable—according to your child’s age, his or her difficulties, preferred learning style, and the likes—as a private mentor for your child.

It is imperative to hire a tutor that has a relevant educational background and past experiences in teaching students similar to your child’s case.

2. How many students will be there in a session?

When a private tutor is already qualified in terms of experiences and backgrounds, the next thing you need to discuss is the setting of every tutoring session. You should ask about the number of students he will meet at a time.

If he will teach more than one student per session—with the same cases— and you are not comfortable with the arrangement, you can ask about a one-on-one lecture. But if your child preferred to learn within a group, you can consider hiring a tutor who offers math, history, or spoken English classes Montreal with only 3 to 4 students at a time.

3. Where will the tutoring classes take place?

The location where the tutoring class takes place is also vital in your child’s learning. Whether he or she will be tutored at home, school, tutoring center, public library, or tutor’s home, the comfortability of your child is of utmost importance.

However, if the tutor has a particular location and transportation is required, you need to consider that into your decision. Furthermore, if you have chosen online tutoring to help your child with his or her studies, make sure to give him the necessary equipment such as a personal computer, headset, etc.

4. What will be your strategy to teach the content?

Aside from the qualifications and formal education of a potential tutor, the methods and strategies he or she will use in reaching the needs of your child are equally important. It is essential to know how will the tutor assist your child in his education. With that said, you should ask these follow-up questions:

  • How does he or she prepare your child for standardised examinations?
  • Will he or she help your child with homework?
  • What are the ways he or she will apply to support learning and make sure your child is grasping the content?

During your interview with a potential tutor, don’t hesitate to ask vital questions—especially when you are discussing educational goals and objectives to help your child cope up and excel in school.

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5. How much is your hourly rate?

Spending cash for a private mentoring service is an investment for the future of your child. However, you need to consider your budget for hiring a private tutor.

Thus, before enrolling your child in math, science, or English classes in Ottawa, you should take a look at your account and set a cost that works for your family. Or, you can ask about a payment plan, perhaps.

6. How do you communicate with parents, students, and school teachers?

A successful mentor needs to have an open line of communication with the parents, students, and subject area teacher. He or she must conduct a collaborative communication process where:

  • The parent understands the content that is being taught and how the objective is monitored.
  • The student understands the objectives and steps to take to be successful.
  • The subject teacher has the opportunity to know the tutor’s way of teaching and can give feedback on the student’s progress in the classroom.

7. How can you motivate students to succeed?

How a tutor motivates his or her students is an essential factor in achieving the goals and objectives of a tutoring session. What if your child is not motivated to succeed? You need to ask questions on how the tutor will handle such a situation.

Will he create content according to your child’s preferences? Or create a personalised curriculum that is significant by using real-life applications? Whatever his answers will be, don’t settle for childish tokens such as stickers, chocolates, lollipops, food, or trips to the treasure box.

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Wrap up

While private tutoring is ubiquitous in Canada, it is considerably more prevalent in large cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, and many more where high-quality education is a priority.

Nevertheless, looking for the best tutoring agency or the right private tutor for your child is not a simple task. Fortunately, the questions and ways mentioned above can be your guide in finding the perfect person who can help your child cope up and excel in school.

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