Ottawa is known for having a prominent french and English language in the city, but Ottawa is home to so many other languages like German, Russian and Hindi just to name a few. Ottawa is a very diverse city making it perfect to learn any language such as Hindi. We’re always told learning a second language will greatly increase opportunities professionally and personally, but some of us never learn a second language. If all the benefits of learning a second language are true, then why don't we learn?

For starters, we need to find a language we want to learn. For most of us, we were taught French at a young age and never kept pursuing it. As we get older it's hard to find the time to learn a new language. It’s going to take practice and dedication to learn a language. A lot of us have busy schedules and not a lot of free time. So how do you start learning a new language? The first step is finding a new language to learn. We recommended trying to learn Hindi. It's a language that's full of culture and it's spoken all over the world even in Ottawa. Your next step is to get a Hindi teacher. Learning from a teacher will give you the tools and information to efficiently learn Hindi.

Ottawa has lots of great places to learn Hindi.
Ottawa has lots of great places to learn Hindi. Source: Source: Splash of Rain, Pexels

Why Shouldn’t You Learn Hindi By Yourself?

Learning Hindi is going to take time and practice. Learning by yourself you have a lot of obstacles to face before even starting to practice and even more obstacles when you start learning. Learning with a Hindi teacher will allow you to focus on learning the language and not everything else. Learning by yourself means you're first going to have to find the information. The Hindi language has a lot of information online about learning, but you won't know what to start with or even what's wrong or right. Starting with something too hard will frustrate you and starting with something too easy can get boring. After finding the right information and figuring out where to start your left with another challenge to face. Pronunciation. How do you know you're pronouncing the words correctly? You can practice hearing the language, but you need someone to ensure you're saying everything correctly.

Reasons to Learn Hindi with a Teacher

Hiring a Hindi teacher allows you to learn the right way the first time. Working with a teacher will put you one step closer to learning the Hindi language. You can focus on learning and figuring out what to learn. You want to learn everything for the first time. It’s going to be twice as hard to re-learn something if you're wrong. We'll list 3 of our favourite reasons for hiring a teacher below.

Practice - One of the most underrated tools for learning a new language is practicing. Practicing the language will prepare you for being more comfortable speaking the language. Your teacher will practise the language with you or you can practice with your classmates if you're in a group session.

Accountability - Learning a new language you need to stay consistent. It can be hard staying focused on learning by yourself. Having a teacher working with you means they'll be with you every step of the way. On the days you don't feel like learning they'll motivate you to keep learning. You're also going to have a dedicated class time each week so you keep progressing forward.

Pronunciation - You want to ensure your learning how to say everything correctly. It would be twice as hard to re-learn everything if you've been pronouncing the word incorrectly. Your teacher will have you learning the right way and can instantly make changes if you're having difficulties.

Learning Hindi with a qualified and experienced teacher is the best way to learn. There are so many obstacles when trying to learn by yourself. It's not impossible to learn Hindi alone, but by working with a teacher/tutor you'll have a much easier time. You're also going to have a more enjoyable time learning Hindi.

Tutors are a good way to learn Hindi.
Tutors are a good way to learn Hindi. Source: Ivan Samkov, Pexels

Places to Learn Hindi in Ottawa

Finding a Hindi teacher will give you the tools for success. Your teacher will ensure you're on track to learn Hindi the right way and encourage you along the way. Ottawa has a lot of great places to learn Hindi. We’ll list 3 places to check out. We always recommend meeting with your teacher before signing up. This way you can ask questions and get a feel for what the session will be like. A lot of Hindi teachers will also offer the first session for free so you can try them out before making that cost commitment.

Superprof - They have 100s of Hindi tutors all over Ottawa. They've spent countless hours understanding the Hindi language. They have the experience and knowledge to teach you the best way possible. Superprof tutors also offer lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Hindi when you want to learn. They've taught so many other students like you, now it's your turn.

Listen and Learn - They have numerous language classes including Hindi lessons. Listen and Learn offers classes 1 on1, in a group and online giving their students a lot of selection to learn Hindi. They have a full team of qualified teachers that are ready to help you learn Hindi. Listen and Learn has a track record of satisfied clients making them a great place to check out.

Berlitz Language Center - They are a popular language center that has locations all over Canada. Berlitz is well known for teaching languages including Hindi. They have a great team that can effectively teach you Hindi. They've been around for years and even have developed their teaching methods. Berlitz is a welcoming place for beginners in Hindi. They offer many places to learn Hindi as well as different class types.

Learning Hindi can be fun and exciting.
Learning Hindi can be fun and exciting. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Start Learning Hindi in Ottawa

Living in such a diverse city like Ottawa allows you to experience other languages and cultures. Hindi could be one of the languages you take interest in. Learning Hindi can be a fun and exciting experience. It's something that will benefit you for a lifetime you just need to make that first and learn Hindi. Hindi is also spoken by over 615 million people in the world. It's a language you'll likely come across on your travels or even in your own city. Along with being able to speak Hindi, you'll be able to have more opportunities professionally and personally as well as earn more money. There are so many great benefits to learning Hindi. You just need to make that first step.

Working with a qualified teacher to learn Hindi you'll be able to progress quickly and learn the best way possible. You just have to be prepared to spend time and effort on learning Hindi. Start by checking out the 3 places we listed above and start learning Hindi. You'll be able to look back on this day and be glad you made the right choice.

Start Learning Hindi in Ottawa!

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