Do I need acting classes? It’s a question every actor will question in the beginning. It’s also a question most actors will say yes too. Acting classes aren't about needing them if your bad or good. It's about improving your acting skills and helping you become the best actor you can be. It’s hard in the beginning to start as an actor. You don't have the experience. You don't have the skills and you don't have the confidence. Acting classes help with all 3 of these things. Beginner actors aren't the only ones who can benefit from acting classes. Acting classes are for everyone that wants to get better at something. This could mean working on audition, cold reading, mannerisms, public speaking or any other skill need by an actor. Acting classes are the answer.


Actors on set.
Actors on set. Source: Le Minh, Pexels

What to Expect from Acting Classes in Canada?

Acting classes come in 2 ways. The first way is acting school. Acting schools are perfect for new actors because you get hands-on experience without being on set. It’ll prepare you for the real thing. The acting school will teach you skills start to finish so you can feel confident in your abilities when you finish school. In school, you can expect to learn communication, memorization, innovation and public speaking. These skills are only just the beginning. There are several skills you’ll benefit from learning in acting school.

The other way for learning about acting is acting classes. Most acting classes will focus on a certain skill. This way you can only focus on what you need to without wasting time on other skills you feel confident in. There are several classes out there such as voice techniques, camera techniques, improve, stage acting and the list goes on and on. Acting school and acting classes will both benefit you in becoming a great actor. You can expect to learn skills that will last your whole acting career.

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How to Find an Acting Coach?

There are several ways to start searching for an acting coach. For starters, you can check out local universities or colleges. You’ll be able to enrol in an acting degree or diploma and learn everything from start to finish about acting. These schools usually have professors that are experts in the industry. It's a great way to make connections and learn from the best. If you're not interested in enrolling in a degree or diploma most schools offer extra-circular acting classes This way you can still learn acting skills without making a big commitment. Your next option for finding a coach is searching online. You can check out Superprof's huge list of acting coaches in Canada and find one that's right for you. You can also just google acting coaches in your area and you’ll have plenty of options.

Before you sign up with a coach we always recommended you meet with them beforehand. This way you can get a feel for what the coach will be like before making that cost commitment. Most coaches will even offer a free session to experience the class first. Feel free to try out a few classes form different coaches. This way you can be certain about your decision.

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Acting coach teaching students.
Acting coach teaching students. Source: Fauxels, Pexels.

Tips for Picking the Right Coach in Canada

After you can pick an acting coach, how can you be certain they can help. There a few tips you can use to figure out if a coach is right for you. Not every coach will be a good match for you. If you know someone had a good experience with a coach you might not have the same experience. Check out these tips.

Tip #1 Always do your research. - An acting coach should have there qualifications and experience listed online or with the company they work for. You want someone with experience. We’re not saying a new coach would be a bad choice, but it is a gamble. Of course, you want someone with experience. This way they’ll have a track record of positive feedback from past students.

Tip #2 Talk with Past student - Speaking with the past students gives you the chance to hear their experience. The student will have no obligation not to be honest so you’ll know you getting a trusted source. At least look for testimonials from past clients to have an idea if the coach has helped others.

Tip #3 Check the Price - You can't fully base your decision on the price. Price is important and you should stay within your budget. Don't break the bank for acting classes. A higher price doesn't;t means an acting coach is good and a lower price doesn't mean the coach is bad. Do your research.

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Cost of Acting Classes in Canada

The average cost of acting classes is $35/hr. This number does a lot of variables that will influence the cost up or down. You always want to find an acting coach in your budget, but if there is a good coach just outside your budget consider the pros and cons. An acting coach can help you get that audition and become a better actor overall. If you can find ways in your life to reduce costs to be able to raise your budget for classes it might be a good investment. For assessing the price of an acting coach you need to look at the teacher, class size and location.

It's these 3 variables that will have the biggest influence on the price. If the teacher is very experienced, offers coaching privately and is located in a busy city you can expect to pay a higher price. If you're looking to cut back on the price for acting classes you can try online classes. Online classes can offer the same experience as in-person coaching. You just get to learn from the comfort of your own home. Group classes provide another great option for cheap classes. The sessions are discounted because of more people. You'll get the chance to meet new people and make some new friends.

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Actors reading over scripts.
Actors reading over scripts. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels.

Superprof Acting Classes

Superprof has 100s of acting classes in Canada. They offer classes online and in-person giving you freedom and flexibility so you can learn acting classes when you want to learn. Superprof tutors have the experience and qualifications to teach you acting. If there are acting skills you need to improve on Superprof can help. They offer tutoring sessions at a fair price. Most tutors also offer a free session so you can experience what the class will be like before making a cost commitment.

Start Learning Acting Today

Still, thinking about acting classes? Now is the time to enroll. Acting classes will be an asset to your career. You'll feel confident in yourself and about your acting skills. You'll be ready to take on the acting world. Use this article as your guide to finding the perfect acting class. You've learned everything you need to start taking an acting class.

The first-class jitters are a real thing. It's normal to feel nervous or scared about your first class. It's always going to be nerve-wracking when you try something new. It's like the first time you drove. You were nervous about getting in that car, but now you have no worries about driving. The first acting class will be just like driving. You'll feel more comfortable as you settle in. Before you know it you'll love going to each class.

Start searching for an acting class in Canada today! Now is the best time to start!

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