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Toronto, the capital city of Ontario and Canada’s largest city by population, is a center of finance, business, arts, culture, and communications as of writing. It is also recognized as one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities around the globe.

Besides the economic success that defines Toronto, the educational system of the city also screams high standard and good quality. The school program of the town even accommodates international students who don’t speak either French or English, which are the primary languages of Toronto.

However, because of the high standard operations of the city’s school system, some of the students are having a hard time coping up in school, especially for international students who don’t speak and understand both English and French language.

Good thing, private tutoring services are available to help at-risk and struggling local and international students in Toronto.

Private Tutoring in Toronto

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Private tutoring is one of the most effective ways to quickly adjust and cope up with school. Students can enroll in private sessions such as in Math, history, and spoken English classes, to name a few.

In fact, in Toronto, there are lots of private tutoring agencies and individuals who are willing to give their services to help struggling students. Aside from that, parents can also drop off their kids in private institutions or avail the in-home tutoring services of passionate professionals to assist their child’s academic needs.

Reasons Why Private Tutors Can Help Struggling Students

Hiring a private tutor is more of an investment than being an additional expense when it comes to the future of your kids. Every penny is worth it if you know it’s for the betterment of your children.

Below are some of the benefits and good reasons why you should consider giving your child a private mentoring session, especially when he or she is not doing well in class.

Intensive One-on-One Mentoring

One of the reasons why students tend to get confused and can hardly understand their subjects is because of the fast-paced lecture given in school. In this case, an intensive one-on-one mentoring session is a great help to give students an extended time to absorb the topics tackled in class.

The teaching style of a private tutor is adjustable and will be based on a child’s level of learning and preferences. For instance, ESL tutors will conduct a one-on-one session with an international student and start from the basics until they can understand and thoroughly learn how to speak the English language.

Provide Convenience While Learning

One of the most apparent benefits a child can get out of private mentoring is the privilege to learn while in the comfort of their home. There are students who can express their thoughts when they are in their comfort zones. If your child is one of them, giving him or her a private mentoring session will help in developing their skills and confidence.

Besides that, the time and quantity of every session are also changeable, depending on your child’s availability.

You can schedule a private class when your child is ready, and if there are upcoming exams, you can ask the tutor to meet your kids twice or thrice every week to prepare.

Customized Learning Aids

One of the benefits of private mentoring is that tutors can adjust their curriculum and focuses more on the most challenging subjects for their students. Besides that, they can also create their learning aids to provide a different approach to teaching.

Because of the fact that learning methods can be appropriate for every student individually, this gives tutors more opportunities to come up with different teaching methods that suit every child. Some tutors are incorporating games and video graphics to their daily lessons to let the students enjoy while learning.

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Help International Students Adjust and Connect

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As one of the most prosperous cities in the world, the idea of studying in Toronto is getting more and more famous among international students, mainly Chinese and Indians. There were more than half a million international students in Canada, and more than 50 percent of them are from China and India.

In line with this, international students who can hardly speak and understand the primary language of Canada will find it more challenging to cope up with academics. With that said, getting a private tutor to help them learn spoken English and French is one of the great ways to adjust and interact not only in school but also with the local people of Toronto.

Factors to Consider in Hiring a Private Tutor

Students that are not doing well in their education needs a more intensive learning session to be able to cope up and excel in school—especially foreign children who don’t speak the city’s primary language. They should spend double effort in looking for the best private tutor to teach them french or spoken English classes in Toronto.

However, finding the right mentor to help the specific needs of a student is not an easy task. Some factors need to be considered, as well. With that being said, here are some considerations to help the parents and students decide whether they got the right private lecturer or they need to find another one.

Experience and Knowledge Matters

Private mentors are available for all ages and academic levels. As such, the right tutor must have enough knowledge and experience to help the students understand their subjects and to be able to guide and teach them properly.

Moreover, parents should make sure that they will hire a tutor that knows how to handle and work with students their kids’ age and level of comprehension. Ultimately, to be able to help their kids, they should look for a qualified mentor that offers a practical approach in teaching subjects such as math, science, or spoken english classes in Toronto.

Character References are Equally Important

Before hiring a private tutor, check and review first their references. A trustworthy private tutoring agency or individual should be able to provide reliable recommendations to justify their excellent services and credibility.

Besides, feedback from previous students is a great way to start digging out information regarding the services and performance offered by a private mentor. However, if you can’t be able to contact one of their students for some reason, the reviews from a past employer or their university would be enough.

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Flexibility and Availability are Essential

One of the essential factors you should consider in hiring a private tutor is their availability. You should choose the one who is flexible and can work based on your child’s schedule. Private classes at night might not be effective, so better choose a tutor that can teach around a convenient time for your kids.

Moreover, your child may need an extra tutoring session when midterms or final exams are approaching. That said, ask in advance if a tutor can provide extra service or what kind of additional session he or she will be able to offer before deciding to give him or her the contract.

Attitude and Personality are Vital

Before hiring a private mentor for your kids, the attitude and personality of a tutor are equally vital to his or her knowledge and experiences. You should choose the one who is patient and has an encouraging attitude to lift the academic spirit within your child.

Additionally, you should hire a tutor that can be able to keep your son or daughter motivated and can discuss difficult subjects in a smooth and uncomplicated way.

An active mentor exerts additional effort to build a positive relationship with their students. He or she must know when to give appreciation and make sure their students will never feel like a failure.

Ways to Find a Private Tutor

Indeed, parents always want to give what’s best for their children—that includes providing them a knowledgeable and skilled private tutor to help them in school. With that being said, here are some ways on how to contact or find a passionate mentor near you.

  • Local papers- Experienced and skilled private tutors often post their credentials and qualifications in the local papers. You can browse the pages of magazines and newspapers for the best options.
  • Search Through Web- If you don’t have much time to find the right person to teach your struggling child, you can sit in front of your computer and ask Google. There are lots of websites that offer intensive lectures in math, science, and English speaking classes in Toronto.
  • School Recommendations- Some of the schools in Toronto have a list of private tutors and agencies in their offices. You can ask the guidance counselor, principal, or your child’s advisory teacher for recommendations.


Because of the continuous booming of Toronto’s economics—just like the other cities of Canada such as Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montréal to name a few— it is not surprising that they have a high standard when it comes to their educational system.

Fortunately, private tutoring is available to help struggling local and international students cope up in school—especially those who don’t speak and understand the primary languages in Toronto.

The benefits listed above are just some of the reasons why you or your child needs the assistance of a private tutoring agency or individual. Also, the factors mentioned can help you find the right tutor for your at-risk child. Always remember that giving your child private tutoring sessions is an investment for their bright future.

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